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Go to New Zealand offers a comprehensive list of services for a wide range of needs when you will be doing your internship in New Zealand. We provide free advice and assistance so you’ll be able to focus on your internship and not have the burden of figuring everything out or doing things wrong. Have a look at the professional services Go to New Zealand has to offer and contact us if you think we can help you!


We will find and secure you an internship that fits in with your own individual requirements.


Advice and information on housing options available near your internship.

Visit our office for advice, information and a welcome package to help you adjust to the cultural and business life.
Advice on the preparation of documents related to your Internship, University studies and Visa.

Internship New Zealand New Zealand Internship offer work experiences for overseas students wanting to come to New Zealand as part of their studies. Our New Zealand internships range from 4 weeks to 1 year. We can find you an New Zealand internship in almost any field you desire.

We find you the New Zealand internship you want! Please tell us what you are interested in doing!

New Zealand Education Agents help you:

  • to apply for your internship visa
  • with translations
  • to get in contact with employers in New Zealand
  • to learn business English in New Zealand
  • to get NZ qualifications
  • to apply for further studies in New Zealand
  • to find sponsorship in NZ
  • to apply for English courses in NZ

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Internships in New Zealand

In New Zealand internships are offered to students who are studying their final year in a college or university. Some are paid programs while most are unpaid. From hospitality to engineering, computer, etc there can be many types of internships programs. Students Look Forward to New Zealand Internships as these can Help them get Impressive Jobs in the Related Industry Later  All students must have practical experience in the subject they are studying in New Zealand to get their degrees. As a result, the students enrol to internship programs organized by the education institute and offered by various companies from the industry. While most internship programs, such as journalism, engineering, IT, and accounting programs are unpaid ones, there are paid ones too-such as those in the hospitality and tourism sector. How does it Work? Students apply to various companies so that they can work as interns in the subject they are studying in the education institute. Here are the steps which follow:
  • The education provider invites the companies that offer internship programs.
  • The company selects the interns and decides the timeline as well.
  • Interns work in the company and probably seek extension for 6 more months if they like the job.
  • The company issues work certificate on completion of the internship program. Some outstanding interns can be absorbed in the company payrolls.
Where to Start with your New Zealand Internship Once you are studying the final year of your tertiary education, you can seek information on internship from your education provider. During the last few months of the course, students are required to visit the industry to get a practical knowledge on what they have studied in the course. Go To New Zealand also organizes various internships to international students. It offers unpaid online journalism to English students who have a good command in English. It also offers tips on hospitality, tourism, farming, horticulture, and many more internship programs. The services are provided without any cost. There are private New Zealand internship providers as well which offer internships in various categories. You can also work as interns even if you don?t have a Student Visa. The providers connect the prospective intern with the company. The visitor can be on a Working Holiday visa to get the internship program. In return for this service, interns may have to pay a commission to the internship provider. Eligibility to be Interns in New Zealand for International Students Students must be:
  • Studying job-based course or any other program such as a full-time student enrolled for tertiary education.
  • Proficient in English. The level of English language fluency is usually measured through the IELTS or equivalent test score.
...However, there is no limit on the age of the candidate. Often, students who have completed their internship program or those staying in New Zealand for some more time-say, 3 months more take up internship programs. They can stay in New Zealand on a Tourist Visa. If possible you can enjoy a working holiday while working in New Zealand. Common internships are in general administration, reception, etc. Many also work as room attendant, housekeeper, front desk assistant, or food and beverage attendant. On completion the interns get jobs with salaries as per international standard. Contact our internship helpdesk to know about possible internship programs in New Zealand. Internship New Zealand For more information about our free services, please contact us.
Internship New Zealand Benefits of Interning Abroad:
  • Gain international work experience
  • Receive academic credit for work
  • Make professional contacts
  • Secure professional job references
  • Meet locals
  • Build Resume

Your New Zealand internship options:

  • New Zealand Internship + English course
  • New Zealand Internship + Study Abroad
  • OnlineNew Zealand Internship
  • New Zealand Internship (paid)
  • New Zealand Internship (unpaid)

Each New Zealand internship program that the internship agency offers is unique and allows for students to gain practical, on-the-job training while at the same time participating in classroom lectures on campus. This gives you the opportunity to network not only with professionals in the job place, but also with your university peers.

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Internship New Zealand Program Fees

Be aware that our online internships are free!

Internship New Zealand Cost - Professional Internship New Zealand:

  • 300 $/week for living per week
  • flight to New Zealand
  • Programme Cost: 
    Placement from 0-3 months: AUD$1650 
    Placement from 3-6 months: AUD$2000
    Placement from 6-12 months: AUD$2500
  • Only journalism internships and marketing internships are without any program fees!


Internship New Zealand Advantages

You may be considering an overseas work experience for many reasons: an adventure, a chance to gain in-depth knowledge of another culture and of yourself, an inexpensive way to improve foreign language proficiency, or as preparation for an international career.

Choosing a work or study destination abroad that offers work opportunities has become a main deciding factor for many students. Students are looking for internships to support their studies or to gain valuable international work experience, which will assist them get a job when they return home. New Zealand provides students with a range of work opportunities & New Zealand internship programs.

Internship New Zealand Advise

For more information about our free Internship New Zealand services, please contact us.

Our New Zealand internships provide you with valuable work experience and an international perspective that is compatible with your educational background.

An opportunity to work abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity and would give you the edge in any job application. It will also look very attractive on your resume. 

You can choose from a wide range of fields which are suitable for you. If you are a uni student, then you can use the internship to gain some credits for your course. 

The internship can also help you to build international contacts in your area of expertise and improve your career prospects at home and internationally.

Internship New Zealand

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Internship New Zealand - Internship in New Zealand

Internship New Zealand Requirements


  • Must be :
    A full-time student at a tertiary institution (college/university etc) who is
    required to undertake a practical work experience as part of the course. (NO AGE LIMIT)
  • Applicants are required to demonstrate that they have a good command of written and spoken English (IELTS 6 or equivalent)


The program runs all year.


  • Work permit lasts for up to 6 months and is issued for the exact dates of internship, as per employers notification.
  • At the end of the internship, an intern can apply for an extension of up to 6 months.  Both employer and intern must request the extension.  The terms of the internship must have been met.
  • Participants can remain in New Zealand as tourists for up to 3 months after their work permit expires. Participants from some countries will need to apply for a tourist visa.


  • Journalism internships and  marketing internships are without any fees
  • all other internships: 
    0-3 months: AUD$1650 
    3-6 months: AUD$2000
    6-12 months: AUD$2500

ADDITIONAL EXPENSES (to be paid by participant)

  • Return Airfare
  • Medical insurance for entire length of stay in New Zealand.
  • NZ Immigration visa charges
  • Participants are required to show proof of funds for $NZ1000 per month for each month of intended stay in New Zealand (includes earnings while on Internship NZ).
  • If participants earn less than NZ$1000 per month a financial statement is required to show proof of funds to cover the difference
  • In addition participants will require NZ$2000 on entry to NZ to ensure initial expenses are covered. This can be done by showing on the "Proof of Funds" form that they have sufficient money of their own or via a sponsor.


  • Participants apply for the NZ Work Permit visa directly to their designated NZ Consulate/Embassy after receiving all the necessary documentation, forms and instructions from InternshipNZ. This work permit visa is outlined under WE.1B in the New Zealand Immigration Service manual.
  • Participants have to apply for this visa from the country of their legal
    permanent residence.


  • Participants cannot enter New Zealand more than 7 days prior to the start of their internship.
  • Participants cannot be employed outside of their internship.
  • Participants may be able to extend their internship with the same employer if both the employer and intern request this, and the terms of the internship have been met (for up to a further 6 months)
  • Participants can stay in NZ as tourists for an extra 3 months after the end of their internship. (Participants from some countries that do not have a reciprocal arrangement with the NZ Government may require a special visa)
  • English language programmes can be organised for the participants prior to them taking up their internship.


  • Participants must apply to Internship NZ office using the appropriate form.
  • Purchasing medical insurance for the period of the extension is a requirement.
  • Fee for extension application is NZ$400.00 plus New Zealand Immigration Service (government department) Fee NZ$90.00.


  • Visa sponsorship
  • Participant Handbook


Participants must book air travel to destination closest to place of


  • Support services of the Internship NZ office
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Airport pickup at nearest air connection to place of employment, and transfer
    to pre-arranged accommodation
  • 2 nights accommodation at budget hotel / hostel
  • Welcome pack including NZ Lonely Planet


The minimum wage in New Zealand is NZ$9.00 per hour.  This is the minimum amount that interns will be paid. In most cases they will be paid more than this hourly rate.  Placements are a minimum of 25 hours per week and in most cases participants will be expected to work 35 - 40 hours per week.  

This will be detailed in your internship offer.Participants will organise a personal tax number on arrival in New Zealand andtax will be automatically deducted by the employer. Participants are responsible for organising a tax refund on their departure from New Zealand.

Internship New Zealand

For more information about our free services, please contact us.


You are eligible if you:

  • are enrolled as a full time university or other tertiary post-secondary student in a university/college and  required to complete a practical work placement in order to complete your qualification and
  • have a good level of spoken and written English. (TOEFL 550 or equivalent)

Length of programme:

Internship NZ will arrange a work placement for you in New Zealand and ensure that you have the appropriate paper work completed in order that you can receive a ?Work Visa? for up to 6 months (Section W3.125 Immigration Manual).

You may arrive in New Zealand 7 days before the start of your internship.
Should you require English Language training before taking up your internship, Internship NZ can also arrange for you a period of English Language training.  

If the Internship has been satisfactory to both intern and employer, and both wish for an extension of the internship, Internship NZ will assist in the extension of your work visa.   

You have the right to remain in New Zealand as a tourist for an additional three months after the time span of your work visa. Participants from some countries may require a special visa for this additional period.

Work status: 

The internship must be related to your course of study as certified by your university/college. You are granted a visa exclusively for one particular employer and you do not have the right to seek any other full-time or part-time work while on the programme.

Financial responsibility: 

You as a participant are responsible for clearing all your financial dues while on Internship in New Zealand. Internship NZ takes no responsibility for debts or other financial dues incurred by you as a participant. 

You are also responsible to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Immigration Service to have sufficient funds (see Proof of Funds Form).


All participants on the programme are required to be covered by approved travel and medical insurance for the entire length of their Internship NZ-sponsored work period in New Zealand .  

It is also recommended that you take out extra insurance for the time you intend to stay as a tourist. 

Visa application: 

Participants on the programme apply for the New Zealand visa directly at the designated New Zealand Visa Office after necessary documentation is supplied by Internship NZ.  

The New Zealand Visa issuing office charges an extra visa application fee at the time of application which is not part of the programme fee.

Changes in programme conditions: 

Internship NZ reserves the right to amend Programme Terms and Conditions at any time to meet NZ Immigration Service guideline changes.

Programme Fee: 

Please contact your local agent for fees. The fee includes the placement and post-arrival services. It does not include NZ Immigration visa charges nor air fares.

Application deadline: 

Job placement can take up to 6 months (as per the ?Application Procedure? document) after Internship NZ has received your Application  Form and has accepted you for placement.   

Once a job has been secured for you, and final paper work has been completed, the Visa issuing process can take up to 2 weeks.  

Applicants are therefore advised to make initial application at least 6 months before their intended internship in New Zealand.

Schedule of payments:

First payment (non-refundable) of US$ 100 is to be paid at the time of application. The second and final payment of US$ 650 is to be paid when a position has been secured for you on completion by you of the ?Student Declaration? section of the Internship NZ Agreement Form.  Agents must notify the Internship NZ office of payment by faxing or emailing the transaction number.

Cancellation policy:

If you wish to withdraw from the programme before Internship NZ has arranged a job, there will be no refund of the first payment. Once Internship NZ has arranged a job for you and you have accepted the offered position on the ?Student Declaration? section of the Internship NZ Agreement Form, you will receive a refund of US$ 400 if you cancel your application. 

If you withdraw from the programme for any reason the amount of US$100 will be forfeited. No refunds will be given if, at any time during the application/placement process, or while on the programme, you have to have your application cancelled or be removed from the programme because of false information given to Internship NZ or to the NZ visa authorities. 


An extension of your internship with the same employer (for up to a further 6 months) may be possible if both the employer and you request this, and the terms of the internship have been met. 

You must apply to the Internship NZ office using the appropriate form.  Purchasing medical insurance for the duration of the extension is a requirement. 

The fee for the extension application is NZ$ 400 (US$200.00).  This does not include insurance.  Extension of insurance is participants? responsibility.

Internship New Zealand

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Internship in New Zealand - Interns and its partner affiliates offer exciting opportunities to undertake internships in New Zealand. The internships will provide you with special skills and training for the entire duration. These skills could prove useful in later life and would be highly regarded by employers.

The New Zealand Internship Program offers endless opportunities to develop an international perspective to your career and this is the ideal path to kickstart your international career.

Our support team are right behind you in organising and arranging the internship. You can be rest assured that we have got it all covered. Our highly experienced staff are right behind you at every step of the application process.

Student from over 40 countries have gained valuable work experience with us and our partner affiliates. This international exchange scheme has also led to cross-cultural dialogue and friendship between students from different backgrounds.

It is hard or almost impossible to get an internship placement in New Zealand on your own. Therefore we offer special services for interns (see also further below). We are your contact to prepare your entire stay in New Zealand and we offer this information for free.

Internship New Zealand is a cultural exchange program aimed at assisting university undergraduates, who are required to complete a practical work placement in order to complete their qualification.

There are 2 possible visa requirements:

A) Those participating must be genuine students who are required to do a work placement as part of their course requirements.

B) Or they can come on a Working Holiday Visa. Please check your eligibility.

The internship period is usually for up to 6 months but can be longer if required.

Internship New Zealand will find an employer willing to employ an intern and maybe pay a reasonable wage. At the end of the internship period, if both the employer and the intern request an extension for a further six months, this is likely to be approved.


A) You can come on a Working Holiday Visa to NZ if you are eligible to apply for this visa (please check availability of places for your country) or

B) You must be a full-time student at a tertiary institution (college/university etc) who is required to undertake a practical work experience as part of the course. (NO AGE LIMIT) Applicants are required to demonstrate that they have a good command of written and spoken English (TOEFL 550 or equivalent)

 The program runs all year.


A) Work permit lasts regarding your Working Holiday Visa or

B) Work permit lasts for up the time your university or educational institute recommend an internship. You will need a letter written by your University or College. Participants can remain in New Zealand as tourists for up to 3 months after their work permit expires. Participants from some countries will need to apply for a tourist visa.

What is included?

  • Visa sponsorship (only in variant B)
  • Support services of the Internship NZ office
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Airport pickup at nearest air connection to place of employment, and
    transfer to pre-arranged accommodation
  • 2 nights' accommodation at budget hotel / hostel
  • Welcome pack including NZ Lonely Planet

Programme Cost:

Placement from 0-3 months: AUD$1650

Placement from 3-6 months: AUD$2000

Placement from 6-12 months: AUD$2500

Cancellation Fees:

AUD$350 per applicant (the non-refundable application fee) - If the student withdraws before placement is made.

If the participant withdraws after they have received an internship offer, the refund amount will be AUD$700.

No refund is given if, at any time during the application/placement process, or while on the programme, the intern has their application cancelled or is removed from the programme because of false information given to Internship NZ or to the NZ visa authorities.

However withdrawal from the programme for visa refusal for other reasons prior to entry in NZ entitles a refund of AUD$1250.
Processing Time

We recommend to apply 6 months before you want to start your internship. You need to apply at least 4 months before you want to start to that a placement is possible.

Please provide us following details that we can look after an suitable intern placement:

Current resume or curriculum vitae, in English

  • Statement of work experience objectives and how the work experience
    relates to current studies or occupation, in English.
  • Details of the completed or current studies with academic results from
    your university.
  • A high level of English language proficiency is required prior to
    commencing your work placement.
  • Letter from your university that you need to do this internship within
    your studies.
  • Evidence of financial resources.

If you can not meet the above mentioned requirements for an internship in New Zealand we can check if you are able to attend an internship program in Australia. In this case we will also need all documents are mentioned above.

Please let us know if you can fulfil the visa requirements for this program (Working Holiday Visa OR full-time student at a tertiary institution (college/university etc) who is required to undertake a practical work experience as part of the course.)

Please answer our questions and let us know when you would like to start
your internship.

As soon as we get your information we can look for a suitable employer.

Internship New Zealand

For more information about our free services, please contact us.

Internship New Zealand Visa Requirements

The Department of Labour is the New Zealand government organisation responsible for all immigration matters.  Students who are planning to study in New Zealand must be issued a student visa from the Department of Labour before being allowed to enter the country.  The Department of Labour has offices around the world.  If you can?t find one close to you, visit their website.

Visitors to New Zealand can undertake one single course of study that lasts less than three months without a student visa.  If you wish to enrol in further study, you can apply for a student visa in New Zealand.

Visa applications will only be processed if the applicant is already enrolled full time at an approved institute.  Furthermore, your passport must be valid for at least three months after your planned departure date.

The Department of Labour will request that you produce evidence of your ability to support yourself while in New Zealand.  You will need to supply a bank statement or similar, details of your accommodation and a receipt for payment of university fees (or, in the case of scholarship students, evidence of exemption from fees.)

You will also need to submit certified copies of the following:

  • A non-refundable application fee
  • A recent, passport sized photograph
  • Evidence of an offer from an approved tertiary institute, and
  • A return air ticket, or evidence of funds to purchase one.

Applicants over the age of seventeen must also provide a police certificate as evidence of their good character.

Students who are planning on studying for more than six months must be screened for tuberculosis.  Students who are planning on studying for more than twenty four months will need to provide medical certificates and X-rays.

Student visa holders can work up to twenty hours during semesters and full time during university breaks.

We help you with your application!

Internship New Zealand

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Internship New Zealand FAQ - Internship New Zealand

What are some basic options available through New Zealand Internships Program in New Zealand? 

Does the internship have a time limit?

The period of internship is a minimum of three months but this can be extended through negotiation with your employer.

What if English is my second language?

All internships require participants to have working knowledge of the English language in order to perform effectively in a working environment. 

If you cannot meet this requirement, then it is highly recommended that you enrol in a suitable English language course prior to the commencement of the internship.

Will I receive any payment during the internship? 

Some are paid, most are not. In order to get a paid internship, there must be a upfront payment to the agency.

Will I receive any support during the internship?

Yes, Our services include visa application assistance and intern welfare counselling.

What requirements have to met in order to gain an internship?

  • Study details to date in curfrent resume format
  • Details of completed or current studies listed in a current Resume
  • Statement of sponsorship and that the internship is a course requirement
  • Evidence of personal liability insurance

How long does it take to arrange an internship?

Generally, a minimum of three months is adviseable.

Can New Zealand Internship arrange insurance on my behalf?

Yes, New Zealand Internship can arrange insurance on request.

Can I obtain an Internship on a working holiday visa?

Yes, you can provided that you are eligible for a working holiday visa.

Internship New Zealand

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Free New Zealand Internship Services - Internship New Zealand

Internships New Zealand

Students studying tertiary education in New Zealand must work as interns during their final year to successfully complete the curriculum and get the certificate. The internship program can vary from 4 months to 1 year in the field that the student is currently studying.

Learn the Power of Journalism in the Practical World through our Internship Program
Students learn how to script feature stories and write news snippets in their journalism course during their tertiary education either in a college or university. However, practical field is little more than what they learn in the theoretical class.

One must learn the art of covering an event or taking interviews of eminent people. Even after producing a perfect story, the work is not over. It has to be presented in print or electronic media. In short, a lot of tasks are done in reality than one can imagine in journalism. Simply studying this subject in an institute will not be enough.

Click here to

Internship Offered by AA Education Network
We offer online internship program in journalism to international students who want to learn A-to-Z of reporting and editing and can spare time to work for at least 6 months to 1 year on a part-time basis. Our dedicated editorial team will:
Advice and edit your write ups and help you to get practical experience in editing, article writing, reporting, etc.

Generate leads with leading publishing houses in case you have a formal degree in journalism from New Zealand so that you can work with these editing companies.

What You Need to Do
Those with a penchant to write with sheer dedication and discipline are ideally suited for our journalism internship program. You must also have:

  • A good command over English
  • Proactive approach to create and complete a story
  • Hobbies, such as travelling or photography

How it Works
Our online internship program on journalism allows would-be journalists to script articles in a flexible work environment. You can write on:

  • Travel experiences at our blog section
  • Education related stories and news in New Zealand
  • Other articles as offered by our Communications Team at AA Education Network

If you are a photographer cum journalist, we also have programs that will help you learn more about photojournalism. So, send us your photos with captions and check our comments. Good ones will be published and paid as well.

What Next
Usually, our journalism internship program is a non-paid one. However, you can earn experience that you can use in getting employment in a prestigious editing house. If you have a formal degree in journalism, say Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, or Doctoral degree, you will get an immediate job after completing the internship program.

In case you don?t have a formal degree in journalism, you can inform us. We help you to apply to a formal course in suitable education institutes. For our online program, you must have a laptop and net connection.

Contact our editorial help desk for our journalism internship program details.

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

If you want to apply for an Internship in New Zealand, please contact us!


We have a number of unpaid vacancies in New Zealand


This is a new company that restores art (modern and old) It is run by a
internationally recognized expert. They require an intern to build their
website. Candidates need experiences and must be able to show examples
of their work. Location Wellington - UNPAID

HR Assistant

Due to the economic downturn we have a hotel that would like to offer
the position of HR Assistant but this will have to be unpaid. Location -

Journalism, Publishing or Public relations

8 weeks June/July

Primarily the work would be on the Handbook (runs May- July, and busiest
in July) Research and organising type tasks with some proofing work
(supervised - but he/she would need to be able to spell and know where
apostrophes go!) and if they could do more, or wanted to learn more,
things such as improving the PowerPoint presentations we use for media
training and maybe trying their hand at some magazine writing, that
would be a bonus.

Would suit someone who is perhaps thinking of a career in journalism,
publishing, public relations or similar.

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

If you want to apply for an Internship in New Zealand, please contact us!

Hundreds of travelers, nature lovers from across the world, and youngsters visiting Australia, find some ways to pursue their passion for photography. Picturesque New Zealand offers them the scope to enjoy shooting unique pictures.

Top Ten Reasons Why Travellers Choose our Photography Internship Program when Visiting New Zealand

Lakes, mountains, snow-capped peaks, sandy coasts with turquoise waters of the sea, and lot more have made New Zealand a popular destination for photographers. There are many more reasons why amateurs, students, and travelers love to participate in photography internships.

  1. Working Holiday Visa (WHV) – New Zealand offers WHV to youngsters between 18 to 30 years to work and enjoy an action-packed holiday in the country. We invite youngsters of this age to take up our training program while traveling in New Zealand.
  2. Recognition – We provide interested photographers a contract to submit pictures they have clicked. The documents highlight the work done and learned during the tenure of the contract.
  3. Paid Option – If you can provide a story with the pictures, you will be paid for them.
  4. Album Building – Even if you don’t provide a story, your pictures can get published. We offer you a scope to build your own photo-album.
  5. Photo-Journalism – Those who have an inclination to write, have a good chance to become photo-journalist through our photography internship.
  6. Reward for Unique Pictures – Unique pictures, may be not from New Zealand backdrop is given more importance. You may soon see your photos that say thousand words at a glance, published in our site.
  7. Scope to Learn or Work Further – Many travellers become photo interns to learn about photography. You can be one from this group and get opportunities to work further.
  8. No fees and strings attached – The internship program is free. No strings attached in any form. You can use our medium to promote your photos.
  9. Create Own Travel Blog – We allow travellers to create their personal blogs – for free. You can post your pictures here too and make your independent career in blogging and photography.
  10. Free Information on Accommodation – We help you in your personal needs, such as your accommodation while staying in New Zealand.

So, if you have a camera and love to shoot eye-catching photos, here is your chance to work on your hobby. Write to our student adviser for details if you want to work for our photography internship program.

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

If you want to apply for an Internship in New Zealand, please contact us!

Internship Australia

New Zealand Internship News

MIT Ties Up with Waikato Trades Academy to Impart Internship Programs in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) has tied up with Waikato Trades Academy to provide electrical and mechanical engineering internship programs. Students studying in certain secondary schools are invited to take part in the program. The trade qualifications would be given to students studying Year 11 to Year 13.

Check with our student adviser if you want to know more about these courses.

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

If you want to apply for an Internship in New Zealand, please contact us!


Scope to Work as Food and Beverage Attendant Available at Queenstown

Students planning to acquire valid work experience in the hospitality sector have been invited to join an internship program at a popular hotel or restaurant.

Applicants must be versatile and energetic to learn a wide range of subjects. Those interested to work in a busy hotel that regularly accommodates varied types of guests, such as domestic and international tourists or business travelers, can write to our student adviser for details about this program. If you want to apply for an Internship in Australia, please contact us!

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

If you want to apply for an Internship in New Zealand, please contact us!


Internship + Study

Internship New Zealand Blog

Internship New Zealand Programs

Internship New Zealand - Work Experience

Participating in an international internship will give you the option of combining academic study with practical, career-related experience while studying abroad or travelling abroad.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to gain work experience in their chosen field before graduating and entering today's competitive job market.

The internships offered through International Internship Program are not administrative placements so you will not spend your time filing, answering phones or making copies (although this may be involved).

Our internship placements are project based and will allow you to provide a beneficial service to the organization at which you are interning, while gaining valuable training and experience.

More about our internship program

We work in partnership with other organisations for professional internship programs in New Zealand.

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

If you want to apply for an Internship in New Zealand, please contact us!

Internship New Zealand - Where can I work?

  • Arts
  • Architecture
  • Agricultural Science
  • Business & Commerce
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Forestry
  • Human Resources Management
  • Health
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Journalism
  • Legal Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Media Studies
  • Marine Studies
  • Politics

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

If you want to apply for an Internship in New Zealand, please contact us!

Internship New Zealand - Internship Program

Vocational training cannot be complete without taking up an internship program where students learn the practical application of various technologies. International students get exposure to the industry norms and gather work experience too.

There are numerous New Zealand internship programs which cater to international and domestic students, entry-level pupils, as well as meritorious students studying at various universities in the country. Depending on the type of internship program, the tenure of the traineeship can range from few weeks to one year.

Versatile education system has allowed students to study as well as take up a short-term job or internship. An international student without much knowledge in English language and culture of the Kiwis, can work part-time as an intern and also learn the college curriculum. Interesting internships can help students to learn more, enjoy the workmanship, and entertain themselves too.

Paid Internships in New Zealand
Internships are generally not paid in New Zealand. There are however, Industrial Training Organizations (ITOs) which offer hands-on experience to the students and pay them as well. In the tourism sector, housekeeping, culinary, and front desk interns are paid during their training period. Some travel magazines seek energetic and adventurous travelers with a penchant for writing. They travel, write, and also earn during their internship.

Unpaid Internships in New Zealand
Editorial jobs, journalism projects, photo-journalism internship programs, and academic credit internship programs are not paid generally. However, there are enough scope to pursue these internship hands-on training and take up a similar plum job. Often, the writing hub absorbs the interns into their payroll structure.

Popular Internship Programs in New Zealand
There are hundreds of internships available in New Zealand. During harvesting season, student trainees from agriculture sector are sometimes given a chance to stay at a bucolic vineyard, collect, sort, and process wines. Some interns stay at the farmhouses while few others take up hospitality internships in a plush resort. If you are dynamic and enterprising, you can take up broadcast internship, photo-journalism training to shoot undersea coral, animal care activist in a cattle ranch.

Internships in New Zealand – a Boost in One’s Career
Even though some internship programs are not paid, they do indeed give you an opportunity to get a commanding job even at an entry level. Interns have work experience which is often an essential factor to get a plum job even during your young days. Those working as an environmentalist can start off with their career as an undersea researcher. Apart from gaining a hands-on experience, the naturalist would learn additional skills, such as undersea photography, scuba diving, and lot more.

International students especially, get an exposure to Kiwi lifestyle and Maori culture. They hone their interpersonal skills that are essential to their development and ultimately immigration the country. English language schools for instance, choose an outdoor session as a part of their education policy to teach the language to the students.

In a nutshell, New Zealand internship open a vista of opportunities into the job market.

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

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Internship Program Available for German-Speaking International Students at Christchurch

Students looking for internship in the travel and tourism sector can now take up an opportunity to work as a Travel Assistant at Christchurch. The interns must be fluent in German and work for 20 hours. The work would entail tourism marketing strategies and implementation where the interns would learn how to create tours, manage customer queries, and make necessary bookings. Contact us if you want to acquire work experience in this sector.

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

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Internship New Zealand - Professional Internship

Students completing their university education take up internship programs to get a hands-on experience in various industrial projects. The interns not only learn but also enjoy adventure sports or outings during the tenure of their program.

New Zealand Internships in All Major Subjects allow Students to get a Head Start in their Career

To become an intern in New Zealand, a student must study at a university and have an excellent proficiency in English language. In fact, tertiary education at a university cannot be complete without successfully completing a New Zealand internship program.

There can be various programs of different durations that are organized in association with the concerned university. For instance, students at Auckland University often take up internship as their final curriculum which could be between 8 to 12 weeks. The programs are held during Fall Semester or Summer Semester. The students would be awarded 4 credits for the same.

Not all internships are paid. However, some are quite lucrative and paid ones as well, such as internships offered by Queenstown Research College. There are can be internships for various subjects. Let’s take a quick look at the following programs:

Arts – Internship at Wellington offers a workshop on museum studies and visual arts. Exposure to various communities, programs, public shows, and exhibitions would be part of the learning.

Architecture – At Auckland, Wellington, and other cities of New Zealand, architecture interns would be taught about various architectural landmarks of the country. Sightseeing is part of the program.

Agricultural Science – Sustainable projects dealing with ecology and human consumption would be attended by interns in this program. Dairy farming, cattle-shearing, landscaping, and tree-nursery programs are part of this internship program.

Business & Commerce – Interns would be allowed to learn-on-the-job at various start-up companies to know the business skills and principles. Big corporate would allow them to join in their core budding projects.

Forestry – At a wildlife sanctuary, interns would be given jobs to monitor forestation projects, provide animal care to species living in their habitat, and take part in plantation projects at convenient places.

Human Resources Management
– A 12-week internship at Queenstown by Queenstown Research College would allow interns to learn about HR ethics and principles.

Hospitality & Tourism – Internship programs are again sub-divided into food-n-beverages internship, front-desk programs, and housekeeping tasks. During holidays, interns could work at various resorts to learn the art of working in the hospitality sector.

Journalism – Budding journo would be given a chance to take interviews, cover live news program, work on a photo-shoot, or write a feature article in various newspapers and magazines.

Legal Studies – Law graduates would be allowed to work at Community Law offices to help those who cannot afford to pay for their legal expenses. Documentation would be complied that includes Criminal Justice, Law, and Public Administration.

Education and Linguistics – Students need to attend the TEFL or TESOL internship programs where you could teach English to non-English speaking students. Overseas internship programs also include teaching in non-English speaking countries.

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

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Industrial Training, Social Media Interactions, and Linguistic Programs are Top Internships

Our New Zealand internship programs in colleges are quite common as students graduating in various institutes look forward to hands-on experience to get a suitable opening as a full-time worker in companies and industries. The hands-on training allows students studying tertiary education to get a stepping stone for their future career prospects. The internships can be international ones where students from various colleges in New Zealand visit the foreign institute.

It can also be the other way round where international students are invited to take part in internship programs organized by various corporate in association with the colleges. Top internships include work in journalism, ecology, industries, social media, management, research work, and linguistic proficiency.

Internships on Research Projects
There are popular internships for research students. Some important internship programs making the mark in recent times include:

A research internship where Maori students are invited to take part in a research internship program by Unitec Institute of Technology. The 10-week program would provide stipend to the 10 Maori students who would take part in the internship.
A paid summer internship program funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a lucrative training meant for those studying international development. The candidates must have an eye for analytical problem solving technique and par excellent academic career. Known as New Zealand Aid Program, this internship invites students studying tertiary education in various colleges of New Zealand. The students would be based in Wellington.
Intern with tertiary qualification has been invited for completing a project on governance in a non-profit organization. Conducted by YWCA Auckland community, this internship work would be based in Auckland.

Internship on Industrial Projects
Industrial internship programs have been coined by many colleges where big and small companies are invited to enroll senior students in their fold for an internship program. Students studying media and communications degree often become interns under this scheme for various tasks related to event management, public relations, international communication, and media & design works.

International Internships
Top colleges allow students studying tertiary education to pursue international internship programs where the students visit the foreign country as an intern. The Berkeley Global Internship for instance allows interns to travel globally and research data. The Paris Internship allows interns to experience and study European business and culture. The CAPA Beijing internship allows interns to interact with different groups of students and learn their ethnicity and language.

Internship with Entertainment
Fun can be a part of the curriculum for an intern – especially if the program involves learning of the English language. The Southern Lakes English College allows an internship program where the interns would have to learn flying, biking, and kayaking as well as hone their English speaking skills. Some interns may also work at farmstays or learn fruit picking in wineries.

Apart from the aforesaid internships, there are many more on content development, such as a travelogue, sustainable eco-friendly growth and development, business, and international studies.

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

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Top Educational Institutes in Auckland Offer Internship and Workshop Opportunities for International Students

Auckland is a busy harbour city of New Zealand. As a result, the city is noted for its commercial prospects and business growth. Not only tourism and entertainment, there are also many heavy engineering factories, technical workshops, and trading centres in the city.

So, foreign students looking for study cum work options, hands-on experiences, or internship programs can get useful opportunities in their related field in Auckland. Moreover, top universities and institutes offer a perfect medium for students to take up legally recognized internship programs.

Job-Ready Work Experience
Many colleges in Auckland, which offer vocational education in various subjects, have a tie-up with the respective industry where students can complete a short workshop or a practical project-work. The students are made job-ready prior to their starting a career in the industrial sector.

Common career options include multimedia design, graphic design, artwork, science and technology, business and accounting, and early childhood education. Often interns are absorbed by the parent company. In the creative field, care is taken to ensure international students get an exposure to create their portfolio so that they can produce it during their job interviews.

Interns from Universities
Almost all major universities have a system where students can search for an appropriate internship program, enrol in it, and get the expected rewards after completing it.

In many cases, the students earn credit points that accumulate at the end of the program. It helps them to either study further or start work.

Study Abroad in Auckland
Universities have study abroad options where meritorious students take up study abroad courses in Auckland. The educational institutes oversee that the students get opportunities to complete their studies and internships during their study abroad program.

Study abroad option is available for students studying English preparatory courses as well. There are workshops where students are taught how to communicate in the language.

Work Placements
There are also opportunities where tertiary graduates and post-graduates get work placements after the completion of their course in New Zealand. The students are given the work placement opportunity against a stipulated fee.

Apart from few other conditions, the students must complete a 2-years tertiary education in certain universities to avail this opportunity. It is essential for the student to attend 15-to-20 hours per week at the work placement cell to gain useful work experience.

Summer Internships
Academic students from all parts of the globe, especially those from top institutes are welcomed each year to take part in summer internships. This is especially applicable for engineering students and students studying technical subjects.

There are volunteering work options as well for foreign students. Conservation and eco-diversity projects often require graduates from colleges and universities to take part in a short-term voluntary work. The students gain valuable work experience that helps them to get useful jobs in their career.

Are you looking for internship programs in Auckland? Write to our student counsellors to know more about workshops and hands-on projects.

New Zealand Internship - Internships in New Zealand

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