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Au Pair New Zealand - New Zealand Au Pair

  1. Spend some months with an New Zealand family
  2. Make new friends and learn about New Zealand
  3. Benefit from exciting study programmes
  4. Enjoy your independent travel
  5. Whether you are a student seeking for work opportunity or an au pair seeking to enhance your educational background, this program is the perfect money saving solution. Apply now to be an Demi Pair in New Zealand!

Au Pair New Zealand - New Zealand Au Pair

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Au Pair New Zealand Advantages

New Zealand Au Pair Programs are provided by registered Au Pair agencies and education providers with experience in Au Pair Programmes - bringing together thousands of au pairs and host families in Australia. By choosing to find a nanny job through an agency like ours, you are ensuring that everything, including your student visa is dealt with legally. Plus, we have Counsellors based in Australia who will be in regular contact with you throughout your stay to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Working as an au pair - baby sitting and childcare duties as an au pair you will live with your host family, care for the children and join in their daily routine at home. When you are not involved in baby sitting or child care, you will have free time to meet up with other au pairs, study, travel and enjoy the culture and surroundings of your New Zealand home. As you will be dealing with baby sitting and childcare jobs, you must have experience in this area - for example as a nanny, child minder, baby sitter, au pair, mother's help or nursery nurse.

We also offer a programme called Au Pair Extraordinaire for people who have had professional nanny jobs and want to work as an au pair in New Zealand. New Zealand families applying to the Au Pair Extraordinaire programme appreciate that you are a qualified nanny and are keen to use your skills and training to contribute towards the development and education of their children

Au Pair New Zealand - New Zealand Au Pair

Want to work as an Au Pair in New Zealand? contact us!

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Au Pair New Zealand

Au Pair in New Zealand - Your opportunity for au pair and nanny jobs, english language courses and other education programmes and an exciting cultural experience in New Zealand!

Working as an Au Pair in New Zealand

Au Pair New Zealand - New Zealand Au Pair

An Au Pair in New Zealand has the same right as that of an employee working in the country. No wonder, hundreds of foreigners opt for becoming an Au Pair. However, they must promote their skills in handling kids and highlight their sincerity for the job to get a perfect host family and satisfactory job profile.

Sincere and Eligible Au Pairs have a Lucrative Career in New Zealand

Generally, Au Pairs are foreigners who have entered New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa. Many foreigners working as an Au Pair stay on in the country for a year or so. Others stay in New Zealand on Student Visa where they study and also take up a job of an Au Pair.

As an Au Pair in New Zealand, you would ideally have to work in-house for 40 hours per week and take away a net compensation of 200 or more Dollars each week. Tasks are well-defined in a checklist which an Au Pair must seek prior to signing an agreement with the host family.

Promoting Yourself as a Perfect Au Pair
Getting an ideal host family that rewards an Au Pair handsomely for the services is difficult unless the Au Pair promotes his or her efficacy for the job. An Au Pair link agency may provide a medium where the Au Pairs can highlight their basic qualification, mode of communication, work experience as a nanny, and knack in dealing with kids or babies while working as an Au Pair. Some essential documents which must be included in Au Pairs’ portfolio are:

  • Background of the Au Pair, such as the host country, native language known, basic qualification, other skill-sets, and similar information.
  • A letter to the “host family” which highlights why the Au Pair must be chosen as the ideal nanny for the kids and why he or she wants to stay in New Zealand to work as an Au Pair.
  • A detailed paragraph on hobbies, interests, and aspirations must also be highlighted in the letter. This letter must be hand-written and informally written to the parents of the kids.
  • Details about previous work experience as an Au Pair works wonders in getting a suitable job. For instance, if you know driving you can be asked to drive the kids to school or hobby classes. If you have hands-on experience in dealing with a new-born, you would get calls from new mothers. Au Pairs with special experience get extra incentives for their skills.
  • Useful references are good for getting attractive jobs as an Au Pair. Make sure you provide the contact numbers so that the host family can verify your credentials.
  • A doctor’s certificate and character certificate from police are necessary to get jobs quickly.

Finding a Perfect Host Family
To find a perfect host family, an Au Pair can enroll to Au Pair link agencies that provide links to host families whose requirements match with the skill set of the Au Pair. The link agencies also provide useful tips to create a portfolio that attracts genuine host families.

Remember, Au Pairs come under the purview of New Zealand Employment Law and as such, they have rights to Minimum Wage Act, Holiday Act, and other employment obligations.

Au Pair New Zealand - New Zealand Au Pair

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Au Pair New Zealand

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Au Pair New Zealand 2018/19

Au Pair New Zealand Quality of our Au Pair New Zealand Program Au Pair New Zealand - New Zealand Au Pair How would you like the chance to live, work, travel and study in New Zealand? Join the Au Pair in New Zealand exchange programme and you can enjoy a fun-packed time New Zealand! Whether you are looking for a gap year job, or just want to work legally abroad, becoming an au pair offers you the chance to experience Australian life and culture at first hand. Thousands of young people have had the experience of a lifetime through our au pair jobs and exchange programmes - it's a fun AND educational way to spend your work and study experience in New Zealand. Au Pair New Zealand - New Zealand Au Pair Want to work as an Au Pair in New Zealand? contact us!

Au Pair in New Zealand

Seasonal Jobs allow Cultural Interaction, Engaging Holiday at Bucolic Areas, and Monetarily Rewards Many international students studying at various colleges and universities in New Zealand prefer to stay at a host family as an Au Pair. As an Au Pair you become a part of the family, get a secured and friendly environment, learn the Kiwi culture, and also travel along with the family. Apart from getting free accommodation, which can be costly at Wellington, you can also earn incentives through regular and sincere work. Why Become Au Pair in Wellington Wellington situated near the sea has beaches, bucolic downtown, wineries, orchard farms, education institutes, and industrial area. Cost of living is high no doubt but many travelers too, find ways to entertain themselves in Wellington, stay for a year to check out the festivities of the city, and travel to the interior regions. Au Pair helps them to avail affordable accommodation in Wellington. Additionally, there are licensed Au Pair links that offer genuine links for a registered Au Pair. The agency would help you to find a suitable family depending on your job profile and experience. From checklist to agreement and remuneration, the agency would help you in various stages of your job to help you settle with the host family. Expected Job Task for an Au Pair Stringent tests are performed for the Au Pair by licensed agencies. The screening process would include interview, English proficiency test, personality check, police and health certification, and references. Make sure you keep information about good references. A cover letter and experience would help you in finding the right Au Pair job. In Wellington for instance, there are:
  • Au Pairs catering to early childhood education, infant nursing, and toddler care.
  • Au Pair catering to kids of all ages. A family can have more than one kid. A formal degree in childcare and 2years experience would work wonders for you.
  • Au Pair catering to kids going to primary schools. Deemed as Edu Pairs, they help with the kid’s homework, attending hobby classes, or taking the kids for a ride.
  • Au Pair catering to preschoolers. They assist the kid’s mother and help with the household chores.
  • Night nannies catering to kids who need night care especially when the busy parents go on office tours regularly or come from late from office.
…However, the general work as an Au Pair would entail:
  • Assisting in housework, such as cleaning and gardening
  • Helping kids to clean themselves, take their meals, etc
  • Tidying up rooms, taking kids for an evening ride, playing with them
  • Taking the kids to school or crèche, hobby class
  • Teaching kids music, reading stories to them, or helping them do their homework
You can expect a weekly allowance of 210 NZdollars per week for 40 hours of working, a furnished private room, 3 meals per day, and weekend off. Au Pair New Zealand - New Zealand Au Pair Want to work as an Au-Pair in New Zealand? contact us!

Au Paid New Zealand News

Au Pair New Zealand

Au Pair New Zealand - New Zealand Au Pair

Consider this: a college student from a non-English speaking country arrives in New Zealand for the first time to study in the country and etch out a prosperous career. However, with no knowledge about cultural expectations and information about an affordable accommodation in the country, the student is at a loss.

In such situations, the student can work as an Au Pair or Demi Pair in a household that require a helper to look after the kids. Part time work like this is usually common in New Zealand.

A Perfect Landing
Many students require undergoing training in English so that they can attain fluency in the language to study further in the country or sit for an English testing examination. For the first 3 months or so, these students require enrolling in an English preparatory course, course to promote general English communication, or course for entering into an academic program.

Staying with a New Zealand family allows the students a secured place to live just after landing in the country. While they interact with the host family, they learn social etiquettes, communicative language skills, social cues, and lot more information about the country.

Part-Time Work
Studying English courses in New Zealand colleges are not a full-time activity. During the rest of the time, the students often work – as an Au Pair or Demi Pair.

The Au Pairs get free accommodation and meals offered by the host family. They may get some pocket expenses as well. Even if they don’t get any monetary perks, they get opportunities to go on holidays with the host family. They can also concentrate on courses they will study in the future by finding out job opportunities, study options, and admission criteria.

Work of an Au Pair
Generally, Au Pairs are hired to look after kids at home. If you have a knack in childcare you will be a perfect candidate for the job. The chores include baby-sitting, childcare, taking school kids to school or tuition classes, helping them with their daily chores, and entertaining them at times.

The hours of work and job profiles are delineated when you sign the contract with the host family. This can be around 20 hours per week – if you work part-time. You may also be asked to assist in housekeeping chores, such as helping in the kitchen, watering the plants in the garden, or checking mails, and so on.

Demi-Pairs are part-time child care workers who study during their off-duty hours. If you are looking after big kids, you can be hired to help them complete their homework. Your job is less tiring and during the free time, you can study a course in English, business, or accounting. Generally, you will not be paid for your work. The incentive will be a secured accommodation with free meals and free-time to utilize on your studies.

College Students Working Part Time
There are many other students who work part-time to gain work experience. If you are studying nursing, childcare, or vocational course, you may require a suitable work experience to start your career.

Write to us if you are looking for opportunities to work as an Au Pair or Demi Pair in New Zealand while studying in a college.

Au Pair New Zealand - New Zealand Au Pair

Want to work as an Au Pair in New Zealand? contact us!