Britten racing motorcycle New Zealand

New Zealand has an exciting technological edge in the sporting world regarding the use of carbon fiber. Starting in the early 1990’s New Zealand has pioneered the daring use of this space-age material for racing motorcycles, the 2000 series of the Americas Cup Yacht races which she won handily and most recently the world record […]

The Path to Study and Residence in New Zealand for International Students

New Zealand exports knowledge because it is a knowledge society. In fact, the New Zealand Department of Labour states on its website that the education export market alone contributes over two billion dollars in foreign currency. International students gain an internationally recognised qualification and New Zealand institutions benefit through the exchange of ideas as well […]

NZLC English course offer for onshore students

We are offering special flat rates on full time courses to anyone already in New Zealand and wishing to study English at one of our award winning English schools in Auckland or Wellington. We understand that the current situation is putting a lot of financial pressure on many people. We want to help students as […]

Immigration Trends New Zealand

Recessions, Job Demands, and Global Economy have Changed the Trend of Immigrants Entering New Zealand Hundreds of immigrants from various parts of the world come to New Zealand to work and perhaps, stay on permanently in the country. Not only skilled people but unskilled migrants move in to the country regularly. Some years back, many […]

Julia’s New Zealand Study Experience

In the past decades more and more overseas students decide to study in New Zealand to improve their English skills. But the schools usually have so much more to offer. One reason why thousands of international students choose New Zealand is due to the incredibly good service offered by the schools. Many students have a […]

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Career Opportunities in New Zealand The Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management prepares you for an entry level management position in either a tourism or hospitality organization. You will also gain sufficient knowledge and practice to prepare you to start a small business in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Cursos Vocacionales Nueva Zelanda

Cursos Vocacionales en Nueva Zelanda VET se refiere a la Educación Vocacional cómo carreras técnicas que preparan aprendices dedicados al trabajo práctico o que no es académico. Es dedicado a un área específica, en donde el participante desarrolla sus capacidades en el área deseada. Todos los cursos se basan en teoría práctica para desarrollar habilidades […]

Become a Travel Writer

Successful Travel Writers Travel, Write, Learn, and Make their Script Sellable Have you ever thought of becoming a travel writer, pen down some classic exploits of unexplored realms of the world – say New Zealand – and, mint good amount of money in the bargain? If not, the time is ripe for you to make […]

Cookery Programs

New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA) has been offering a gamut of cookery programs and internships to cater to the hospitality sector. The programs would start off in February, 2013 for various levels – 3, 4, and 5 at their new facility in Panmure. Write to us if you are looking for this NZQA accredited attractive […]

Degree in Viticulture

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) has renewed an alliance with Lincoln University to deliver bachelor degree in viticulture from its Marlborough campus. The alliance showcases the brilliance of utilizing local industry and community through wine industry training. So, if you want a guaranteed pathway staying at Nelson from diploma to a bachelor’s degree, here […]