New Zealand Writing Jobs

Tongariro Crossing scenery by Rob Suisted_WEBTraditional Writing Jobs have Paved Way for Online Ventures, Part-Time Technical Writers, and Special Editors

Working at a print publication is no longer the only writing job today. There are blog writers, authors of e-books, travel writers, technical writers, photo-journalists, and grammar specialists who have made a booming career in writing.

New Zealand has already made a foray into the international market where online work is one of the popular occupations of the people. Many Internet-savvy people love to write online, post blogs, market them, and earn a handsome amount. Freelance writing on the web has taken a new turn this century as authors from all parts of the world apply for writing jobs in New Zealand. Stable economy, efficient labor communication, and lucrative opportunities have attracted aspiring to experienced writers to the country. Let’s take a look at some of the popular writing jobs and growing job trends.

Growing Trend for New Jobs in the Market
Work environment is still in a state of flux as new jobs are getting evolved each year and some older ones are getting obsolete. For instance, rise of online media has made net based jobs quite a lucrative profession. In fact, confident writers with a penchant for writing a particular subject or specialist in an area, opt for becoming freelance writers.

With Internet marketing, social media promotion, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click marketing policies coming in vogue, it is possible to boost one’s career in the New Zealand job market. Creative industry is expected to grow even further in the next few years. Writing – a section under this category – has a good prospect. Here are some useful writing jobs one can expect to predominate in New Zealand.

Broadcast and Video Journalists – Journo with specialization in electronic media, news reading, communication skills, and technically knowledgeable are eligible to take up jobs in this category.

Journalist – Reporters, sub-editors, and feature writers fall under this category.

e-book Authors – These are freelancers who are generally specialists in a subject. They write books, complete guides, and help text. The content needs to be purchased and downloaded from the net.

Bloggers – Online writers often set up their own website where they regularly write blogs and articles. Specialists often write about that subject in their blogs. For instance, a medico could write about various cures and prevention methods in the blog.

Travel Writers – If you love to travel and write, such jobs are just the right one for you. Travel guides, plush resorts, travel agencies, tourism sector, and travel magazines seek writers to tour an area and write about it.

Editors, Reviewers, and Grammar Specialists – These writers are specialists in the language, style, and diction of the content.

Copy-Writers – Essentially these writers are needed to create branding of a product. An advertisement company may hire copywriters to provide eye-catching slogans for an advertisement. In small business companies, copy writers write brochures and company white papers.

Photo-Journalists – Still image photographers, extreme photos specialist cameramen, underwater sea feature story writers, and landscape writers fall under this category.