Homestay in New Zealand

Homestay for International High School Students in New Zealand

Many New Zealand high schools and other educational institutes offer a Homestay program for their international students.

A Homestay is where you are placed in the home and care of a New Zealand government-approved family. Here you will live and eat with the family. Providing a more homely and supportive environment for someone who may be having their first time out of their country or even outside of their family unit.

The New Zealand government understands that leaving to study in a new country is a daunting experience and that everything possible should be done to ensure that you are cared for in a secure and caring environment.

There is no more caring environment than a family home, making it the ideal place for you to live whilst in New Zealand.

Private and Government schools of the option of Home Stay. Making for a more enticing option for both families involved and the students.

New Zealand is an exciting place to visit with so much to do and see. Imagine how much you would see whilst living with the locals as well as going to school with local children.

New Zealand offers amazing scenery, from mountain ranges, ski fields, beaches and beautiful towns. Here you can go mountain biking, surfing, skiing, snowboarding or catch a rugby game with some of the locals.

An amazing place to visit, and study. A great experience one must open themselves up to. Apply now for our free services for Homestay in New Zealand and many other programs!

Why Homestay in New Zealand?

Home-stay accommodation places international travellers with local families. You will live with a Kiwi family who will provide your meals and accommodation. In a homestay environment, you will have your own bedroom but will share the bathroom and living areas with the rest of your homestay family. This style of accommodation provides students with the best opportunity to undergo an authentic New Zealand lifestyle. Homestays are also ideal for travellers who have never lived away from home.

New Zealanders are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality. In a homestay situation, you will be treated as a special guest, and may even come to be seen as a part of the family. You will receive home-cooked meals and all the other perks of living at home. You’ll also benefit from the local experience of your host family, and get to see and do things that may not be in the tour guides. In return, you will be expected to assist with domestic chores.

Some homestay families host more than one traveller at the same time. In this situation, you will have the chance to meet someone new and make a new friend. Otherwise, you will benefit from the full attention of your host.

Home-stay families are screened before they are allowed to take in students. Home-stay families must be sensitive and tolerant of other cultures and any cultural differences – for example, a homestay family hosting a Vegan student will know not to offer any non-vegan foods. Sometimes, they may even speak your language.

Our GotoNewZealand team at AA Education Network has been helping high schoolers for over 15 years apply to study at a High School in New Zealand.

Our registered consultants help to find a suitable high school in New Zealand. Our New Zealand High School Advisors are always in touch with New Zealand High Schools. We offer all types of High School New Zealand programs such as study abroad programs which range from 3 months, 6months and 12 months to the High School New Zealand Program for several school years with a certificate.

There are many free services and advatages we provide including:

  • Detailed advice about New Zealand’s school system through AA Education Network
  • Recommendation and suggestion to choose a suitable high school and subjects
  • Liaison with high schools in New Zealand to discuss possible placements, subjects and questions regarding your application and stay (if necessary)
  • Provision of all necessary application forms and support to apply for a high school placement
  • Check of all documents and submission of your correct application
  • Organisation of stay at a New Zealand family who will act as your guardian (you have your own room including meals while you stay in New Zealand)
  • Comprehensive Student visa application support including provision of all necessary documents
  • Information helping you to organise convenient flights to and from New Zealand (if required)
  • Information and support to help you get set-up in New Zealand (Health Insurance etc.)
  • On-Arrival Service (air port pickup an transport to your accommodation) (if required)
  • Emergency Phone Number
  • Pastoral Care through International Department of school and local contact person
  • Continuous contact to parents through AA Education Network while student is studying at high school
  • Certificate about your high school year
  • Dedicated personal contact during your stay in New Zealand
Homestay in New Zealand
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Homestay in New Zealand