Waihi College

Waihi College

Founded as early as 1932, Waihi College is a coeducational state school with about 800 students from the seventh to the thirteenth grade. It is located in the "Triangle" corner of the Waikato, Coromandel and Bay of Plenty districts and enjoys the benefits of all three regions. The magnificent school grounds used to be a golf course and are close to the Kaimai and Coromandel mountain ranges, which are also used for the schools outdoor education program. This includes kayaking on the Whanganui River, skiing in the mountains located centrally on the North Island, and survival training. The curriculum covers a wide range of areas, and the school's special strengths lie in the subjects of art and theater as well as in many different sports, whose school teams in regional and national competitions regularly reach the top ranks.

The college offers an excellent variety of teaching and quality with an emphasis on art and theater. In addition to its extensive sports opportunities, which are regularly compared in local and national competitions, the school even offers its own farm! Here, students breed e.g. the New Zealand national fruit Kiwi, native trees and vegetables or even raise calves. Here, students can carry out scientific experiments in collaboration with experts in the field.

The local beach is excellent for surfing (there is also an active lifeguard organization for surfers) and fishing. Close to the school is the gold mine of Waihi, which often serves as a study object in teaching.

Address: Kensington Road, Waihi
Website: www.waihicol.school.nz


Located on the north coast of the North Island, Waihi (8000 inhabitants) is located on the dreamy Coromandel Peninsula approx. 2 hours drive from Auckland - right on the popular 9km long white sandy beach of Waihi Beach, which is frequented mainly by wave riders! Here, the population of Waihi Beach rises to 20,000 inhabitants during the summer! "Waihi" means "rising water" and means the river with its mouth into the sea.

School Facilities 

  • School farm with kiwi orchard
  • Swimming pool (heated and open from October to April)
  • Sports halls and venues
  • Tennis courts
  • Gym
  • Library
  • Computer terminals with Internet access
  • Car workshop
  • Electronics workshop
  • Music studio
  • verse. scientific laboratories
  • Photo lab



  • Mathematical / scientific / IT IT, computer applications, verse. Mathematics courses, engineering sciences, chemistry, physics, biology,
  • Geography
  • Humanities
  • Classical Studies, Media Studies, Communication Sciences, History, Social Sciences
  • Musical-artistic
  • Fine Arts, Media Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Photography, Theater, Furniture Design,
  • School orchestra, music, music lessons for individual instruments e.g. Violin, guitar, clarinet, flute, drums and more , Dance (standard dance over ballet to hip hop)
  • Economics
  • Business Administration (BWL), Accounting / Tourism, Tourism
  • Further specialist offers: Agriculture, Horticulture, Home Economics, Catering, Health Sciences, Child Education, Automotive Mechanics, Furniture Writing, Fashion Design / Sewing


Foreign Languages

  • Maori
  • Latin
  • English
  • French



Subjects: Physical education, training in outdoor activities (all year levels), sports development. Waihi is proud that a former coach of the rugby national team teaches All Blacks in high school. The college beach has a surfing center where you can learn wave riding. In addition, students at this college can acquire their diving license.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • Softball
  • Cricket
  • Touch Rugby
  • Netball
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Golf
  • Athletics
  • Triathlon
  • DLRG
  • Swimming
  • Riding
  • Kayak
  • Cross Country
  • Gymnastics
  •  Surfing
  • Skiing / Snowboarding


Extra Curricular Activities / Outdoor Education

With its excellent location, the school is perfectly suited for sports and outdoor activities. Several times a year, longer excursions take place in the area of ​​outdoor activities, such as. 3-5 day kayak tours, 3 day mountain bike tours, climbing and hiking tours as well as excursions for skiing. These popular outings successfully foster community and sports spirit!

Waihi college also runs class trips for the subjects biology and geology. As an alternative program to the final exams, the college offers surfing, which of course, the nearby beach is perfect for!

In addition, students are active in choir, kayaking, lifesaving, snowboarding, sports shooting and theater. The successful theater group is now performing on the entire Island! On their own school farm, students learn practical skills, like how to grow kiwifruit and vegetables or how to raise calves. This activity finds its culmination in enabling science-interested students to even participate in scientific experiments with the New Zealand Kiwifruit Authority and the Soil Conservation Department.


School Fees

Please check our page "School Fees New Zealand".

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