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The Special Category Working Holiday Visa allows you to take incidental employment during your stay in New Zealand. There is plenty of short-term and casual work available and many employers prefer backpackers for such positions. New Zealand employers place a great deal of importance on previous work experience so past references are strongly recommended. Likewise, you should provide character references showing that you are responsible, hard-working and trustworthy. Several copies of a neatly printed résumé are essential.

Remember that the seasons are reversed in New Zealand. As you will probably be there for a year, you will have the chance to experience all four seasons down under. In practical terms, New Zealand students start their summer break in mid-November and are potential job competition. So, if you are going before Christmas, we recommend that you obtain your first job as soon as you can on arrival.

New Zealand has a thriving tourist industry and there are always employers in offices, hotels, shops and restaurants looking for seasonal help. Agricultural work is also plentiful. When you arrive, find out which crops are in season and how to find this type of work.

Finding Work
Plan your job hunting strategy before you go. Think about how you can get one step ahead of the thousands of other young job hunters who arrive each year. Don’t limit your search to the main cities. If you have friends or relatives in New Zealand, write to them for advice. One of your school departments may already have an academic exchange to New Zealand. Research the many and varied tourist areas and work out how far in they are from Auckland. Talk to people who have already been to gain some inside knowledge.

Adopt a flexible “no worries” attitude about the type of work you are willing to do. Your main asset should be your willingness to take (or at least try) any kind of work, anywhere in New Zealand. You may, for instance, be prepared to follow the holiday/snow/crop seasons around the country. Combining short-term jobs wherever you happen to be with seeing New Zealand’s varied scenery is always popular.

Internship and Jobs in New Zealand


If you are studying tertiary education, you must complete a practical on-the-job project to get your degree. This is done through an internship program that helps you to master special skills and make a head start in your career.

Interns are given a Work Visa for 6 months or so to complete their internship program. The project must be based on the course the interns have studied during their tertiary education. One particular employer will be assigned during this internship program where interns can choose to work part-time or full-time.

AA Education Network and its partner affiliates offer working opportunities for fresher in arts and architecture, education, engineering, finance, health, hospitality and tourism, journalism, media studies and similar diverse subjects. You must have a good command in English – say 550 points in TOEFL for such programs.


There are various types of jobs available in New Zealand, such as orchard jobs along the east coast in Tauranga and Hastings. Seasonal jobs, jobs for skilled migrants, writing assignments, and online jobs are quite common in the country.

South Island offers seasonal pickers at vineyards. You may opt for seasonal short-term jobs in farms, dairy farms, or organic farms in Dunedin and Hamilton. Some travelers choose working holidays and pursue wwoofing. Other seasonal jobs include skiing instructor or helper’s job during peak wintry months. Near the subtropical beaches, you can get jobs in the hospitality sector.

Many specialists immigrate to New Zealand for better life, such as software industry, healthcare, design and art work. In Auckland and Canterbury, large projects are coming up that can absorb such professionals. These professionals can stay in New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant Residence category (SMC). Write to our help desk to know more information.

Jobs Guarantee

International students studying in New Zealand have numerous opportunities to develop their career. The Job guarantee scheme from AA Education Network (AA) will ensure that the students have an edge of other students and job seekers in the international market.

Participate in our Job Guarantee Scheme and Earn Work Experience and Money  
Each year hundreds of students apply through AA for admissions to top high schools, colleges, and universities. If you are studying an English language course or any other course, you can enrol to our job guarantee scheme that gives students the opportunity to get ready for the industry.

How Job Guarantee Works
Students need to write stories about New Zealand, say natural habitat or a cultural activity. They may script their study tour experiences, student exchange program at a university or about a college competition. Photos on classrooms, teachers teaching a class, or students enjoying extra-curricular activities after school hours can be some interesting topics.

The scheme is based on the following points:

  1. The idea is to create interesting articles about New Zealand, education institutes, fests, shows, and more.
  2. Students can post photos instead if they cannot create articles. Interesting captions of each photo will say an attractive story.
  3. Appealing stories or photos will be published. Students will get their byline.
  4. Authors of grammatically correct articles or photographers clicking photos with a perfect angle will be remunerated.

...Those requiring assistance to learn will be taught by our experts before they can start earning from the write ups or photos.

What you Gain?
At the moment, students regularly posting articles and photographs will be given work certificates. Later, they will be absorbed in the company’s payroll or given opportunities to start work completely.

During this scheme, students can get monetary benefit if they produce a useful work of art. Reviewers will suggest how best you can make the post better.

What Next?
Write to us if you are interested to take part in this job guarantee program.  You need not be an English student or a photojournalist to take part in this program. We welcome students who are interested to develop their skills even if they don’t have a qualification or a certificate in writing or photography.  

So, write to our coordinator if you are fascinated with the scheme and want to take part in it.

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