New Zealand Seasonal Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit Picking New Zealand

New Zealand seasonal jobs in summer or winter are available that are aimed particularly towards the student. In such a lovely climate and with invariably picturesque locales, what could be better suited for international students wishing to augment their incomes or savings.

The general trend availability extends from orchard fruit picking to waiting staff at resort tourism towns. It all depends on which part of the country the student would be located.

The South Island has both of the above.
Otago has considerable fruit picking jobs as the region is home to extensive orchards.

Along its coast, resort towns such as Kaikora and north to Queenstown cater to the tourist trade with positions available for waiting staff. Such areas support the wonderful excursions of whale watching, hiking, historical tours. The many cafe's up and down New Zealand are always looking for new staff. Additionally the hotels in the hospitality industry are likewise often in need of staff.

The North Island has the same but with perhaps more emphasis in the area of tourism. Again it depends on where you are located.

Tauranga and Hastings on the east coast has orchard jobs and various vineyards also are spread out across New Zealand- international awards for wine have been garnered by vineyards in the far north of New Zealand, yet there are great vineyards at the northern region of the South Island as well- all of these vineyards seasonally need pickers.

Tourism is huge and thus the resorts centers of Rotorua and Russell need constant staff for cafe's and hotels. Additionally,inner city and surrounding areas of Auckland and Wellington are always seeking cafe staff.

Remember, summer here runs from December through February and the autumn is March through May – these are the peak seasonal job months.

New Zealand Seasonal Jobs

New Zealand Fruit Picking jobs

Seasonal Jobs allow Cultural Interaction, Engaging Holiday at Bucolic Areas, and Monetarily Rewards

Seasonal jobs provide a means of livelihood and pocket expenses for many. Some tourists enjoy a long holiday among the Maori culture while many international students work part time to get work experience and money.

Foreign tourists on a working holiday, international students studying in secondary or tertiary education in New Zealand, volunteers, and out-of-job workers often pick up lucrative seasonal jobs in the country. These jobs are found in abundance during a particular season of the year. They provide pocket expenses, sometimes free meals and accommodation, and work experience.

The seasonal jobs are available during summer as well as wintry months. Various industries hire people within short notice. These include farms for de-leafing, wineries and breweries for fruit picking, hospitality sector for catering to the visitors at a resort during peak season, and ski resorts to cater to guests arriving at large numbers during wintry months.

Working in Farms
Working at farms during the harvest season can help you earn money through fruit collection, Leaf-pruning, and fruit sorting. In Canterbury, Auckland, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Marlborough, Rotorua, and Coromandel, there are huge farmlands, vineyards, and dairy farms requiring youngsters to do the seasonal work. Top job task would include:
Fruit picking – Kiwifruit, citrus, grapes, avocado, strawberries, and asparagus are cultivated throughout the year. During harvest, the farms hire people to help sort the fruits. In Central Otago, summer fruits, such as peaches, apricots, cherries, and nectarines are harvested. Orchards and vineyards in horticulture farm require people to:

Pack – Putting the fruits in cartons and packages.
Grading – Sorting the fruit baskets as per their rating.

Dairy farming –Milking, cleaning, and feeding the cattle at dairy farmlands. Many consider taking up voluntary seasonal jobs in the dairy farms. They look after the cattle in lieu for free lodging and food.

Working in Hospitality Sector

While summer and autumnal jobs are found in abundance in farmlands, the wintry months invite workmen to work at the ski resort and hospitality sector.
Ski Resorts – Many travelers take up the job of a snowmaker during winters. Snowboarding at ski resorts is yet another seasonal job in New Zealand. Ski fields managed and operated by Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (RAL), require instructors, helpers, and snow diggers to maintain the ski fields. Quite lucrative and entertaining, these jobs are taken up by people on a Working Holiday visa.

Restaurants – Wanaka, Nelson, Darwin, and Otawa are some of the exquisite tourist spots where travelers come in large numbers. During festivals, the restaurants, alfresco dining hubs, pubs, and eateries are crowded with gourmet lovers. From stewards to waitress, kitchen assistance, and chefs, various types of people are required to cater to the guests.

Tourism – Plush resorts seek helpers, hotel managers, and cleaners especially during peak season to cater to customers, banquets and weddings guests, and travel groups.

Working at Homes
Cities with working couples require short term helps, Au Pair, and sitters to look after toddlers and kids. Sitters are wanted to look after the house or pets as well.

You may visit job sites, seek advice from visa procuring agencies, and request references to make seasonal job a success.