There are many internet jobs for travel writers as well as openings in print publications, such as magazines, tour guides, encyclopedic journals, and technical brochures that require tour journalists. In short, travel writers have opportunities to write and earn in New Zealand.


Untouched Nature and Lively Culture have made New Zealand a Top Spot for Travel Writers

Vast areas in New Zealand remain untouched by industrial pollution and human habitation. That’s the reason why tourists throng the place each year. Travel writers script guides, live-updates about a trekking trip, or articles on remote and pristine spots in the country. There is in fact, still a great demand for online writers with a penchant for traveling.

Penchant for Writing and Traveling
If you an enterprising traveler with a knack of putting your thoughts in words, then New Zealand is the correct place for you to show your skills. Top skills would be:

…And, if a travel writer is also a photographer, scuba diver, videographer, rafter, trekker, or socialite the article or blog becomes even more interesting. There are interesting travel writer’s jobs where aspiring youngsters and experienced authors are wanted.

Scripting a Travel Guide – Specialized programs in travel guides, such as “Activities to Do, See, and Experience” require travel journalists. The theme could also be on business travel, tryst with aboriginals, and experience on local food and culture. New Zealand offers this platform for enthusiastic travel writers. There will be:

…The travel guide would take away a portion of the profit generated through your write up. Assistance would be provided to get your travel documents ready, manage your finance, and miscellaneous tasks. Your accommodation would be either pre-booked or you’d be given adequate information to book a comfy yet affordable backpacker’s hostel.

Penning Down your Holiday at a Plush Resort – This travel writer’s job is a win-win situation for both the writer as well as the resort management. In this job profile, the writer arrives to the resort, enjoys a sojourn for a fortnight or so, uses all possible facilities of the resort, visits almost all locales in the area, and puts this experience in his or her write-up. The illustrated content is developed to promote the facilities of the resort and the place.

Freelancing and Marketing One’s Travelogue – It isn’t easy to experience a hiking trip to Mount Cook, Glacial Hot Pools, or rainforests of South Island. An informative and first-hand travelogue can be a popular e-book which can sell for a price. Many blog writers market their own writing through suitable websites, such as Adsense. Registering in popular travel forums too, give exposure, helps you stay connected with literary groups, and gives you some useful writing opportunities.

From Darwin to Christchurch, South Island or Canterbury, travel writers are wanted to write different types of travel anecdotes for avid readers round the world.