Wwoofing in New Zealand

Wwoofing in New Zealand is an opportunity for people to find out how an organic farm works and how well the inhabitants co-live at the farm. Travelers visiting New Zealand often choose this option to enjoy a working holiday.

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Wwoofing Provides Opportunities for Cost-Affective Accommodation

In New Zealand, agriculture is a predominant occupation which has given rise to farmlands, spacious farmstays, and World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (Wwoof) jobs. Today, the concept of Wwoofing has spread throughout the world and has also provided opportunities for job seekers and students to earn useful work experience. Many travelers in a bid to explore New Zealand and understand the ethos of the people living in this region go for Wwoofing.

Opportunities in Wwoofing

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The remarkable prospect for such organic job work is that the guests get free or modestly-priced accommodation, excellent hospitality from the host, free meals, and a perfect holiday as well. Today, Wwoofing is known internationally. It is possible for a traveler to get a membership of an organization which provides Wwoofing jobs and information. The traveler chooses a particular area, say New Zealand’s Coromandel region in North Island for Wwoofing. Workload is not very heavy as one has to work for 15-30 hours per week only. On an average, person may have to work for 4 hours per day.

Job Profile in a Wwoof Group
Wwoof enthusiasts get a call from the host – a farmer or the owner of a farmhouse – where he or she specifies the need for a Wwoof volunteer. The workplace is bucolic no doubt but tasks could range from milking a cow to sustainable farming and permaculture, weeding, or sorting fruits. Those having little more experience in carpentry or animal care could end up doing repair work of a woodshed, mustering cattle, cleaning, and cooking. Enterprising women often end up learning quad bike during such projects.

Although diverse, you can seek information on the tasks you are required to do prior to your joining the group. Generally, the duration for such jobs are for 3 weeks to 6 months and a little more. The experience is generally far more rewarding than what people would generally expect. For instance, Wwoofing at a vineyard could be fruit picking, sorting, and packaging in exchange for complimentary meals and free accommodation. During weekends, you could end up sailing with your host family – not to forget learning how wineries work in the process.

Wwoofery – Comfy Rural Accommodation

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Generally, Wwoofing jobs would offer free and relaxing accommodation for the night. It could range from anything, such as an ante room at your host’s house, yurts, old vans, and cabins. There are also hostels dedicated to the Wwoof members. You could expect private comfy arrangements. Useful accommodations are located at pristine farmlands – one such is the Lime Tree Lodge at Wanaka, where there are aromatic gardens of lavender and other scented flowers. The Big Blue house and Portview of Bluff Hill are some of the top accommodations for Wwoof members.

Mana Retreat at North Island offers animal husbandry jobs, landscaping and weeding. The members working here are also allowed to pursue meditation and spiritualism through yoga, aromatic therapy, and diet control. Though difficult for some, the ambience is superb with bush bath, saunas, meditation platforms, hammocks, and sweat lodge. You work on the organic farms and inculcate positive energy and vitality in your mind and body.

In short, New Zealand has untouched beauty and prosperous Wwoofing industry which allows travelers to stay comfortably at their host place and learn the ways of rustic life and the daily chores of the countryside.