University Courses New Zealand - University Courses in New Zealand

University Courses New Zealand

Foundation programmes and language courses

  • programmes to help you gain an entry qualification to university if you do not have a strong academic background,
  • preparation courses to help you gain confidence and skills
  • complete an English language course through the University to improve your academic English for study purposes.

Undergraduate study

  • if you want to get your first qualification in a particular field
  • comprehensive range of specialized and professional Bachelors degree programmes

Postgraduate study

  • for those who have already completed a university qualification,
  • internationally recognised, comprehensive range of research-based and course-based degree programmes ranging from postgraduate certificates and diplomas, to masters and doctoral degrees

Study Abroad

  • earning credits towards overseas qualifications
  • international students who want an overseas 'study experience' for a semester or two

Degree Program

A degree is an advanced tertiary qualification awarded after the satisfactory completion of an advanced study program.

The program is taught by academics with a strong research background and some subjects may have a strong research component. Study at degree level involves the development of general knowledge so as to create curiosity about the world around us.

The intention is also to create informed citizens who are critical of the world around them and are open to debate in an intelligent manner. Such an approach involves degree study.

In summary, degree programs also encourage and develop:

  • Critical thinking
  • Research skills
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • General knowledge

Degree programs are normally pegged at level 7 and normally require basic research and communication skills. Some programs may also require the successful completion of prerequisite subjects/diploma qualifications before consideration for entry into a degree program.

New Zealand universities and tertiary providers normally offer degree programs for three years but some courses such as Law and Medicine may extend further than that. There is also the honours year for students who wish to progress to postgraduate study as a research student.

Degree programs are also known for their diverse subject areas. For instance, a Bachelors degree may involve subjects and disciplines as diverse as Chinese and history.

The entry requirements will also differ in that graduates will be required to have a New Zealand university entrance qualification or its equivalent. This may not be the case for NZ qualifications below level 7.

A typical Bachelors degree (Arts) may involve the advanced study of subjects including:

  • Business
  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Education
  • English
  • French
  • Geography
  • Japanese
  • Linguistics
  • Maori studies
  • Mathematics

Graduate Diploma

This qualification is for degree graduates wishing to broaden their knowledge and skills in their chosen area of specialisation or a new subject at the undergraduate level.


Admission is possible for degree graduates or those with equivalent professional experience. Level 6 & 7 qualifications may be considered as suitable for entry into graduate diploma programs.


The aim of graduate diploma programs is to encourage self-directed learning and the ability to analyse new ideas and information in an analytic and systematic manner.The qualification may also lay the groundwork for postgraduate study.