Newlands College

Newlands College

Locations: Wellington, Nordinsel von Neuseeland
Established: 1970
Students: ca.1.000
Grades: 9-13
Address: 68 Bracken Rd, Newlands, Wellington 6037, New Zealand

Founded in February 1970, Newlands College operates with a traditional philosophy. Around 1000 students in grades 9-13 enjoy an excellent school education, which gives them access to their later higher education. The exceptional commitment of the best trained teachers and staff through personal supervision as well as the diverse, high-quality teaching offer and leisure activities promote the development and well-being of the students is remarkable. There is a respectful relationship between teachers and students - whether national or the welcome international guest students from around the world.

On a beautiful 20-hectare campus presents Newlands College in the New Zealand capital Wellington, an important place for higher education. Modern and high-quality vocational classrooms, computer rooms as well as a large leisure center characterize the college.

Newlands is traditionally oriented. Four houses are named after the native New Zealand trees Kowhai, Matai, Rimu and Totara. The students selected there can score points for the house and win the Inter-house Cup. In addition, college commissioners represent as home speakers, boys '/ girls' spokespersons, representatives of international students, Maori, sports, arts, academia, and trust commissioners.

International students
In individually tailored lessons, guest students achieve their learning goals just like local students. For a harmonious, positive stay, they are accommodated in families that are carefully selected. A caregiver accompanies the students in their living life with care.

Ethnic composition at Newlands College:

  • Europe 54%,
  • Asia 21%,
  • Māori 11.2%,
  • Pacific 5.4%,
  • Other 8.4%.
  • Linguistic composition of 42 different origins



Newslands is a leading address for artistic performances such as the Variety Show with performances such as Kapa haka, solo singing, dramas or musicals: e.g. “Guys and Dolls” (2007), “Les Misérables” (2009), “Grease” (2010). Newlands is regularly represented at well-known competitions (Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Competition). Visual art, languages, own film productions with awards from the “Noscar” (Newlands College Oscar) and music performances round off the college offerings. The high school is known far beyond the borders of Wellington for its orchestra, singing, jazz band, symphony orchestra, choir and school band. It also publishes its own newspaper and produces a radio program.



The high school focuses on science and applied arts and offers:

Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Humanities and Social Sciences: Business Administration, Economics, Media Studies, Sales, Tourism, Geography, History, Accounting
Sports and health: nutrition science, outdoor education
Technology and Informatics: Computer Science, Data Processing, Technology, Information Management
Fine Arts: Drama, Music, Photography, Design, Graphics, Art, Art History
Languages: Maori, Japanese, English as a Foreign Language, German, French

In all subjects, students receive their personal care as well as room for personal development.

Sports offering at Newlands College

Strong sports teams such as u.a. a basketball team that celebrates success nationwide, play in clubs or the national team. Teams in mountain biking, badminton, football, rugby, cricket, volleyball, netball, softball, hockey / underwater hockey, tennis, table tennis, squash, triathlon, kayaking, kite rowing, outdoor education and diving are also active.

School Fees

For details on the school fees of Newlands College, please visit our page "School Fees New Zealand".

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