New Zealand exports knowledge because it is a knowledge society. In fact, the New Zealand Department of Labour states on its website that the education export market alone contributes over two billion dollars in foreign currency.

International students gain an internationally recognised qualification and New Zealand institutions benefit through the exchange of ideas as well as the financial gain.

The international labour market is very competitive and demand for skilled workers is no less competitive than in New Zealand. This is especially so if the qualification is in high demand by New Zealand employers.

New Zealand like most other pro-immigration countries seeks to attract highly skilled young talent to study and stay on in New Zealand.

This is achieved through relaxed immigration policies allowing students to stay on after graduation as well as the recognition of their skills in the local job market.

This attitude towards international students stems from the fact that many international students intend to stay on after graduation in New Zealand rather than return to their home country.

Studying in New Zealand

New Zealand research shows that the study of the English language is most commonly studied subject across the NZ education sector as a whole. English language study also forms a cross-study pathway between tertiary institutions with English language being the common link.

Making the switch from study to work and living in New Zealand

NZ research has revealed that the most common pathway to residence from study is studying at a high school but including English language and tertiary studies also gives students an overall high rate of making it to residence in New Zealand after study. Among the factors influencing this decision is age (younger people have a higher rate of success than older people) and their study choices.

The most common option for younger people has been to apply from residence after school in contrast to older people who had different education experiences prior to starting work.

Living in New Zealand

NZ research has also revealed that those who were successful in gaining residence in New Zealand were more likely to stay on than those who were granted work permits. They achieve this either though the skilled or business category of immigration.

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