Takapuna Grammar School

Takapuna Grammar School

Takapuna Grammar School is one of the most popular schools in the north of Auckland

The long and traditional history of the school is characterized by a consistently high level of achievement and exceptional academic success. The aim of the school is to continuously improve the quality of teaching and learning. The urge for personal development motivates both students and teachers to exploit their full potential. The good results in national and international comparison tests are also worth mentioning.

But not only a high level of motivation, but also participation in extra-curricular activities is part of the self-image of the school community. Social skills such as collegiality and interdisciplinary skills can be acquired here. By gaining experience and testing your own options, the personal individuality of the student also gains special appreciation. The Takapuna Grammar School offers one of the broadest fields of extracurricular courses in New Zealand and is considered to be extremely committed to cultural and sporting activities.

Places at the school are extremely popular. Both parents and students are fascinated by the mixture of traditional values, the caring learning atmosphere and the exemplary teaching organization. This makes the Takapuna Grammar School one of the most popular schools in the north of Auckland.

School Type: Day School / Government School
Gender: Co-ed
Qualifications: NCEA, IB
Year Levels: Years 9 - 13
Total Students: 1700
Established: 1927
Website: www.takapuna.school.nz

5 Reasons why you should choose Takapuna Grammar School

Takapuna Grammar School gives students:

  1. The opportunity to gain a first class education and grow personally at one of New Zealand’s top high schools.
  2. Flexibility in choosing a pathway of study that reflects your interests and career aspirations while preparing you for university entrance.
  3. All the benefits of modern facilities in pleasant surroundings in close proximity to both natural beauty and stimulating cityscape.
  4. A taste of family life in New Zealand while living as a welcome addition to your homestay family.
  5. The chance to meet local and international students and form lasting friendships.

5 Reasons why you should choose Takapuna Grammar School

About Takapuna Grammar School

Takapuna Grammar School is known for the academic achievements of its students, as well as its performance in the areas of sport and culture. Personal excellence and quality academic achievement form key elements of its ethos as a co-ed state high school, catering for Years 9-13.

Takapuna Grammar has maintained its high standards and reputation since 1927 and this has built a solid foundation for preparing its students for life in the real world by encouraging and maintaining excellence.

Takapuna warmly welcomes all international students. The school has developed a special program for international students to ensure optimal support for this group of students. The team of seven from the International Department is available to help with all questions and needs. The school is committed to following the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. This means that all international students at Takapuna Grammar School comply with the provisions of the New Zealand Ministry of Education will be looked after in accordance with age.


Takapuna Grammar stands on 17 hectares of landscaped grounds and modern facilities, located midway between Takapuna and Devonport, on New Zealand’s North Island, with Auckland CBD nearby. The locale is close to beaches and a diverse range of shopping facilities.

The center of the New Zealand metropolis Auckland is just 15 minutes from Takapuna. With its friendly residents, its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the mild climate and the noticeable proximity to the water, the largest city in the island state of d


The school is equipped with a range of academic, cultural and sporting facilities including a gym, computer labs, arts and technology blocks, music and drama facilities, sports fields and swimming pool.

The schoolyards have an attractive design and the school buildings themselves can keep up with the highest standards. There are various beaches in the immediate vicinity of the Grammar School and there are also several shops.


Years 9 and 10 consist of compulsory subjects with a couple of options. Years 11-13 are increasingly flexible in the range of choices given to students, intended to allow students to explore their interests while preparing them for university.

Year 9 (13–14 Years ) - 8 subjects:
English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education & Health, 2 Languages –each language taken for 2 terms, Arts –1 term each of Art, Drama, Music and Dance, Technology –1 term each of Food Tech, Soft Materials, Hard Materials, Design and Visual Communication

Year 10 (14-15 Years) -  9 subjects:
English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Financial Literacy, Language –choose 1 Language to study for the year , Arts –choose 1 Arts subject to study for the year, Technology –choose 1 Technology subject to study for the year.

Year 11 NCEA Level One (15-16 Years)
Maths, English and 4 other subjects.

Year 12 NCEA Level Two (16-17 Years)
English and 5 other subjects

Special/Other Subjects: Visual Art, Digital Art, Drama, Dance, Music, Media Studies, Enterprise & Financial Literacy, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Maori Culture & Performance, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies, Geography, History, Classical Studies, Health and PE, Sports Institute,  Physical Education

Languages on offer: German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Maori

Contact AA Education Network for more information on subject offered.

Sports & Activities

Students are encouraged to take part in sports and cultural activities such as music and drama.

Athletics, badminton, ball classes, basketball, chess, cricket, cross-country racing, cycling, horse riding, golf, judo, bowling, multi sport, netball, orienteering, climbing, rowing, rugby, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, softball, squash, surfing, Swimming table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, touch rugby, triathlon, ultimate frisby, trampoline, volleyball, yachting


English language skills are taught to all students who require them at all levels within the curriculum, alongside the mainstream curriculum.

Apply to study at Takapuna Grammar School

Entry Requirements

All prospective students are interviewed to assess their academic and English language capacities and career aspirations in order to determine their suitability for enrolment. For detail on other requirements, contact AA Education Network for advice.


Contact AA Education Network today to learn more about the opportunity to grow and develop as a student of Takapuna Grammar School. Our counsellors will assist you in applying to the school, organising your visa, and planning your trip. Get in touch today and step into your future.

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