Undergraduate New Zealand - Undergraduate in New Zealand

Possibly the most popular form of tertiary study in New Zealand. Undergraduate Studies in New Zealand is provided by all Universities as well as many specialist private education providers. In New Zealand Undergraduate Study is simply completing a Bachelor Degree.

Bachelor Degree's are generally 3 year courses. During this time the student will complete a certain number of units, resulting in course work, assignments and finally and exam. The score from the final exam will let the student and the course know if they have successfully completed this unit. To achieve their Bachelor Degree the student must successfully complete all units.

New units are studied each semester. There are two semesters in a year each running for 4 to 5 months. If a student fails a unit they will need to repeat this subject in the following semester. Repeating a unit will mean paying to study it again, this can become quite costly.

If a student wishes they can study an additional year. This is known as "honours", an honours year consists of the student completing graduate work in their field of study.

There are many subjects available through Bachelor Degree's. All available through New Zealand Universities are taught by qualified lecturers. New Zealands Universities are world class and a very popular place to study.

Undergraduate Degree Studies New Zealand

All tertiary institutions have a wide range of undergraduate study programmes. These can range from one year Certificate programmes, to two year Diplomas and 3 or 4 year degrees. Most degrees are 3 years.

You can select your Undergraduate Studies in New Zealand study course either by course, institution or location. Students must submit documents to confirm their previous study record to ensure they meet the academic entry requirements. If these documents are accepted most institutions will issue an Offer of Place confirming acceptance into the course conditional on satisfying the English requirement.
See Entry to University for full information on how you need to qualify for entry to tertiary studies in New Zealand.

Because most tertiary institutions also have English language institutes it is normal practice for the institution to issue two Offers of Place, or one combined Offer of Place, which includes an English programme with the undergraduate course offer. The normal English requirement is IELTS (Academic) 6.0 or 6.5 average depending on the course. Institutions sometimes also require a minimum mark of 6.0 in the Writing module.

A good option is for students to initially apply for a 6 month English program and once they are studying in New Zealand they will be better able to review their future study options. They will also have a better idea about how long it will take for them to achieve the English entry level and can plan their future study accordingly.

Tertiary institution course semester entry dates are around mid-February and mid-July each year.