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Founded in 1945, Avondale College is close to the center on a 14-hectare park-like area. With the motto »Strive for the best things in life«, around 2,800 students are taught at a high level. More than 190 very qualified and motivated teachers take care of them and promote the talents and interests of their students to the best of their ability.

The secret to the excellent performance of Avondale students lies in the enthusiasm, determination and warmth of the college atmosphere. It creates a consistently motivating atmosphere on campus and thus the best conditions for successful learning. Avondale College is one of the largest and best secondary schools in New Zealand. It is an excellent choice for aspiring artists and actors.


Address: Victor Street, Avondale, Auckland New Zealand
Website: www.avcol.school.nz

Located to the west of Auckland city center, the Avondale college campus is around 15 minutes away by bus. This school, which is new by New Zealand standards, is located in a spacious park area including extensive leisure and sports facilities. Here students will find an incomparably diverse range of activities in the best environment!


To complete the theoretical campus atmosphere, Avondale Collegess offers an outdoor camp twice a year. Within a week, the students move into nature and enjoy the environment and its healthy effects on body, mind and soul.

In addition to studying the subjects, all students have enough extracurricular options in e.g.

  • orchestra
  • Bands
  • Choir
  • Musicals
  • Dancing
  • theater
  • Debating Club
  • creative writing
  • Chess club


School Facilities

Avondale college offers a wide range of opportunities for sports and culture enthusiasts. A theater building with rehearsal rooms for drama and music as well as a professionally furnished recording studio can be found in the spacious building. The campus own "Performing Arts Center" with 750 seats invites you to various cultural events! In the in-house recording studio, the students not only learn to speak contributions, but also how to edit them professionally.

In the neighboring building there is a kindergarten where pupils can gain their first practical work experience with the subject Early Childhood Education

Academic Subjects

With its focus on creativity, Avondale focuses on art, graphic and fashion design, photography, theater, dance, journalism, media studies, psychology, marketing, tourism, law, IT, boat building.

Languages ​

Avondale College offers the languages ​​Maori and Samoan, Japanese, French, Spanish.

Such languages ​​can only be taken by students with previous knowledge. Avondale accepts a large number of German students who can expand their language skills here.


Avondale College has produced New Zealand champions several times in both individual and team sports. In addition to the wide range of academic programs, there are over 130 sports teams. A real specialty of the college is the excellent multifunctional water sports field, which includes a sports arena, sports halls and a swimming pool!

The squash courts, dance studios and soccer fields can also be found on this remarkable school site. The offer includes:

  • Soccer
  • basketball
  • Netball
  • hockey
  • volleyball
  • rugby
  • Underwater hockey
  • Water polo
  • aerobics
  • golf
  • tennis
  • badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Tai chi
  • swim
  • athletics
  • Skiing

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