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  • Are you aged between 18 and 30?
  • Do you like children?
  • Do you have an Intermediate level of English or above?

Demi-Pairs study English in the morning and spend approximately 20 hours per week caring fot the children in a Host Family and doing housework.

There is a choice of either a 12-week or 24-week programme and also a range of different study options and course lengths, depending on each student's needs or interests.

Students can attend General English classes, which begin on any Monday of the year, or they can attend any of the exam courses listed below. Please note that entry to some courses may be restricted by English level.

  • Cambridge FCE/CAE/CPE
  • IELTS, General English: Continuous Enrolment
  • TOEIC, TOEFL: On request

If you need any further information about our courses, programmes and school activities please feel free to contact us.

Want to become a Demi Pair in New Zealand?

Demi Pair New ZealandREQUIREMENTS

  1. Minimum age: 18 years old
  2. English level: Intermediate or higher
  3. Working Holiday Visa or Student Visa
  4. Applications for the Demi-Pair Programme should reach us at least 3 months before the student arrives.


  1. Pick-up from the airport and transport to Host Family
  2. Full English Needs Analysis and Placement Test upon arrival
  3. English tuition in New Zealand's top language school - 15 hours per week
  4. Full Uni-Care
  5. Medical and Travel Insurance for the duration of the study programme NZ
  6. Vodaphone Sim Card for GSM Mobile Phone for the full length of the Demi-Pair's stay (NZ$ 50.00 refundable bond payable upon arrival)
  7. Advice and assistance with tax requirements relevant to the Demi-Pair's status as an IR56 worker + pocket money
  8. Free accommodation and much more!


At the moment, New Zealand based families would love to welcome a Demi-Pair. Please ask for more details!

Demi Pair New Zealand


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Demi Pair in New Zealand

Get a job in New Zealand along with the facility for food and accommodation, that too without a professional degree and much experience. Yes, it’s possible with New Zealand Demi Pair jobs. Start today.

New Zealand Demi Pair Testimonial

Colette P. (20 years); Calais - France/Demi -Pair student at The Campbell Institute

Hi my name is Colette, I am 20 years old and I come from France. For the last 3 months I have been part of the Demi-Pair Programme of The Campbell Institute.

That means I am studying English part-time in the mornings and taking care of children in the afternoon.

My English studies run from 9 am to 12 pm it was just excellent - you are part of an international class, so you are able to discover new cultures while studying.

And the method of teaching is all in games and fun, without fail you are going to create special links with your class mates.

As an Au Pair, I am living with a marvellous kiwi family, Julian and Helen - the parents always ready to help and their three children Jacob (3), Piata (6) and Rubie (9).

Do not be afraid of taking care of children, it is sometimes tough but they will give you so much laugh it makes you progress a lot. To finish I would say that it is an extremely rich experience. You learn a lot about this new culture but also about yourself. My advice, don't wait fill out an application now and be part of a programme which allows you studying and working at the same time.

Colette was a Demi-Pair from March 08 till August 08, during which time she also helped her family to renovate their house! She has shown us that you can easily manage to work while studying. The Campbell Institute says thanks to her for being a excellent student and great friend to her classmates, demi-pair children and family.

Demi Pair New Zealand


Introduction, 24 weeks packaged programme:

For those who want to earn some money with part-time childcare as well as enhance their English language proficiency, the Demi Pair Club Programme that the institute offers is a great opportunity. In addition to learning English and earning money, you will get to know New Zealand on a deeper level than the average traveller.


12 weeks duration of morning only English tuition (either General English or English Exam Preparation course such as CAE, FCE or TOEFL if the timing is right) with Demi Pair Homestay accommodation for 12 weeks or 24 weeks arranged by the institute.

At the Demi Pair Host Family, students look after young children and assist the host family by doing some household work (maximum 20 hours per week). In exchange, students get free room and board with three meals a day as well as NZ$90 per week pocket money. If the Demi Pair Host Family lives some distance from the school the family also assists with transport costs to and from the school. During the Demi Pair stay, students will receive our Demi Pair Club Support Services (DPCSS).

Club Membership is open to those who:

  1. Are in between 18 and 30 years of age (inclusive)
  2. Have reached an intermediate level of English
  3. Sign up for a 12 week English course
  4. Have 2 childcare references
  5. Have been granted a Working Holiday Visa before they sign up for the Club
  6. Have proof of a valid health insurance covering New Zealand and have proof of sufficient funds for their stay in New Zealand

Programme Starting dates:

There are 4 intakes per year (January, March, June and September) Exact start dates depend upon the English course the Demi Pair wishes to enrol in. In some cases we may be able to accept enrolments outside of the usual intake dates. Please contact the institute to discuss a suitable arrival date.

English course

The overall 15 hours of English lessons per week, are spread evenly from Monday to Friday (a.m. only). With the help of the lessons, students systematically enhance their English and settling in to life in New Zealand is made easier.

Part time childcare

The institute arranges a Demi Pair host family for each participant.
Every student helps 15-20 hours a week with childcare and easy housework in their host family. Accommodation and food are for free and the Demi Pairs receive NZD 90 of pocket money weekly. (This is paid in part by the institute and in part by the host family)


As part of the Demi Pair club programme all Demi Pairs are entitled to three free trips (valued at approx $320.00) and 9 free trips into Wellington. Demi-Pairs will have a choice of trips to choose from.

Examples of trips are:

Surfing – 3 hours learning to surf with a qualified instructor
Shannon trip – an 8 hour trip up the side of the North Island to see native wildlife including kiwis, tuataras, owls, cattle, glow worms and eels.
Waiarapa trip – a 6 hour trip to try out some NZ wines and chocolates. Also see a paua shell factory and Early Settlers Museum.
High ropes course – 4 hours of adventure based training on 10 metre high poles and ropes. Climb to the top and jump off.

Documents required:

  1. A completed application form
  2. A signed programme conditions agreement.
  3. 2 Child care references.
  4. A copy of Travel/medical insurance policy.
  5. Self introduction letter to the host family and photo collage.
  6. 2 passport size photos
  7. A police clearance and medical clearance from the Demi Pairs home country
  8. Demi Pair & host family agreement (this document will be forwarded to students agent as soon as the applicants commitment to the programme is confirmed and a suitable family is found)

Demi Pair-Club Support package:

Our programme Coordinator offers an extensive support package, including some for the whole stay in NZ (up to 12 months).

  1. Arrangement of a Demi Pair host family for each student
  2. Free Airport pick-up and orientation meeting
  3. Ongoing assistance and support (for example help in sorting out misunderstanding and expectation differences, booking of tours or trips in NZ, etc)
  4. We will be available as an emergency contact for family and friends, throughout the whole length of stay in New Zealand (up to a year).
  5. We can safely store the students personal belongings and mail, even when the student travels in NZ (conditions apply)

To have a successful Demi Pair experience, the applicant must:

  1. have a genuine love of children and desire to care for them.
  2. desire to be included as a member of the family and not as a guest or boarder.
  3. be flexible, be able to accept cultural differences and a different way of life and be able
  4. to sue the experience as a way of learning about another culture.
  5. ensure there is open and honest communication between the Demi Pair and the family.
  6. be committed to ensuring that the Demi Pair experience is successful for both the family and the Demi Pair.

Price information

Registration Fee, English Tuition (12 weeks), Activities, Demi Pair placement included. Exam fee is not included.
12 wks General or Exam Eng. Prog, Total duration 12 wks: NZ$ 3,640.00
12 wks Gene or Exam Prep Prog, Total duration 24wks: NZ$ 4,720.00

Apply now!

Demi Pair NZ

Demi Pair intake dates

Jan intake:

5 Jan – 27 March (12 weeks)

5 Jan to 19 June (24 weeks)

Courses offered:

FCE 9 weeks (4 hours per day) 12 Jan to 13 March. Exam 13 – 14 March

CAE 9 weeks (4 hours per day) 12 Jan to 13 March. Exam 13 – 14 March

TOEFL 8 Weeks.  Date to be confirmed but will start mid Jan.

March intake:

22 March – 12 June (12 weeks)

22 March – 4 September (24 weeks)

Courses offered:

FCE 12 weeks 22 March to 12 June. Exam 12 – 15 June

CAE 12 weeks 22 March to 12 June. Exam 12 – 15 June

TOEFL  8 weeks

June intake:

21 June – 11 September (12 Weeks)

21 June – 4 Dec (24 weeks)

Courses offered:

TOEFL 8 weeks

September intake:

13 September – 4 December (12 weeks)

13 September  - 26 February (24 weeks)

Courses offered:

FCE 12 weeks 13 Sept to 4 Dec. Exam 7 – 10 Dec

CAE 12 weeks 13 Sept to 4 Dec. Exam 7 – 10 Dec

TOEFL 8 weeks

The Maori culture courses are from 2 to 13 Feb and from 22 June to 3 July.  The first course is a little later than usual due to Waitangi day and we have decided to try moving the July course forward a bit to run during Matariki (Maori New Year) so students can take part in all the celebrations.

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