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Are you thinking of immigrating? Are you interested in learning more about living and working in New Zealand?

New Zealand immigration agents help you to understand the immigration procedures.

Check with us from time to time to know about various job opportunities offered by industries in New Zealand and changes made by the immigration authorities to facilitate international students and immigrants.

Free Immigration New Zealand Assessment

If you are serious about migrating to New Zealand we suggest that you ask an immigration expert before taking any steps on your own. New Zealand Immigration Concepts Ltd is our partner agency and licensed Immigration Agents offer a FREE Immigration Eligibility Assessment for Migrants.

By obtaining a detailed Immigration New Zealand assessment of your individual chances, you will be able to get a head start for your immigration to New Zealand that will point you in the right direction right from the beginning.

A detailed written assessment by New Zealand Immigration Concepts will include an evaluation of your chances to immigrate to New Zealand under Skilled Migrant Category or one of the Business streams, a proposal on how to proceed and a comprehensive list of all cost to be expected.

New Zealand Immigration Concepts assessment package also includes a follow up phone call to discuss any questions regarding the migration process – they speak German – and a job search proposal by the Job Search Service regarding the search for employment in New Zealand.

By giving them some details about yourself and describing your plans for New Zealand, you will enable New Zealand Immigration Concepts to briefly assess your chances of obtaining a residence permit.

If, based on the information you are about to give New Zealand Immigration Concepts, they come to the conclusion that your chances under the Skilled Migrant Category are not promising, they will advise you accordingly and might be able to suggest an alternative pathway to New Zealand. New Zealand Immigration Concepts is happy to provide this brief assessment for free – no strings attached.

The best possible way to successfully immigrate to New Zealand is to seek advice and all possible information from licensed immigration expert. Once you contact the New Zealand immigration cell, representatives would ask you to specify your career aspiration, education and job history, financial assets, family set up and similar information. This would enable our expert can guide you to select the right career choices, visa categories, and settlement options.

Once the necessary information is provided, a comprehensive review on your prospects to immigrate to New Zealand would be done by our immigration partners. This New Zealand Immigration assessment would include:

An evaluation to enable you to know your chances to immigrate to New Zealand under Skilled Migrant Category or Business streams. proposal that provides step-by-step procedure on how to immigrate to New Zealand. A detailed list of all type of expenses, including miscellaneous ones that you would incur in the immigration process.

…And, we would also follow up via telephonic talk on any issues or queries on the New Zealand immigration process. Additionally, our Job Search Service would submit a proposal regarding prospective jobs available in the market as per your qualification and experience.

Immigration Seminar

If you are planning to migrate to NZ New Zealand Immigration Concepts offer you as our partner agency an opportunity to learn more about moving and settling in New Zealand.

Individual consultations with an immigration expert give zou the opportunity to take a step further with a more individual approach.

The seminars will provide you with an overview of New Zealand’s Immigration Categories and corresponding requirements.

You will also take a way a lot of useful information on employment, living, finances and housing, just to name a few.

The individual consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss your personal plans with the aim to assess your chances of immigrating and create a tailored scenario for your circumstances.

Immigration New Zealand Seminar Topics

Life in New Zealand

  1. New Zealand education system
  2. tax, health system, retirement options
  3. cost of living
  4. How to open a bank account in New Zealand
  5. buying or renting a house
  6. Immigrating in light of the current economic climate
  7. A short introduction to country and culture

What is the best Visa option for your situation?

  1. Skilled Migrant Category
  2. Business Migrant Category – Inclusive the announced changes
  3. Investor Category – Inclusive detailed illustration of new regulations
  4. Family Category
  5. Work to Residence

Short Term options

  1. Work Permit
  2. Working Holiday Visa
  3. Study Visa
  4. Visitor Visa

Working in New Zealand

  1. The Catch-22 Scenario:
  2. No job offer- no work permit-no job offer-no work permit-no job offer-no
  3. workpermit-no joboffer-no workpermit-no joboffer-no workpermit-no…
  4. New Zealand labourmarket – Does this country still need skilled migrants?
  5. The best path to employment in New Zealand

The move

  1. Container
  2. Flight tickets
  3. Pets etc.


Carsten Hallwass is a German lawyer who migrated to New Zealand in 1994 and established the immigration consultancy New Zealand  Immigration Concepts Ltd. in Nelson.

In March 2009 Carsten obtained his professional license as a New Zealand Immigration Adviser from the Immigration Advisers Authority IAA.

Dr. Hallwass offers the opportunity of an individual consultation in your own country to discuss your personal plans and assess your chances of immigrating to New Zealand.

Take advantage of this opportunity and book your individual consultation with Dr. Hallwass today!

  1. How we can support you in your search for employment
  2. An idea of a timeframe and details you need to know
  3. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your plans.

Dr. Carsten Hallwass
Licensed New Zealand
Immigration Adviser
Licence Number 200900212

Full NZIC – Immigration New Zealand Assessment Package

If you are serious about immigrating to New Zealand, the New Zealand Immigration Concepts Full Assessment Package definitely is the way to go. It will give you a head start and point you in the right direction right from the beginning.

The Full NZIC – Immigration New Zealand Assessment Package includes:

  1. an in depth personal analysis of your possible points score under the Skilled Migrant Category or any other immigration category that might be more advantageous for you in light of your personal circumstances,
  2. a detailed description of your individual application process and a proposal on how to start the process, taking into consideration your personal plans and timing of your move to New Zealand,
  3. a comprehensive list of cost to be expected for the entire immigration application process, including Government fees etc,
  4. a job search proposal regarding your search for employment in New Zealand, the offer of a follow up telephone call to discuss any questions you might have concerning our assessment and proposal.

The Full NZIC Assessment Package – put together exclusively for you based on your individual circumstances – is available for a very reasonable fee which will be deducted at a later stage, if you decide to proceed with your residence application.

To order a Full NZIC Assessment Package or just to ask us for a brief free assessment first, please provide us with some information about yourself and any family members who might be included in your is your gateway to NZ immigration and education pathways. We are registered education agents and work together with our partner immigration agency.

New Zealand Immigration Concepts Ltd is our partner agency and representatives offer tips and advice to prospective immigrants. All immigration related questions will be forwarded to our partners.

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Immigration New Zealand
Immigration New Zealand
Immigration New Zealand

Temporary Immigration by Studying in New Zealand

When it comes to study related inquiries the team of will answer your questions. Unlike most education guides that charge extra for education services, we don’t. Our authorized education counsellors advise students on student visa applications, courses, and more at absolutely no cost. We welcome international students to apply for our services.
Current immigration rules allow students to apply for a one-year work visa after completion of the course and the students are able to find the following careers after completing the course successfully.

Enhancements to immigration policy will be made for international students to work and study in New Zealand. 

  • International students who have graduated from a course that would gain points under Skilled Migrant Category will be eligible for a six-month open work permit.
  • The pool of students eligible to work part-time while studying will be expanded to include Year 12 and 13 high school students and some English language students, provided certain conditions are met.
  • Eligible students will be able to apply to work for up to 20 hours a week during term, instead of the current 15 hours.
  • Anyone undertaking a course of 12 months or more will be able to apply to work full-time over the summer holidays.
  • Partners of students studying in areas of absolute skill shortage and partners of all postgraduate students will be able to apply for an open work permit valid for the duration of the student’s course of study.

Many skilled people, students, and travellers plan to immigrate to New Zealand each year. You must fulfil the visa application formalities to get your visa sanctioned. Some visit New Zealand on a Student Visa, Work Visa, or Working Holiday visa. Visa applications must be filed accurately so that immigration authorities sanction the visas.

At Go To New Zealand, we have a dedicated team that helps international students to get valid Student visas or interns get a Work visas. If you answer our detailed visa assessment, you will be able to find out your chances to get your visa. As a part of our assessment package, we will call you to know more about you and your aspiration to immigrate to New Zealand.

Immigration New Zealand
Immigration New Zealand
Immigration New Zealand

New Zealand Permanent Residency

Today, New Zealand has made permanent residency hassle-free for high-skilled professionals. Although people come over on Working Holiday visa or Working visa, the options to move on to permanent residency is methodically and without unnecessary delay.

Every year a certain number of highly skilled workers are allowed to enter New Zealand and reside permanently as permanent residents. The following conditions must be fulfilled by the immigrants who want to get permanent residency in the country:

  • must be of good health and without any diseases as given in the Immigration Law.
  • must have a good character. Police clearance certificate must be enclosed with the application.
  • must have the ability to communicate in English. An English language test for foreign students must be passed and a certain point must be scored to get the clearance.


The other factors that help in granting visas to the highly skilled people include:

  • At least a 3-years professional degree or university education.
  • Certain point attained that depends not only on English language capability but also how easily the immigrant will be able to settle and get a viable job.


The need for experts are more in Auckland and Canterbury as they are the centre of retail trade, construction work, wholesale, transport and administrative services. Immigrants working in a Long Term Skill Shortage Occupation or an Immediate Skill Shortage Occupation would get a fair chance to stay in New Zealand under Skilled Migrant Residence category (SMC).