• Outdoor Education in New Zealand

    Picturesque New Zealand is Immensely Resourceful for Outdoor Education

Any organized learning that takes place outdoors is commonly referred to as outdoor education. The popular way of learning is known by other names too, such as adventure education, outdoor school or high school. As New Zealand has a pristine natural habitat, forested lands, lakes, and mountains, outdoor education has been adopted by many educational institutes as a way to impart recreational activities and engaging education.

Outdoor education as the name suggests deals with physical education no doubt, where students learn certain skills that could be surfing, hiking, trekking, or rock climbing. In New Zealand, this form of education has become an important part in shaping the personality of students. For instance, students coming from non-English speaking countries may learn the language and New Zealand culture through such a program.

You also may learn to:

  • Adapt to changes – natural as well as cultural
  • Make new friends in the same peer group
  • Evolve as a leader
  • Settle into a team or solve problems

…And, also enjoy New Zealand thoroughly while studying the country. It allows youngsters to connect with the practical world.

As New Zealand has pristine natural habitat, forested lands, lakes, and mountains, outdoor education has been adopted by many schools and high schools as a way to impart recreational activities and engaging education.

Popular Trips in Outdoor Education

Flying Kiwi Adventure Tours offers an entertainment cum learning holiday for adventure freaks. The language school, Southern Lake English Centre in Queenstown offers regular trekking, cruising, or skiing trips in the country for international students who want to learn the English language. The activities on these trips give them the scope to narrate their experience fluently in English. Colleges and polytechnics, such as NMIT at Nelson offer hiking, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, and snowboarding as a part of adventure education.

Job Prospects

Students often take up a diploma in outdoor education or Certificate courses in outdoor instruction and Management at polytechnics in New Zealand. After completion, the diploma holders can easily get jobs as instructors, tour guides, and coordinators. From rafting in glaciers to conducting tours across Fiordland Wilderness, there are many opportunities for students to take up work as outdoor education heads.

So, if you love adventure, keen to learn outdoor sports, and enjoy the untouched beauty of New Zealand, check out for various outdoor learning options offered by institutes. Contact our student adviser for useful leads regarding the trips.

Outdoor Education Schools & High Schools in New Zealand

There are many schools and high schools in New Zealand that offer Outdoor Education programs. We help you find and enrol into outdoor education programs in New Zealand for FREE

In participating High Schools, youngsters get a taste of various outdoor sports, such as abseiling, archery, and kayaking through outdoor education. At a sunny afternoon, you may find students practising fencing, choir, or photography. The excitement in outdoor education can be seen in the performance of the students. The high schools in New Zealand have par excellent results throughout. There are many high schools that encourage outdoor education.

Apart from physical education, there can also be an interaction with nature and the environment. Many sustainability projects are accomplished through outdoor education. Many primary schools for instance in the South Island near Waitaki River participated in ecological projects. On the other hand, outdoor leader training courses were taught to Canterbury school.

  • Freyberg High School
  • Katikati College
  • Kamo High School
  • Kerikeri High School
  • Kuranui College
  • Onslow College
  • Ruapehu College
  • Taumarunui High School
  • Upper Hutt College
  • Whakatane High School
  • South Island
  • Cromwell College
  • Dunstan High School
  • James Hargest College
  • Logan Park High School
  • Motueka High School
  • Papanui High School
  • Roncalli College
  • St Kevin’s College
  • Queen’s High School
  • Waimea College

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