New Zealand Permanent Residency

New Zealand welcomes immigrants who wish to settle permanently. However, the permanent resident must be able to contribute positively to the country’s economy in general. Family visa holders are also given rights to settle in New Zealand.

Residence Visa is Allotted to Certain Types of Visa Holders so that they can Reside Permanently in New Zealand
Residence Visa is a long term visa given to individuals who wish to stay, work or study for unlimited time in New Zealand. Many who invest funds in business, set up a business that gives rise to jobs, or fill up vacant jobs that require skilled people are eligible to get this visa. New Zealand also sanctions Residence Visa to family members of a permanent resident.

Residence Visa: What it is?
This long term visa gives the holder many rights, such as:

  • Live, work, or study permanently and as long as the holder wants in New Zealand.
  • Vote as a native citizen
  • Access government sponsored healthcare facilities and education
  • Study in New Zealand institutes as a domestic student – no fees are required to be paid

What are the Conditions to Get the Visa?
Ideally, the visa applicant must:

  • Secure high points in educational qualifications, skill-sets, and work experience.
  • Furnish health and character certificate as asked by the immigration authorities.
  • Score a certain point in English benchmarking tests, such as IELTS etc.
  • Provide proof of evidence regarding financial stability

However, there are ways which certain other visa holders can secure Residence Visa even without fulfilling the aforesaid conditions.

Pathways to Residence Visa
Students can take up Graduate Work Experience Visa for 2-3 years and then, apply for Work Visa under skilled migrant category. Once visa holders work under this Work Visa, he or she can soon become eligible for Residence Visa.

Business Visa holders, who set up a business or invest in a business plan, can apply for Residence Visa after few years – 2 years to 4 years depending on the type of Business Visa.

Family Visa holders can apply for permanent residency after they are either sponsored by the permanent resident or have the eligibility to work in New Zealand under skilled migrant category.

Work to Residence Visa holders can also apply for Residence Visa if they work for 24 to 30 months in New Zealand. Meritorious students with an excellent talent in sports or arts are selected for permanent residency.

Permanent Resident Visa
The Permanent Resident Visa is little different from Residence Visa. After you successfully complete 24 months as Residence Visa holder and shown commitments for New Zealand in some specific ways as asked by the immigration authorities, you can be eligible for Permanent Resident Visa.

One of the differences between the two long term visas is that you can travel unlimited times in Permanent Residence Visa while once in 24 months in Residence Visa.

Contact New Zealand Immigration Concepts agents for information and application procedure of New Zealand Residence Visa and Permanent Residence Visa.