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New Zealand Working Holiday

New Zealand Working Holiday

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Visas and permits for working holidays

A working holiday scheme Work Visa or Permit allows you to holiday and work in New Zealand. If you're eligible, you can get a multiple entry Work Visa. This allows you to leave and return to New Zealand within the stay allowed by your visa.

The length of time you can work temporarily in New Zealand on a working holiday visa or permit varies between 6-12 months, depending on where you’re coming from.

Working Holiday New Zealand - Work Travel New ZealandWhile work and travel in New Zealand you can spend up to one incredible year living and working in New Zealand and stop off at some of the most exotic spots in the world on the way. The people of New Zealand are renowned for their friendliness and their interest in travel. The "overseas work experience" is a part of the Kiwi culture.

Many New Zealanders have spent time working abroad and love to welcome people to their country. If you wish to work in your specific field its worth contacting the appropriate New Zealand body before arrival for information and contacts. Take copies of your CV and presentation folder containing references and a cover letter about your travels and aims. Its worth taking your CV on floppy disk so contact details can be changed as you move and printed out in Internet Cafes.

Be prepared to do any working holiday New Zealand job!

  1. Work and Travel New Zealand /Backpacker jobs are mainly in hospitality, catering, farm/fruit packaging, processing and factory work
  2. Office work can be obtained mainly through employment agencies in the major cities such as Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  3. Bar/Hospitality experience is worth getting before you leave
  4. A P licence to drive buses/coaches is also a good asset so you can drive tourist shuttles/buses

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

You may be eligible to get a working holiday scheme Work Visa or Permit if:

  1. you’re from a country that has a working holiday scheme agreement with New Zealand and
  2. you’re aged over 18 and under 30 years and
  3. are not bringing children with you haven't been in New Zealand under a working holiday scheme before
  4. you have enough funds to purchase a return ticket.

You’ll only be able to get a visa or permit if there are places available and you meet the scheme requirements.

You’ll need to pay a fee when you apply for a working holiday scheme Work Visa or Permit.

If you want to change the length of time you can stay or, for example, you want to take up permanent employment, you can apply for another permit option:

  1. student
  2. long term temporary worker
Working Holiday New Zealand Experiences

Working Holiday New Zealand Experiences

Working Holiday New Zealand - Jobs

New Zealand Working Holiday - Volunteer

Volunteer Jobs in New Zealand - Working Holiday New Zealand

The main volunteer course is for conservation volunteer. Under this course volunteers come to school either full time or part time for at least 4 weeks and then travel to another part of NZ to do volunteer work on one of NZ's conservation projects.

Volunteers have to commit to at least 2 weeks on a project but most do 1 or 2 months.

While on the project you can expect to work for between 4 and 6 hours a day. Most of the work is outside so you need to be fit. You may be clearing scrub, collecting seeds, planting out seedlings, taking sightings of birds, fencing, digging, maintaining walking tracks etc.

It is important that you know it can be hard, boring work but the views are amazing and we have not yet had a volunteer that regretted going.

Accommodation and traveling costs

Most students usually stay in a homestay while they attend school.

Accommodation is free while on the project but you have to pay for your own food. You also need to pay for your own travel costs from Wellington to the project. Most projects are at the top of the North Island.

Working Holiday New Zealand - Jobs

Working Holiday New Zealand

Working Holiday New Zealand Volunteer Program

Application requirements and time:

You need:

  1. to complete the volunteers application form,
  2. send us a passport sized photo,
  3. covering letter stating how long you want to volunteer for and how many
    projects you want give additional information if you have any special requests (e.g. wants to do a project in the South Island, or wants to travel for 3 weeks after school and before starting the project etc).

All these will be needed at least 6-8 weeks before you arrive.

We STRONGLY recommend that you build travel time into your timetable somewhere as you will want to do it!

The school will try to get confirmation of a project before you leave your home country which will include a gear list to bring.

Gear List

Usually volunteers need to bring wet weather gear, a sleeping bag and strong hiking or work boots.

If you are due to be on a project over Christmas/New Year then you need to be prepared to travel during this time as most projects close for these two weeks (some stay open).


1) English Course:

Registration fee 
(at least) 4 weeks tuition fee - part time 
4 weeks tuition fee – full time 
homestay registration fee 

2) Volunteer Program

volunteer project arrangement fee 

Travel Work New Zealand Blog

Working Holiday New Zealand Blog

New Zealand Working Holiday - Travel Work New Zealand

Special Category Working Holiday Visa - Working Holiday New Zealand

There is plenty of short-term and casual work available and many employers prefer backpackers for such Travel Work New Zealand positions. New Zealand employers place a great deal of importance on previous work experience so past references are strongly recommended. Likewise, you should provide character references showing that you are responsible, hard-working and trustworthy. Several copies of a neatly printed résumé are essential.

Remember that the seasons are reversed in New Zealand. As you will probably be there for a year, you will have the chance to experience all four seasons down under. In practical terms, New Zealand students start their summer break in mid-November and are potential job competition. So, if you are going before Christmas, we recommend that you obtain your first job as soon as you can on arrival.

New Zealand has a thriving tourist industry and there are always employers in offices, hotels, shops and restaurants looking for seasonal help. Agricultural work is also plentiful. When you arrive, find out which crops are in season and how to find this type of work.

Travel Work New Zealand - Finding Work
Plan your internet job hunting strategy before you go. Think about how you can get one step ahead of the thousands of other young job hunters who arrive each year. Don’t limit your search to the main cities. If you have friends or relatives in New Zealand, write to them for advice. One of your school departments may already have an academic exchange to New Zealand. Research the many and varied tourist areas and work out how far in they are from Auckland. Talk to people who have already been to gain some inside knowledge.

Adopt a flexible “no worries” attitude about the type of work you are willing to do. Your main asset should be your willingness to take (or at least try) any kind of work, anywhere in New Zealand. You may, for instance, be prepared to follow the holiday/snow/crop seasons around the country. Combining short-term jobs wherever you happen to be with seeing New Zealand’s varied scenery is always popular.

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Working Holiday Schemes in New Zealand

Changes to Working Holidays Schemes - Working Holiday New Zealand

New Zealand announced some major changes to the working holiday schemes it has with a number of other countries. Working Holiday Schemes currently allow 31,000 young people from 22 countries to spend 12 months in New Zealand and undertake temporary work. The schemes contribute to positive outcomes for New Zealand by strengthening international linkages, providing a good source of skilled migrants and contributing to economy.

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The changes include:

  • increasing the overall number of working holidaymakers allowed into New Zealand
  • dividing an extra 10,000 places between the schemes for Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway and the USA
  • removing the cap (which means there will be no upper limit on the amount of places) for Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom
  • easing the work restrictions (no more than three months with any one employer) for Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and the USA
  • allowing  working holidaymakers from the United Kingdom to stay for up to 2 years (ie 23 months)