Student Jobs in New Zealand

There are many student jobs in New Zealand, such as research-based teaching, hands-on applications, career-oriented trainee jobs, and short-term work.

Career-Oriented Skilled Jobs for Students of All Genres
Various industries in New Zealand offer jobs for students that allow them to complete their internship in their respective fields, get adequate work experience, and earn some pocket expenses. The country depends mainly on overseas trade to flourish. It thrives primarily on overseas education, tourism, dairy farming, and agriculture.

Internship Programs
As internship programs generally range from 4 weeks to 1 year, many students use this opportunity to work while they study in the country. For instance, many students studying English curriculum, take up journo internship programs. There can be special trainings as well that are provided to the students who have enrolled in skilled courses. For instance, ski trainee jobs, under-water scuba diving workshops and hands-on training, and working in the wildlife reserve as an animal care activist are some of these specialized training jobs.

Jobs for Students to Earn Pocket Money
Many students take up part-time or short-term jobs to earn money, gather new experience, and enjoy the working environment as well. There are seasonal summer jobs and winter jobs where short term trainees are required. For instance, from summer to autumn there are fruit picking jobs catered to the students.

Working with the Travel Agencies and Resorts
The picturesque New Zealand has many reserve forests, camping sites, and wildlife sanctuaries. In Kaikora, Queenstown, areas in and around Nelson, and limestone cliffs and volcanic coasts of Otago Peninsula for instance, there are many camping activities, sightseeing hiking and biking expeditions, and safari tours.

Constant requirement of kitchen staff, waiting staff, and house-keeping people are required by various resorts, during summer and winter months. Students studying hospitality education don’t miss such opportunities to gain a first-hand experience on their learning. From Auckland to Wellington, Russell, and Rotorua there is a thorough requirement of workers for the hospitality and tourism sector. Skiing resorts on the other hand require helpers to help in the skiing activities through the peak wintry months in the mountainous terrain of New Zealand.

Convenient Opening Jobs
In the field of agriculture and engineering, student studying technical subjects pursue jobs in electronics, telecommunications, industrial sector, and instrumentation and design. Students with English language specialization often teach in institutes. An English student interested in writing, can also work in a team of a copywriter.

When the curriculum finishes, the student can be a formal copywriter with an experience to write advertisement, sell ideas and features on a topic, and finally graduate to a creative director. In short, students enroll in advertising agencies and journals that give them the scope to learn. Finally, the trainee students are given permanent employment.

To make a head start in your career, you should check out for the apt student jobs which would give you prior experience before you actually tread into the job market.