Preliminary English Test (PET)

This is the second level of Cambridge examinations. A pass will show that you have developed the language skills for everyday life as well as work situations.

Level: Intermediate
Studies: Reading – understanding of general notices, signs and brochures, as well as important instructions which you may encounter.
Writing – You will learn to complete forms, write letters, give information, report and describe events and situations and express opinions.
Listening – Beable to listen to conversations and public announcements.
English – Improved Grammar and Accuracy.
Vocabulary – Will be dramatically increased.

Cambridge FCE

Content: Upper – Intermediate English level and the most commonly undertaken course. Will help your prospects ofemployment in areas such as banking, airlines, catering etc.
Entry: You will undertake an entrance test on arrival.
Level: Upper Intermediate

Use of English: Improved grammar, vocabulary, idioms and expressions.

Writing: Letters, articles, reports, compositions and narratives.

Listening: Extracts, Monologues and announcements.

Speaking: Pronunciation and helping to develops your spoken accuracy and fluency.
Cambridge CAE

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Content: A more advanced course for social, work and study purposes.

Level: Advanced English

Entry: You will need to undertake an entrance test on arrival.

Study: A higher level of FCE (First Certificate in English)

Cambridge CPE

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English

Content: The highest level course that Cambridge has to offer. It will help you to develops a high level of competency speaking English for work, study and social purposes.

Level: Upper Advanced.

Entry: You will be required to undertake an entrance test on arrival.

Studies: CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) only on a higher level.


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Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)

This is an English Language Test designed for those of non-English speaking backgrounds. This test will measure how well someone will do in a business, commerce and industry environment.

The test is a two-hour multiple-choice test of 200 questions with two sections of listening and reading.

The test is available at Level 3 and Level 6 for those who have completed General English and for those who are more advanced.

The Level 3 test will give you a progression score while passing the Level 6 test will leave you with a Certificate of Accomplishment.


Teaching English as a Foreign Language – TESOL

This test will provide you with the knowledge and skills to teach the English Language around the world. Sometimes also referred to as TEFL course.


Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults – CELTA

This test provides you with an internationally recognized qualification which will enable you to work with institutes teaching English to international adults around the world.

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