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Schools & High Schools in Auckland New Zealand

Schools & High Schools in Auckland New Zealand

Auckland is New Zealand's largest city, located on the North Island of New Zealand and on the north east coast of the island. Home to some amazing beaches, mountains and scenery. 1,313,900 people call Auckland home. The Maori's first named this city 'Tamaki Makau Rau' who was a maiden with over 100 lovers. It was named this as it was fought over for its riches, with its great location it's no wonder early settlers where fighting for it.

Placed between the waters of Waitamata and the Manukua Harbour. There are many sights to see such as Waiheke Island, Great Barrier Island, many rainforests, dorment volcano cones, Auckland Harbour Bridge (which if you are brave enough you can organise to bungi jump off), the Sky Tower (the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere standing at 328 meters high), Mount Eden, One Tree Hill, Rangitoto Island, Waitekere and Hanua ranges. Waitekere also offers black sand beaches with amazing surf.

Auckland has a great feel of European, South Pacific, Polynesian and of course Maori cultures. The dining and entertaining in this city is something simply extra-ordinary.

Things to do in Auckland include Mountain Biking, Sight seeing, Surfing, Bush walking and exploring the amazing natural wonders including rain forests and mountains. Auckland has a fantastic temperate climate making it a great spot for a holiday.

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