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English is the global language of communication and variety of language intuitions offer a variety of courses starting from beginner level, diversity of people who can say ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ and obtain a basic knowledge of the alphabet. So if you are an absolute beginner, who would like to take the first step in the English language learning experience and want to choose your favourite institution and get started on a new career path, contact us today! Language schools also provide private tuition which can be arranged at your own time.

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Our students come from all around the world to learn English at an English School in New Zealand. With its beautiful nature, cosmopolitan cities, ancient Maori traditions and outdoor lifestyle, New Zealand is a wonderful place to study English! Study with AA Education Network in New Zealand, one of the world’s most popular destinations to learn English.

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We are a team of professional counsellors for accredited English language institutes in NZ providing reliable and independent advice about English language studies to suit all needs.

English Courses in New Zealand

Study an English Course in New Zealand – New Zealand offers a wide range of English course options to chose from. Also provided is a general overview of the tuition fees. Additional costs may include, application fees, course materials etc. Occasionally we may have special prices and offers that reduce tuition fees by up to 50%. To get the best deal contact us and we will help you!

English Tests in New Zealand

Content: This is the second level of Cambridge examinations. A pass will show that you have developed the language skills for everyday life as well as work situations.

Level: Intermediate

  1. Studies: Reading – understanding of general notices, signs and brochures, aswell as important instructions which you may encounter.
  2. Writing – You will learn to complete forms, write letters, give information, report and describe events and situations and express opinions.
  3. Listening – Beable to listen to conversations and public announcements.
  4. English – Improved Grammar and Accuracy.
  5. Vocabulary – Will be dramatically increased.

Content: Upper – Intermediate English level and the most commonly undertaken course. Will help your prospects ofemployment in areas such as banking, airlines, catering etc.

Entry: You will undertake an entrance test on arrival.

Level: Upper Intermediate


Use of English: Improved grammar, vocabulary, idioms and expressions.

Writing: Letters, articles, reports, compositions and narratives.

Listening: Extracts, Monologues and announcements.

      Speaking: Pronunciation and helping to develops your spoken accuracy and fluency.

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Content: A more advanced course for social, work and study purposes.

Level: Advanced English

Entry: You will need to undertake an entrance test on arrival.

Study: A higher level of FCE (First Certificate in English)

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English

Content: The highest level course that Cambridge has to offer. It will help you to develops a high level of competency speaking English for work, study and social purposes.

Level: Upper Advanced.

Entry: You will be required to undertake an entrance test on arrival.

Studies: CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) only on a higher level.


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Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)

This is an English Language Test designed for those of non-English speaking backgrounds. This test will measure how well someone will do in a business, commerce and industry environment.

The test is a two-hour multiple-choice test of 200 questions with two sections of listening and reading.

The test is available at Level 3 and Level 6 for those who have completed General English and for those who are more advanced.

The Level 3 test will give you a progression score while passing the Level 6 test will leave you with a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language – TESOL

This test will provide you with the knowledge and skills to teach the English Language around the world. Sometimes also referred to as TEFL course.

Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults – CELTA 

This test provides you with an internationally recognized qualification which will enable you to work with institutes teaching English to international adults around the world.

English Course New Zealand

English for Studies in New Zealand

Students coming from non-English speaking background must certify a level of expertise in English language. The English testing exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL, and similar tests provide scores as per student’s competency in the language. Students must know how to express, read, communicate, as well as write in English.

Getting the Ideal English Language Standard Required for you Studies in New Zealand

To study in New Zealand, students must attain a certain level in the English language. Tertiary education is not possible if the student cannot express well in English – whether written or verbal. For international students, a standard has been fixed through a series of tests. Once, a score is attained the student is eligible to study tertiary education in any of the educational institutions in New Zealand.

English Testing Standards
There are two main tests recognized globally that assess the standard of English of a student. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Test for Students (IELTS) offers tests to find out the standard of an international student in the English language. Once done, scores are given out on the performance of the test.

A score of 6.5 in IELTS and a score of 80 in TOEFL is required for admission to colleges in New Zealand. Although the score for admission to a college in New Zealand defers from one college to another, an overall band of 6 to 6.5 in IELTS would be necessary for studying in a college while 6.5 to 7.5 score would be needed to study tertiary education in a university.

Attaining English Proficiency
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests English proficiency of a student from non-English speaking country. The test can be an Academic test where students intending to study further in New Zealand need to attend. On the other hand, General training test is applicable to those international students who want to gain work experience, attend a training program, or study at a secondary school.

Getting apt IELTS score is important for students to study in New Zealand. To take up a pre-degree course, students must attain an IELTS (Academic) score of 5.5 with no subtest less than 5.0. For an undergraduate course, students must acquire an IELTS (Academic) score of 6.0 with no sub-test less than 5.5. Corresponding marks must be attained in Internet-based-TOEFL as well.

The parameters are different for different candidates. For instance, those looking for permanent residency, require 6.5 IELTS score. To study at a New Zealand university, students must have an Academic IELTS score, 7.5. Students who work part-time must also attain a level in IELTS. For instance, if they work for 20 hours per week while studying a course of duration of at least 6 months, the students must attain IELTS 5. The students appearing for IELTS exam are judged on their ability to listen, write, read, speak, and English. There are other benchmark tests as well along with IELTS, such as TOEFL, FCE, and CAE.

Other Standards to Spot English Efficiency
The colleges also accept NCEA credits in English subject. There may be situations where a foreigner on a Working Visa has family members who are not savvy in the English language. For partners or children of 16 years or more who have poor knowledge in the language, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) tuition is organized. Finally, a test must be answered to show the efficacy in the language.

Don’t think that failing to score the required points in the English testing examination would mean the end of your dream of studying in colleges in New Zealand. A bridge course is often the solution to enhance one’s ability in the English language. The Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) offers tertiary education in international students in various fields, such as aquaculture, cookery and hospitality, winery, maritime activities, and many more subjects. However, efficiency in the English language is a must. It also offers courses on various English learning capabilities for students to bridge up the gap. There is Certificate in English as an Additional Language for Level 3, Certificate in Tertiary Study for Level 4, and Short Courses – English Language Non-Certificate Courses. The short courses are few months’ courses to help the student improve their IELTS score and Cambridge ESOL tests.

There are other English language courses dedicated to training international students to learn the language for admission to university or successfully achieving the ESOL standard.

So, you must have the relevant score in English to study at a college in New Zealand. If you don’t, you can still give 3-to-4 months of your precious time to bridge the gap in learning. Efficient programs help international students to develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening power in the English language. Care is also taken to ensure the student attains at least the expected standard in vocabulary and grammar.

English Support for International Students in NZ

Even for students who come from non-English speaking countries, there are English courses offered by top institutes in New Zealand to help them attain the expected standard in the language.

New Zealand’s Friendly Atmosphere and Prompt Help to Foreign Students make English Learning a Success

Students from various countries study abroad in New Zealand to make a head start in their career. Industrial growth, positive attitude towards foreigners, and excellent educational providers have made Napier a popular spot for international students.

Top institutes invite students to learn English, sit for various English testing exams, and help them to study or work further. Students must have a certain level of fluency in English to study at an institute in New Zealand, attend a job interview successfully to work.

English Language Support
New Zealand institutes have dedicated cells to support international students who want to work on their English language proficiency before studying a particular curriculum in the institute. For instance, English language support class is one. Academic advisers are also available in the panel to especially help students to work on presentations, projects, writing assignments, and dissertation works that involve English.

English as a Foreign Language
English preparatory classes are conducted by many institutes in New Zealand to prepare international students who are weak in English but academically well-off. Many of these students with an offer letter to study at top institutes enrol to these classes as they don’t have required English qualifying marks. These pre-session courses range from 4-to-12 weeks.

Some programs allow students to acquire credit points to study further at universities. Those students who have taken up hospitality and tourism programs or programs that deal with customers are given in-session language support. The students are asked to attend workshops, one-to-one sessions, and discussion and presentation tutorials.

Napier offers many part-time jobs to students or those on a Working Holiday visa. English learning is not limited to classroom learning only but also learnt on-the-job. Write to us for details if you want to want to learn English or sit for English testing exams.

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Our student agency provides a comprehensive program of courses for all students of all levels of ability, focusing on improving English speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. Our Learn English in New Zealand Program has a communicative skills-based approach to all its English courses. This encourages the student to interact with other students, their teachers and local Kiwis to improve your English in real-life situations.

Today, many cities and urban spots in New Zealand, such as Canterbury offer language institutes to help students hone their English language fluency. Some offer curriculum to take up English as a professional degree as well. Top programs would include courses to prepare fluency in English, journalism, mass communication, English as a research curriculum, and English for teachers. Find out more on our English Schools New Zealand page.

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