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The New Zealand student visa will allow you to study in New Zealand for a period of up to 4 years. To be eligible for an New Zealand student visa you need to be full-time enrolled into educational courses in New Zealand. Contact us and get advice on how to apply for your New Zealand student visa!

New Zealand Student Visa - Student Visa New Zealand

Student Visa New Zealand

To enter New Zealand you will be required to obtain a visa or permit, these are available through application via Immigration New Zealand also known as the Department of Labour. Immigration New Zealand has branches located all over the world.

Studying in New Zealand as a Visitor

If you are studying a course in New Zealand that goes for a period of 3 months or less then you will not require a student permit. How ever if the course extends this period of time it will be required that the student applies for a student permit.

Going to New Zealand to Study

Unless your home country has an agreement with New Zealand, then international students wishing to study in New Zealand for 3 months or longer full time will need to apply for a student visa as well as a student permit.

Types of Student Visas for New Zealand

You can find out about the different visas on offer, here.

Application Requirements

As a visa requirement students will need to be enrolled in an approved course at an accredited institution.

Applications will need:

Your Student Visa application will require students to provide a passport size photograph of themselves, payment of a application fee (this is non refundable), a letter proving an offer at a accredited institute (this letter must include information stating your acceptance, course name, course duration and course fee requirements), proof of payment, an institute representative must provide written guarantee that the student will have accommodation whilst in New Zealand, evidence of sufficient funds (living costs) so that the student will be able to support themselves during their stay and a return plane ticket to their home country.

Valid Passport

After a student visa application is approved, it is required that the student has a valid passport which will not expire for up to 3 months after the commencement of their course.

Medical Checks

For those studying courses which run longer then 24 months and medical certificate and x-rays must be provided which are less then 3 months old. Visa requirements also state that a person over the age of 17 must provide a valid police certificate as well.

Screening for Tuberculosis

If a person has never provided a medical screening test to Immigration New Zealand, if they do not have a passport stating they are from a low risk TB country or if they have spent more then 3 months in a country of high risk TB. It is required that the visa applicant be screened for Tuberculosis if they intend to stay in New Zealand for 6 months of longer. These rules do not apply to pregnant women or children aged 12 years or younger.

What you should do

It is important that when submitting your visa application all required documents are included. This includes all x-rays and medical certificates. When submitting the application include a copy of the Temporary Entry X-ray Certificate as well as the Chest X-ray Plate.

Please check INZ’s website for the most up-to-date information, at


orking While You Study

International Students have recently started coming to New Zealand for their studies or interest in working while study with programs available that assist students in earning financial funding through a part time work program. Where students can earn money while studying in New Zealand, which can help in tuition and other expenses due to the New Zealand academic world being vibrant and increasingly internationally oriented.

Eligible college or university students can join work programs through their college where many different types of jobs are available for students, Students should be assured of receiving minimal federal wage for the duration of their employment which allows students to earn money to help pay education expenses or personal expenses such as travel where you can explore the beautiful natural environment with excellent educational programmes. So why wait any longer to start studying in New Zealand and working while you gain knowledge and experience. While you are an international student in New Zealand you can travel, earn and explore.  New Zealand is home to international students from diverse backgrounds but there’s immigration laws that prevent international students from studying at a private provider that has not been registered or taking up a course that do not have the approval of NZQ.

Visas or permits are not required if you are New Zealand Citizen or you hold a New Zealand residence permit or Australian Citizen or Australian resident who holds a current permanent resident return visa or if your course runs for less then three months, students can also apply for a visitors visa but please be advised that you must ensure that your course is approved by the New Zealand Authorities.

Who requires a Visa

Depending on the nationality or the length of study for the student to know whether he or she needs a visitor or student visa, please check with the Immigration department for fully detailed information pack.

If staying 90 days or less and/or studying one course, citizens or residents of the following countries may not require a visa to enter New Zealand, countries not listed bellow will need to apply for Visa to enter New Zealand.

Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Saudi, Japan, San Marino, Italy Qatar, Israel, Portugal, Ireland, Arabia, Africa, Belgium, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Kiribati, Slovenia, Brunei, Kuwait, South Africa, Nuru, USA, Hong Kong, Norway, Vatican City, Hungary Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Iceland, Oman, Malta Tuvalu, France, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Monaco Uruguay, Greece, Canada, Liechtenstein, Spain, Chile, Luxemburg, Sweden, Denmark, Malasia, Switzerland, Finland.

Eligible students should check with New Zealand Authorities if student visa or permit may be required if staying longer then 90 days. Visitors Permit may be granted to British citizens and/or British passport holders who have the right to live permanently in United Kingdom which will be valid for up to six months on arrival. To obtain a student visa applicants must be a genuine student and meet the basic health and good character requirements for temporary entry with offer of a place of study with an approved education provider and have paid course fees and guarantee of accommodation.

Eligible Students must provide:

  • completed work permit application form and fee
  • evidence of completed course, with minimum completion time frame of three years or a qualification that would qualify for points under our Skilled Migrant Category.
  • Evidence of job offer which is relevant to your qualification.
  • Passport valid for 3 months beyond the scheduled date of departure from New Zealand.
  • Sufficient money for self support
  • Valid ticket to exit New Zealand

Character requirements may need to be provided if studying more then two years, where police certificate will need to be provided that is less then six months old and from any country in which you have lived in for five or more years since reaching 17 years of age. Make sure you have signed and completed the application form as requested, with required information, otherwise the Immigration department will not accept it for processing. If you are applying from outside of New Zealand make shore your application is fully approved before you travel to New Zealand and if Students need to renew their permit to complete chosen course of study, they still need to go through the application process.

The maximum period to remain in New Zealand is 9 months within an 18 month period, but holders of a student visa and/or permit are entitled to study at the proposed education institution for the length of time specified on the visa, where student permit may be granted for the length of the course of study where all fees have been paid with a maximum of four years, visitors not requiring visas are initially allowed a stay for up to 3 months, after which they can apply in New Zealand for an extension of up to 9 months. All student visas are endorsed as multiple entry during the life of the visa.

Medical examination: 
Students will need to compete a medical examination and medical X-ray certificate if studying for more than one year period.

Vary depending on nationality, please check with the Immigration department for more information.

Refused Visa or Permit:

  • If you don’t meet the entry requirements.
  • You are not a genuine applicant for a study visa or permit
  • If you are a person to whom section 7 of the Immigration Act 1987 applies and you do not have an exemption.

Permit or Visa can be revoked if students don’t undertake a particular course of study at specified institution, where failure to do this may constitute a breach of the permit conditions in which case the permit may be revoked. Educational institutions wishing to report students who have breached these conditions can do so. The main purpose of Student Visa or Permit is to allow international students to study full time and work while studying were limitations may apply such as your course of study must require you to be in New Zealand for more than one year where you also may take up employment.

  • You may require work experience from a particular course.
  • Support yourself during the holiday seasons, such as Christmas, New year holidays.
  • You may be able to be eligible for a Work Permit once you have successfully completed your course, if that course took at least three years to complete.

The study permit or Visa means you can study in New Zealand for a period of time in institution as a full time student where in most cases you will be issued a one year renewable permit. This may allow you to undertake part time study and limited opportunity to work while study

Once you are eligible you may get a Work Permit for up to two years following the completion of your course so that you can gain work experience in your area of interests, but work experience must be related to your qualification.

Part time Study and work

  • Final semester of study, resulting in a qualification that would qualify you for points under the Skilled Migrant Category.
  • Nine months of study and meats New Zealand foreign student policy requirements, paid fees in full and meet the INZ visitor requirements.
  • You may only do part time study if you will be studying for at least 3 years and the course requires you to do work experience as part of your study.

Please contact the Embassy for information on what documentation you may require to enter New Zealand or for the complete rules on working under a Student Visa check the Immigration New Zealand website.

New Zealand Internship

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For more information, please contact our registered Work New Zealand advisers!

About the New Zealand Student Visa

The Student Visa can be applied for through Immigration New Zealand, any student studying full time in an approved and accredited course must apply for a Student Visa

About the New Zealand Student Visa

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New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

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New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

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New Zealand Student Visa Requirements
New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

Student Visa for Primary or Secondary Students

The New Zealand government offers student visa's for both Primary and Secondary school students, in order to apply for one of these visa's you must have gained acceptance into a New Zealand High School and have the evidence to back it up. This documentation must be included in your visa application.

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New Zealand Student Visa Work Rights

New Zealand Student Visa holders are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during all scheduled holidays and/or during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Working on a New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand Work Visa formalities and criteria for foreign students are mentioned in this page. Check how much time you can work part-time while studying. If you have a Student Visa, you may be able to work part-time and full-time during holidays.

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