Boarding Schools New Zealand

The private schools in New Zealand offer extensive course options and many interesting subjects.

Private Schools New Zealand Application and Enrollment Service - We arrange student exchanges at a private school in New Zealand.

Reasons for choosing a boarding school in New Zealand

High academic level: The achievements of New Zealand boarding schools are very transparent and therefore comparable. Furthermore, taking part in a ranking system spurs top academic standards.

Excellent educational environment: A boarding school in New Zealand class most often consists of merely 12 students. This favourable teacher-student-ratio provides for optimal supervision and support of the students.

Manifold academic curriculum: Students at boarding schools in New Zealand can choose from a huge variety of courses, depending on their interests and dispositions. Moreover, all subjects are future-orientated.

Up to date computer facilities: students at boarding schools in New Zealand get the possibility to make use of modern computer labs as well as to work with their own notebooks.

Highly educated staff: teachers at boarding schools in New Zealand are highly educated. They create a positive learning atmosphere which likewise motivates students.

Networking: relationships are a career booster. At our partner schools, international students get the chance to build up relationships with other students as well as mentors and teachers. Such friendships and connections may last a lifetime, proving beneficial to one’s career advancement.

Career planning: The basis for one’s career is laid at school: special “Career Counsellors” advice students on all educational aspects. They also provide a letter of recommendations.

Internationally recognised qualification: It is possible to gain a qualification (e.g. International Baccalaureate) which enables students to take up studies at international top universities all over the world.


Our GotoNewZealand team at AA Education Network has been helping high schoolers for over 15 years apply to study at a High School in New Zealand.

Our registered consultants help to find a suitable high school in New Zealand. Our New Zealand High School Advisors are always in touch with New Zealand High Schools. We offer all types of High School New Zealand programs such as study abroad programs which range from 3 months, 6months and 12 months to the High School New Zealand Program for several school years with a certificate.

There are many free services and advatages we provide including:

  • Detailed advice about New Zealand’s school system through AA Education Network
  • Recommendation and suggestion to choose a suitable high school and subjects
  • Liaison with high schools in New Zealand to discuss possible placements, subjects and questions regarding your application and stay (if necessary)
  • Provision of all necessary application forms and support to apply for a high school placement
  • Check of all documents and submission of your correct application
  • Organisation of stay at a New Zealand family who will act as your guardian (you have your own room including meals while you stay in New Zealand)
  • Comprehensive Student visa application support including provision of all necessary documents
  • Information helping you to organise convenient flights to and from New Zealand (if required)
  • Information and support to help you get set-up in New Zealand (Health Insurance etc.)
  • On-Arrival Service (air port pickup an transport to your accommodation) (if required)
  • Emergency Phone Number
  • Pastoral Care through International Department of school and local contact person
  • Continuous contact to parents through AA Education Network while student is studying at high school
  • Certificate about your high school year
  • Dedicated personal contact during your stay in New Zealand
Boarding Schools New Zealand
Boarding Schools New Zealand
Boarding Schools New Zealand