Mountainview High School

Mountainview High School is a modern state high school located in Timaru, South Island New Zealand

Mountainview High School

Mountainview High School caters for Years 9-13 and offers a high quality education in a supportive environment that encourages students to achieve academic and personal excellence. The school offers students a wide range of options to enable them to discover and pursue their interests within the context of a structured curriculum that allows increasing flexibility as they progress.

Mountainview High School is coeducational and one of New Zealand’s pioneers in international high school education with a tradition of care and support for its students.

When You Study at Mountainview you will:

  1. Experience high quality education in a caring environment under the guidance of qualified professional staff.
  2. Enjoy a school experience on a modern campus in  a friendly provincial city set in a beautiful environment.
  3. Develop your English language skills under the tuition of highly qualified and caring teachers.
  4. Have the chance to enjoy family life in New Zealand in the homestay accommodation provided for you.
  5. Meet students from New Zealand and other countries with the chance of making friends for life.
  6. Enjoy modern facilities include music studios, auditorium and theatre, gymansium and sporting fields, tennis court, computer labs, library and student lounges.




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School Information

At Mountain View High School, there is a special project week for all 9th ​​and 10th grade students, which takes place at the end of every 4th term. Here, activities outside the normal curriculum are offered and students are given the opportunity to gain valuable experience in extraordinary fields. For example, you can learn how to sail a yacht or you get the opportunity to improve your skills on a golf course. Furthermore, you can take part in mountain bike tours in the beautiful nature of the region or simply stay stay on the school grounds and acquire some chess knowledge.

Overall, the school is very natural and focuses on outdoor education. What would have sounded exotic to impossible in other parts of the world is part of the normal program here. Kayak tours, ski trips as well as rafting and climbing trips are offered regularly and are embedded in an educational concept, which convey to the students self-esteem, self-confidence and environmental awareness.

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