Outdoor Education New Zealand

Picturesque New Zealand is Immensely Resourceful for Outdoor Education

As New Zealand has pristine natural habitat, forested lands, lakes, and mountains, outdoor education has been adopted by many schools and high schools as a way to impart recreational activities and engaging education.

Some schools in New Zealand have a special focus on “outdoor education”. To ensure the quality of this program, the schools have committed to complying with the guidelines and quality standards set out by Outdoor Education New Zealand (ODENZ).

Any organized learning that takes place outdoors is commonly referred to as outdoor education. The popular way of learning is known by other names too, such as adventure education, outdoor school or high school. As New Zealand has a pristine natural habitat, forested lands, lakes, and mountains, outdoor education has been adopted by many educational institutes as a way to impart recreational activities and engaging education.

Outdoor education as the name suggests, deals with physical education, where students learn certain skills including surfing, hiking, trekking, or rock climbing. In New Zealand, this form of education has become an important part of shaping the personality of students. For instance, students coming from non-English speaking countries may learn the language and New Zealand culture through such a program.

Experiential education outside of the classroom presents many challenges for students. So that the children and young people are prepared for any dangers, they first complete an information course at school. After the preparations, they can put what they have learned into practice in the great outdoors. The outdoor education is of course only carried out under strict safety regulations and a qualified group leader is present for activities such as rafting or glacier hiking.

Outdoor education not only arouses the students’ interest in certain sports. The participants in experiential education programs get a better understanding of group dynamic processes and their team spirit is strengthened. In order for outdoor lessons to work, everyone in a class must stick together and show consideration for weaker members of the community. The group dynamics of the class increase as a result of the strenuous shared experiences. It also increases the interpersonal communication skills of all students.

Furthermore, outdoor education affects student mental health and wellbeing. The activities in the fresh air strengthen the immune system and the program also aims to improve students’ athleticism and endurance. In addition to the sporting aspect, Outdoor Education offers participants the unique opportunity to get to know the nature of their beautiful country better.

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Outdoor Education New Zealand
Outdoor Education New Zealand
Outdoor Education New Zealand

Outdoor Education Schools & High Schools in New Zealand

There are many schools and high schools in New Zealand that offer Outdoor Education programs. We help you find and enrol into outdoor education programs in New Zealand for FREE. We strongly suggest all our international students participate in outdoor education programs. The program help to strengthen one’s position in the class or school community, and offers great opportunities to get to know the unique nature and landscape of New Zealand.

In participating High Schools, youngsters get a taste of various outdoor sports, such as abseiling, archery, and kayaking through outdoor education. On a sunny afternoon, you may find students practising fencing, choir, or photography. The excitement in outdoor education can be seen in the performance of the students. The high schools in New Zealand have par excellent results throughout. Many high schools encourage outdoor education.

Students are exposed to the challenges of New Zealand’s natural environment under strict student exchange New Zealand safety standards. To pass their tasks, they have to stick together, which significantly promotes team spirit within the class community. Through various sports activities such as kayaking, snowboarding or climbing, not only does the physical fitness of the students improve, their self-confidence and stamina increase after each activity. The lessons in the fresh air offer the students a change from their everyday life that they will not soon forget.

North Island Schools with Outdoor Education

  • Freyberg High School
  • Katikati College
  • Kamo High School
  • Kerikeri High School
  • Kuranui College
  • Onslow College
  • Ruapehu College
  • Taumarunui High School
  • Upper Hutt College
  • Whakatane High School

South Island Schools with Outdoor Education

  • Cromwell College
  • Dunstan High School
  • James Hargest College
  • Logan Park High School
  • Motueka High School
  • Papanui High School
  • Roncalli College
  • St Kevin’s College
  • Queen’s High School
  • Waimea College