Tauranga Boy’s College

Tauranga Boy’s CollegeTauranga Boy’s College is known for its pursuit of excellence, its supportive environment and its traditional values in fostering the growth of boys into fine, upstanding men. Students are valued as the reason for the College’s existence and the school provides them with a range of modern facilities and diverse subject areas, enabling them to explore and develop their potential.

Tauranga students are known to perform well academically, as well as in sporting and cultural activities, and to grow into well-educated, disciplined young men.

Students at Tauranga Boy’s College receive:

  1. A first rate, nationally recognised high school education that prepares them for tertiary studies.
  2. The chance to discover and pursue their academic, sporting and artistic interests, and to develop theirskills and abilities.
  3. A golden opportunity to develop their English language skills while studying and also while living aspart of a New Zealand homestay family.
  4. Opportunities to meet students form New Zealand and other countries with the chance of forming lasting friendships.
  5. Experience of New Zealand’s natural beauty through participating in the school’s outdoors andadventure activities.

The International Department at Tauranga Boys’ College offers a range of options to ensure your son receives the highest quality education and access to a wide range of opportunities during their time at the college.

The college offers excellent sporting and outdoor education opportunities where students can learn to scuba dive, climb or kayak and kite-surf.

All students are placed with local families in quality homestays that are within walking distance to the school or on a direct bus route.

International students enjoy their own kitchen, internet access and study room. Many opportunities arise for day trips to surrounding areas and students are encouraged to join extracurricular activities such as drama, music and sport.

The happiness, welfare and safety of your son is of paramount importance to the college. International Department staff can be contacted by students 24 hours, seven days a week.


Adresse: 664 Cameron Rd, Tauranga City Bay of Plenty 3112
Website: www.tbc.school.nz

The College is located close to the heart of the city of Tauranga, on the Western Bay of Plenty, on New Zealand’s North Island. Tauranga is regarded as one of the best cities in New Zealand and is thought of as a safe and sunny to live in.

Tauranga is the largest city in the Bay of Plenty and the fastest growing city in New Zealand. With a population of 100.000 Tauranga has all the advantages of a much larger city without compromising it’s safe and clean environment and is blessed with some of the best climatic conditions in New Zealand.

Tauranga is only a short journey from Auckland and the tourist attractions of Rotorua and Lake Taupo. Tauranga is serviced by it’s own domestic airport and linked to the national bus service.

School Facilities

College facilities include a new Performing Arts centre, dedicated kitchen, internet access and study facilities for international students, science labs and networked classrooms, gymnasium and sporting fields, and ESOL centre.

The Tauranga Boys 'College is considered to be one of the best-equipped Public Schools in New Zealand. Its modern facilities are generally appreciated and correspond to the many different subjects, courses and activities that are offered here and ensure that the school meets the needs and abilities of all students.

The new equipment includes state-of-the-art computer and classrooms as well as laboratories, which are connected via a smart network, a sports hall complex with connected outdoor area (with all-weather pitches for hockey and tennis) and a recently completed hall for performing artists. But also the break facilities of the large-scale campus are beautifully landscaped and offer enough space for relaxation.

Academic Subjects

Tauranga Boy’s College prepares its students for the National Certificate of Education Achievement and its course selections fit in with this overall curriculum. Years 9 and 10 study compulsory subjects with a couple of optional subjects, while Years 11 –13 provide an increasing range of study options for the students to focus on their interests within the curriculum.

Tauranga Boys' College offers a diverse range of subjects. In the 9th grade, standard subjects such as mathematics, English and sports must still be covered. In addition, there are some Tauranga Boy's college electives such as philosophy, film, creative thinking or theater. Up to the 13th grade, the number of elective courses to be taken is steadily increasing and the older students are opening up a lot of interesting offers. This gives you the opportunity to enroll in courses for design, printing, marketing, multimedia and literature.

Private tutors are available for all subjects as well as a ‘peer mentoring’ programme where a mainstream student works alongside an international student to improve their academic performance in a particular subject. The college is a signatory to the Ministry of Education’s Code of Practice for International Students - this ensures
that within the college there are a number of staff dedicated to caring for and supporting your son’s needs.

English Courses

The College has an ESOL centre and students are given tuition in English language according to their level of capability, alongside the mainstream curriculum. Individual tuition is also available as  part of the teaching programme. International Students can study ESOL at one of five different levels ranging from a Foundation English ‘full-time’ course (unique to Tauranga Boys’ College) that will assist students with minimal English prepare for mainstream classes, to IELTS preparation classes. Students at each year level also have an opportunity to join an accelerated programme where for example a Year 13 student could complete University Papers.

Extra Curricular Activities

The beaches of the Pacific Ocean offer opportunities for sailing, swimming, diving or water skiing. However, surfing is particularly popular here, which is why many young New Zealanders have been attracted to Tauranga in recent years. The infrastructure of the city has also been made more and more attractive in recent years, so that the residents are very proud of their large number of cafes, bars, restaurants, galleries and festivals.

Outside of Taurangas, of course, there is also much to discover. Especially the volcanic nature in the vicinity of the nearby city of Rotorua is amazing with its geysers, mud pools and the outstanding extreme sports offer (rafting, climbing, quad biking, etc.).

Students are encouraged to take part in the various sporting, cultural and artistic events the school offers to its students.

School Fees

For details on the school fees please visit our page "School Fees New Zealand".

Apply to study at Tauranga Boy's College

Contact us at AA Education Network to learn more about study at Tauranga Boy’s College. Our counsellors are ready to assist you in applying for study and visa and to plan and organise your golden opportunity to study in one of New Zealand’s top state schools and discover more about this beautiful country.