Vocational Education and Training New Zealand

Study as International Student at Private Training Establishments in New Zealand (PTE’s)

There are over 700 private training establishments in New Zealand that have on offer faculty-specific programs like travel, tourism, business or design. All courses in New Zealand have to be recognized by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) seeks to ensure that New Zealand qualifications are accepted as credible and robust, nationally and internationally. Many international students will be able to stay in New Zealand for up to 12 months upon the completion of their studies. This sets out an easier pathway for students to gain residence.

Popular Courses

  • Food, Tourism & Hospitality
    These industries are forever growing and the right training can provide you with incredible opportunities to work anywhere in the world
  • Business & Information Technology
    Technology and business practices are further developing everyday. Get the right training and you could be working in top jobs across the world.
  • Building & Construction
    Construction is a very large employing industry and careers in this field are well paid. Get the right training and get on the tools!

Why Study a Vocation Course in New Zealand?

With lower living costs and enhanced employment opportunities available, the lifestyle of international students in New Zealand is left stress-free to enjoy the great outdoor experience in one of the most treasured lands on earth and more importantly, concentrate on their education and maintain focus on their goals. There are many advantages given to students in a multicultural hub of the Southern Hemisphere. The global education market is forever expanded outwardly and the demand for services to cater to a mobile plethora of students and staff. In an attempt to harness its share of this marketplace, The New Zealand education system has introduced a comprehensive range of new initiatives for international students who wish for New Zealand to be the choice of place in which to study.
Continue reading With over seven hundred providers from the private sector, students can take full advantage of plenty of study options. Full-time international students enrolled in a course for more than one year are entitled to work during the holiday breaks in full-time employment and a maximum of 20 hours per week during the term. For international post-graduates who studied in New Zealand, access to a six-month employment permit and extra points for a permanent residence visa in the general skills category of their application is a given. Also, spousal partners of students studying in remote areas of skill shortage may apply for a work permit, viable for the course duration.

How we can help

Find the right course and education provider

Our education agents help you find the right English course and a suitable English school. Wether you know what you want to study or are undecided. We can help you!

Preparation & Visa

We help you with your visa application, medical and travel insurance, opening a Zealand bank account, tax, finding accommodation… These are just some of the services that we offers!

Documents & Application

We will walk you through completing your application and lodge it for you. All you need to do if provide the necessary documents. As well as completion and submission, we can help with organising and certifying your documentation, arranging English proficiency tests and translations.

On Going Support

Once you arrive, we continue to be there for you. You can e-mail us at any time during your stay. We can help you, extend or renew your student visa, and also provide you with the necessary additional information like the conditions of your visa.

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Vocational Education and Training New Zealand
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Vocational Education and Training New Zealand