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Known to the natives as Te Ika a Maui, the North Island is separated from the South Island by the Cook Straight which is over 20 kilometres wide at is narrowest point. New Zealand is crowned with some of the most liveable cities on earth including Auckland and Wellington which are situated in the North Island.

Auckland is the beautiful harbourside city of the North Island providing urbanised culture for tourists and locals. As the largest city on the Island the urban area of the city lies on top of the dormant Auckland Volcanic field.

The North Island is also home to Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. Despite its small size, Wellington supports a large arts, culture and nightlife scene much larger than many cities of its size. Looking south from the city you can spot the snow-capped Kaikoura Ranges and to the north you can see the Kapiti Coast. To the east the Rimutaka Ranges offer incredible and national acclaimed wine regions and to the east beautiful plains and harbours.

Wellington and the surrounding cities have become home to many national festivals over the years including the Wellington Jazz Festival, New Zealand International Arts Festival, numerous film festivals and music festivals.

Not falling short in sport, New Zealand’s North Island is home to a huge love of Rugby, and also boasts champion netball and basketball teams Central Pulse and Wellington Saints.

The North Island is only half of what New Zealand has to offer but the northern half packs a punch when it comes to offering culture, geographical beauty and incredible national parks filled with incredible fauna and flora.

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