High School New Zealand

Study Abroad at a High School in New Zealand

Would you like to study at a high school in New Zealand for a few months or a whole school year and experience New Zealand life by living with a host family or at a boarding school?

We will help you with the entire organization of your high school stay in New Zealand for free including advice on choosing a suitable high school, fees and funding, Subjects, leisure activities, accommodation with a New Zealand host family or boarding school…

A high school abroad in New Zealand not only improves your English but also extends your horizons and promotes self-reliance.

High schools in New Zealand are fun and offer many exciting programs. Untouched natural beauty, picnic spots, and cultural entertainments ensure that students enjoy learning differently and also have fun during their holidays.
New Zealand High Schools have welcomed international students from Brazil, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam which have immeasurably enriched the cultural life of the NZ High School community.

Various summer camps are organized by high schools in New Zealand where students learn Maori culture as well as get a fulfilling holiday in the bargain. International students too, get to learn more about the Kiwi culture through cultural exchange programs, which are done primarily during summer vacations.

Our GotoNewZealand team at AA Education Network has been helping high schoolers for over 15 years apply to study at a High School in New Zealand.

Our registered consultants help to find a suitable high school in New Zealand. Our New Zealand High School Advisors are always in touch with New Zealand High Schools. We offer all types of High School New Zealand programs such as study abroad programs which range from 3 months, 6months and 12 months to the High School New Zealand Program for several school years with a certificate.

There are many free services and advatages we provide including:

  • Detailed advice about New Zealand’s school system through AA Education Network
  • Recommendation and suggestion to choose a suitable high school and subjects
  • Liaison with high schools in New Zealand to discuss possible placements, subjects and questions regarding your application and stay (if necessary)
  • Provision of all necessary application forms and support to apply for a high school placement
  • Check of all documents and submission of your correct application
  • Organisation of stay at a New Zealand family who will act as your guardian (you have your own room including meals while you stay in New Zealand)
  • Comprehensive Student visa application support including provision of all necessary documents
  • Information helping you to organise convenient flights to and from New Zealand (if required)
  • Information and support to help you get set-up in New Zealand (Health Insurance etc.)
  • On-Arrival Service (air port pickup an transport to your accommodation) (if required)
  • Emergency Phone Number
  • Pastoral Care through International Department of school and local contact person
  • Continuous contact to parents through AA Education Network while student is studying at high school
  • Certificate about your high school year
  • Dedicated personal contact during your stay in New Zealand

High School New Zealand

Why a High School in New Zealand

New Zealand High Schools Rank Among the Best

New Zealand High Schools rank among the top nations in terms of education in the western hemisphere.

Lots of Activities & Adventure Programs

New Zealand High Schools offer many activities, sports, subjects and outdoor adventures to choose from

High Quality Education Assurance

High School New Zealand students are offered quality assurance in the form of pastoral care as imbedded by the Code of Practice, supported by the NZ Government

High School New Zealand
High School New Zealand
High School New Zealand
High School Abroad New Zealand
High School Abroad New Zealand
High School Abroad New Zealand

FAQ’s about a high school abroad in New Zealand

There is no difference between these names. They all refer to the same type of institution – a secondary school offering classes from Year 9 to Year 13. Students graduate from Year 13 and proceed to study at tertiary institutions.


Most schools will have a uniform code which is likely to include the wearing of a standard school uniform up until Year 13. An increasingly large number of schools have a different school uniform or allow acceptable casual clothing in senior school. A small number of schools have a no uniform policy and all students at these schools can wear casual clothing although there are still dress regulations.


It is not necessary to have a good level of English to enter secondary school however some schools do require this. In this situation a student can attend an English School for a few months prior to entering the secondary school or alternatively AA Education Network will place the student in a school which has additional English learning resources so that students can improve their English within the school before attending mainstream classes.


AA Education Network only acts for secondary schools which have high standards of academic tuition and care and administration of international students. Our experience has confirmed that students achieve best while they are at secondary school if they are in a properly administered homestay or boarding situation. When a student has completed secondary school they are able to select whatever accommodation option meets with their personal wishes.


In this situation you have several options. Firstly you could repeat Year 13 at secondary school and hopefully pass the course. Alternatively you could enrol in a Foundation Studies course at one if the Universities in New Zealand to prepare students for entry to University. You still need to have an acceptable English level and pass the course before you will be admitted to University. Foundation Studies Courses are for approximately one year. Another option is to enrol in a Certificate or Diploma programme at a Polytechnic and pass this Certificate or Diploma then get entry into the Degree programme which follows.


It should be no problem for parents to apply for a visitor visa and to visit their children in New Zealand providing they meet normal visitor visa policy requirements.


The first step is to select a high school and then make an enrolment application for that high school. The easiest and quickest way is to us and AA Education Network will locate a suitable school and subjects to meet your requirements.