What advantages are there for taking photos for us?

By now you would've had a bit of a look around our website and read about a wide variety of different things that have no doubt tickled your fancy about taking photos and getting paid for them. Otherwise why would you be in this section right now reading more about it? This website really does offer you a great and easy service to not only make yourself a bit of extra money, but also firmly establish yourself as a paid and professional photographer that can really get you started in the photography business. It also really gives you the opportunity for your work to be seen by millions of people right around the world. That's right, MILLIONS! We have large numbers of people coming to our site to check on our photos, and all of our photos are supplied by people just like you who want to get a start in the photography industry. And you will be very hard pressed to find many websites out there who offer a service just like ours to help you really get started in the industry. The only thing now you are probably asking yourself about are the advantages, and what are they when it comes to doing some photographic work for our website. Well this is exactly what this page you are reading now hopes to provide you, so read away and let us tell you what you can expect by taking photos for us!

  • YOU GET PAID FOR TAKING PHOTOS! That really is the most important thing to list here right? You obviously have come to this site looking for some form of work for your photography and we really do mean it when we say we will pay you for your photos. There are no hidden strings at all! We aren't all of a sudden going to ask you for some money to start you up, or your credit card details or anything else like that. Absolutely nothing of the sort. We will be asking only photos from you and then when you send them in to us you can start earning money for them! It really doesn't get much simpler than that does it?! So if you have some old photos lying around on your computer from a trip to New Zealand, go through them now and start sending us in some as you could be sitting on a pile of cash that you know nothing about!
  • It really is a great way to earn some money after you come back from a holiday! You might be in the planning process right now of going to New Zealand and know that as soon as you arrive back home you are going to struggle a little bit for cash as you have spent it all on your preparation for your trip. Well keep this in mind when you are in New Zealand as you take photos, because as soon as you get home you can then send us your holiday snaps and we can then pay you for them! And then you will begin to earn yourself some money, simply by having gone away on holiday! WOW! Doesn't that just sound amazing?! Well it's 100% true and you will find yourself wanting to go away to New Zealand more often, just to make some extra money!
  • It's also a great way to really get started in your photographic career. If you have been trying for some time to get into the industry but can't find anyone who will pay you for your photos, then now you have! Because by paying you for your photos we can then be added to your resume and CV to show off other potential employers that you have the skills in paid photographic work to be considered for other jobs! It is a great way to get started in an industry that is generally very difficult to get involved in!

So in reading these advantages, we hope that you by now have really begun to consider taking a few extra snaps on your next trip to New Zealand in order to really get your teeth into a potential job with us! Because we will always be looking for unique pictures of New Zealand and it could be up to you to help us out!

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