Recessions, Job Demands, and Global Economy have Changed the Trend of Immigrants Entering New Zealand

Hundreds of immigrants from various parts of the world come to New Zealand to work and perhaps, stay on permanently in the country. Not only skilled people but unskilled migrants move in to the country regularly.

Some years back, many professionals from UK made New Zealand their popular destination to work, study, and settle. After the World War II, people without jobs moved to New Zealand for a better life from UK and the US. Labor shortage in New Zealand attracted thousands of immigrants from European and American nations. However, the trend slowly changed at the latter part of 20th century when the Immigration Law was passed by the New Zealand government.

Under the new Immigration rule, people with the required skills would only be invited to enter New Zealand. Job demand would propel the type of people required to work or settle in the country. The jobs would be given based on the education qualification of the individual, English language fluency, and experience.

Earlier Trends

During 2015, majority of the immigrants were under skilled migrant category – people who had relevant work experience and knowledge. According to the 6th yearly migration report, there has been a steady rise in work permits, especially in the field of information technology, business, and horticulture. The demand for skilled people under these categories has ensured the more than 50 percent of the immigrants settled in New Zealand under the Permanent Visa.

Recent Trends

Today, the need for skilled migrants does exist. As New Zealand is still developing its basic infrastructure, the need for construction workers, skilled civil engineers, and tradesmen are high even today. Upcoming cities or cities which require a face lift need skilled pros. The “Rebuild” Christchurch project for instance, has ensured jobs for construction workers, designers, and architects.

The recession in the global economy has taken a toll on the influx of labor force that had planned to enter New Zealand on temporary visa. Apprehension about the downturn hitting the New Zealand market has dissuaded unskilled people to move in to the country. As a result, the net immigration trend has been slow in the recent times.

Not only in the unskilled category but also in the category of permanent residency, there has been a decrease in the number of people immigrating into the country. Due to recession, many people did not want to shift their base. Added to the economic woes, the Canterbury quake and infrastructure devastation has also dissuaded people to look for permanent residency in the country.

Future Trend

It is expected that there will be a rise of immigration in all quarters to New Zealand in the next few years. While there may be similar or lower rate of immigration from developed nations, the rise in the number of immigrants would likely to be seen from India, South Africa, and other Asian countries.

There have been a lot of changes in the Immigration Laws, which could result in a certain trend of immigration in the country. According to the policies, wealthy immigrants have a greater chance to survive and settle in the country. However, highly skilled pros have an equally better chance to settle and enjoy a bright career in New Zealand.

Role of AA Education

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