School Fees New Zealand

Costs of a high school study abroad in New Zealand

School Fees New Zealand

Here we inform you about the prices and payment terms of some of our partner schools in New Zealand  and any of your choice.
NOTE: If you are interested in a Primary School, please contact us for prices.

Just the tuition costs of a public school in New Zealand are between NZD 11,000 and NZD 15,000 per year. Boarding schools and private schools cost  between NZD 29,000 and NZD 45,000 per year. Further costs apply such as accommodation, visa, flight tickets, school administration fees, school uniforms ...

Basically, international students in New Zealand can be admitted to public schools and private schools. Depending on age, there are  Primary, Junior Secondary and Secondary School.

Please note: You pay the tuition fees directly to the school in New Zealand.

School Fees New Zealad

The prices below are only indicative.

NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE: Visa fee, school uniform, New Zealand final examination fees (NCEA),
Health insurance (compulsory), flight, pick-up at the airport and transport from the airport to the host family, excursions,
Costs for textbooks, school notebooks, school and sports uniforms, special activities, etc.

North Island Schools 1 Term (3 months) 2 Terms (6 months) 3 Terms (9 months) 4 Terms (12 months)
Avondale College NZ$9,125 NZ$17,900 NZ$26,675 NZ$35,450
Awatapu College NZ$7,139.50 NZ$14,375 NZ$24,250 NZ$28,750
Kerikeri High School NZ$8,500 NZ$15,250 NZ$22,000 NZ$28,750
Mount Albert Grammar School Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us NZ$34,609
Newlands College NZ$7,850 NZ$15,700 NZ$23,050 NZ$30,400
Otumoetai College NZ$8,510 NZ$16,000 NZ$23,490 NZ$31,710
Rangitoto College NZ$8,6750 NZ$17,350 NZ$25,725 NZ$34,000
Takapuna Grammar School NZ$8,862.50 NZ17,325 NZ$,25787.5 NZ$34,240
Tauranga Boys' College NZ$8,925 NZ$16,550 NZ$23,925 NZ$31,300
Te Puke High School NZ$7,985 NZ$14,690 NZ$22,175 NZ$30,560
Waihi College NZ$8180 NZ$14,560 NZ$21,690 NZ$28,820
Western Springs College NZ$10,375 NZ$18,900 NZ$27,425 NZ$35,050
South Island
Mountain View High School NZ$6,975 NZ$13,450 NZ$19,925 NZ$26,400
Marlborough Girls' College NZ$7,147 NZ$13,794 NZ$20,461 NZ$25,559
Nayland College NZ$9,010 NZ$15,056 NZ$22,334 NZ$29,612
Summer School 2 Weeks 4 Weeks 6 Weeks 8 Weeks
Awatapu College NZ$1,737.50 NZ$3,037.50 NZ$4,337.50 NZ$5,637.50
Te Puke High School NZ$1,790 NZ$3,230 NZ$4,670

The return flight is of course not included and must be paid for.  Students should also have a monthly pocket money so that they can spend their free time, use public transport, call each other or buy something. NZ $ 150 per week is reasonable by experience although in larger cities like Auckland or Christchurch, the costs may be slightly higher.

Allow around NZ $ 250-350 per week for board and lodging with a New Zealand host family. In addition, there are regular expenses for school books, work materials or trips to school.
Particularly noteworthy are the expenses for the compulsory foreign health insurance (OSHC - Overseas Student Health Cover) and any accident or liability insurance as well as the applicable visa fees.

We only pass on the official fees of the individual schools and do not charge any additional agency fees.

Your education advisor will send you an exact statement of costs!