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The legal age for purchasing or consumption of alcohol in New Zealand is 18, You may be required to provide proof of age as evidence when buying alcohol. International students should note that the penalties are severe for drink driving in New Zealand.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Free contraceptives are provided at most youth health centres, public hospitals and sexual health clinics throughout the country. International students should note that New Zealand is a very liberal country with regard to issues relating to sexuality. This is similar to most western countries. You can feel free to discuss any sexuality related issue in a supportive and understanding environment.

People with disabilities

New Zealand is a society which enables people with disabilities to live as normal a life as possible. For example, new buildings are designed keeping them in mind. There are also special provisions for disabled students.

Health Services New Zealand

New Zealand has an excellent range of quality public and private health organisations but, in most cases, charge international students who access these services.  Health care can be expensive so be sure to organise comprehensive insurance before arriving in New Zealand.

Common ailments such as cold and flu are treated by a General Practioner (GP) of medicine.  Most cities have dozens of GP’s on offer.  Your university may also have a student health centre.

Sexual health clinics can be found at hospitals and some universitites and youth centres.  The Family Planning Association also has clinics in most cities (visit their website for more information.)  These clinics can provide you with contraceptive advice and screen you for sexual transmitted diseases, and also offer cervical screening and pregnancy testing.

If you are suffering a serious medical ailment or have been injured in an accident, dial 111 and ask for an ambulance (111 will also put you through to fire and police).  This is a free call.  If you are admitted to hospital or undergo surgery, you will need to provide your insurance details or you will be hit with a bill.
New Zealand’s 24 hour Posion Information Centre can be contacted on 0800 POSION (0800 764 766.)

Health Care New Zealand

New Zealand has an efficient public health system. International students should note that health services come at a greater cost for international students.


In such situations, please dial "111" for an ambulance at not cost to yourself.

Hospital treatment

For surgery or treatment at private hospitals, international students may be required to pay for the services. At public hospitals, the fees may be waived if you are entitled to such services.