Become a Travel Writer

Successful Travel Writers Travel, Write, Learn, and Make their Script Sellable

Have you ever thought of becoming a travel writer, pen down some classic exploits of unexplored realms of the world – say New Zealand – and, mint good amount of money in the bargain? If not, the time is ripe for you to make a head start as there are many internet jobs for travel writer. However, you must have a passionate inclination to write and travel.

Many areas in New Zealand still remain unexplored. Time and again travelers make a sneak peek into this pristine world, write their own tour experience, and inform readers about how to accomplish a trip to the area. An excellent piece of work would be a promotional tool for tourism sector, travel agencies, resort management, and tour operators.

How to Make Article Sellable
Travel writing is not just about narrating day-to-day activities in a holiday or reworded synopsis of another article from the net. A travelogue must be:

Original with a sense of novelty
Laced with a personal touch of the author – through tips and opinions
Interesting enough to draw the reader
A travel story where the writer has dealt a particular angle
Neat, compact, and lucid to read

Where to Start
It would take some time to become a pro travel writer. However, avid writers with equally motivating urge to travel would be able to stick to their endeavor till the end. Remember, steady progress works wonder for becoming a perfect artist. To start with, most aspiring travel-writers:

Create their own blogs and publish regular eye-catching articles
Register to social networking sites, publish articles, reply comments, and generally stay active in the literary circle.
Read other travelogues and e-books
Attend travel writing workshops, seminars, literary fests, and art exhibitions

Travel Writing Courses
Building your career as a travel writer is not just about writing a piece. You must know how to pitch editors and get responses from them. It is also about how you socialize yourself in the literary world. Many writing courses help in these aspects. Special reviewers are appointed to review your work.

Pitching through Photographs and Videos
An illustrated article would fetch a good price, especially if the content deals with a popular locale in New Zealand. In fact, an aspiring travel writer can make an edge over the other competitors by sending a fantastic photograph to the editor. Pitching through this method yields better response. It would be a good idea to earn ancillary courses in travel, such as underwater filmography, videography, and photography.

A scuba-diving with knowledge in underwater photography could rake money by writing an e-book on a journey undersea among wreckage and corals of New Zealand Sea. In short, there are loads of opportunities for a travel writer to carve out a perfect career.