Kerikeri High School Overview

Kerikeri High School is a state high school catering to Years 7-13 and aims to develop its students into responsible citizens who are capable academically, in sporting and cultural activities, and in community affairs.

The school has considerable experience with caring for international students and providing the best opportunities for them to excel in their studies.

Kerikeri High School compares favourably in the academic performance of its students both regionally and nationally, and offers a range of modern, purpose-built teaching and learning facilities, caring staff, and rich educational experiences to encourage its students to perform at their best.


Kerikeri High School is located on 9 hectares of land in Kerikeri, a horticultural tourist town in the Bay of Islands, 45 minutes by plane, or 3 hours by road, north of Auckland.

The climate is sub-tropical and the locale offers sailing, fishing and diving and the area is known for its kiwi fruit and citrus production,  while the town itself offers cafes, boutiques, galleries and the arts.


The school boasts modern, purpose-built facilities, which include gymnasium, theatre and performing arts complex, science labs and up-to-date computer network, library, onsite medical facilities, technology and arts complex, and auditorium and admin facilities.

There are playing fields, tennis/netball courts, and a pool/diving complex, while the school operates a sailing academy that utilises its location in the Bay of Islands.


Kerikeri High School offers the New Zealand curriculum, which covers seven compulsory core subject areas in the junior years with increasing specialisation through a choice of a diverse range of electives as students progress through the year levels. AA Education Network will give you further detail on subject areas.

The following is the Year 7 subject curriculum:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. Social Studies
  5. Health and Physical Education
  6. Art
  7. Maori
  8. Life Technology
  9. Technology
  10. Music

English Courses

International students are assessed for their English language skills upon arrival at Kerikeri and assigned the appropriate level of ESOL tuition, along with their mainstream studies. They receive individiual attention to help them develop their language skills as they study.

Entry Requirements

Basic English language skills are necessary in order to successfully apply to Kerikeri, as is a clear motivation to succeed in secondary school studies while in New Zealand.

Enrolment dates

The school year consist of four terms and it is best for international students to apply well in advance of the term in which they wish to commence studies at Kerikeri. The term dates are as follows:

Term 1: February 2nd - April 9th
Term 2: April 27th- July 3rd
Term 3: July 20th - September 25th
Term 4: October 12th - December 17th

Kerikeri high school offers students:

  1. The chance to excel in their studies in a caring and supportive environment.
  2. A rich variety of academic, sporting and cultural activities that will develop their self-reliance and sense of team work and community.
  3. Education from one of New Zealand’s top performing state high schools.
  4. A rich experience of family life in New Zealand through the homestay arrangement with the chance tomeet other students and make lifelong friends.
  5. A view of the natural beauty of New Zealand through time spent at the Bay of Islands north of Auckland.


AA Education Network is ready to give you all the assistance you need to apply to study a Kerikeri. One of our counsellors will answer all your questions and assist you in your applications for a student visa and to study at Kerikeri. We will help you plan and organise your travels and make contact with the school as your first steps towards a rich and life-shaping experience.