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Hamilton in New Zealand is a polular destination for students from all over the world.

Hamilton New Zealand

Study in Hamilton New Zealand

Study in Hamilton New Zealand

Education and research are important to Hamilton, through the University of Waikato and the Waikato Institute of Technology. Research at the Ruakura center has been responsible for much of New Zealand's innovation in agriculture.


The city of Hamilton has changed dramatically since its early days as a rural service station. This energetic and exciting city is the second largest urban area in New Zealand’s North Island and, with a population of 166 000, is the fourth most populous city in the country. Hamilton’s population is made up largely of students attending the nearby Waikato University and as a result, has a youthful atmosphere with a noticeable presence of student friendly establishments.

The area now known as Hamilton was originally a Maori village called Kirikiriroa, which means ‘Long Stretch of Road.’ New Zealanders have retained the Maori name. Hamilton is also one of four New Zealand cities to share a near exact antipodal city, meaning that they are diametrically opposite on a world globe. Hamilton’s antipode is Cordoba, in Spain.

Hamilton is located in the Waikato region of the North Island and sits on the crux of a major road and rail network in the centre of the Waikato basin. The Waikato River forms the main geographical border for Hamilton. It is a mainly flat topographic area with low hills and shallow gullies along the outskirts, as well as Hamilton Lake. Hamilton Lake is a 64 hectare (0.25 square miles) body of water that was formed in the crater of an ancient volcano.

Hamilton in New Zealand has a temperate and damp climate. The frequent rainfall, although unpopular with residences, has made dairy farming a major industry in the area. Summer temperatures rarely rise above 30 degrees Celsius (or 86 degrees Fahrenheit). Thick fogs and ground frosts are common during winter. Hamilton receives infrequent snowfall.

The Hamilton Gardens are one of Hamilton’s most popular tourist destinations, receiving over 600 000 visitors per year. The Sky City Casino, in the Riverside Centre by the Waikato River, offers bars, restaurants and a bowling alley, and is a common weekend haunt for young adults. Other spots popular with tourists include the Hamilton Zoo, the Hamilton Astronomical Society Observatory and the Sky City Casino. The Turangawaewae marae, home of the Maori monarch Tuheitia Paki, is twenty minutes north west of Hamilton.

The proximity of the Waikato University has given Hamilton a large student population. This is evident in the number of businesses catering to students. The central business district is a booming retail atmosphere by day, and a sophisticated and vibrant selection of bars and pubs at night. Hamilton’s main street houses the second largest collection of cafes in the country.

Richard O’Brien, creator of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, is a former Hamilton resident. In 2004, the City Council erected a statue in his honour. The life size statue of Riff Raff, the character O’Brien played in the movie, was created by WETA Workshops, the company who made the props for Lord of the Rings. The statue stands on the former site of the Embassy Theatre, where O’Brien is said to have gained inspiration by watching science fiction features.

Hamilton is a fun city with a youthful atmosphere. This major New Zealand town has successfully distanced itself from its more humble origins to become an interesting and exciting tourist destination.

Festivals in Hamilton

Hamilton Festivals

Celebration of Joy and Entertainment

All the year round Hamilton festivals show that the people living in this region are not only fun-loving but also eager to pursue their culture with great devotion. From various garden shows to music festivals, balloon festivals, festivals to showcase the prowess and beauty of horses, and many more events, Hamilton commands the list of such festivals among other cities in New Zealand.

Here are some popular festivities that are celebrated in Hamilton with great pomp.

Hamilton East Heritage Festival – Celebrated each year, this festival showcases heritage theme of east Hamilton, such as display of vintage cars, Clydesdale horses, horse rides, skit plays, specialty heritage food stuff and drinks.

Scarecrows Festival – Performed by school kids, kindergarten kids, or children in the family, where scarecrows are made and showcased at Hamilton Gardens Kitchen garden.

Gallagher Great Race – Thousands cheer on the banks of the Waikato River for their team to win the traditional rowing race where various universities take part each year.

9th Hispanic Spring Festival – The Spanish speaking inhabitants celebrate on onset of spring each year on 21st September. Food, drinks, dramas, and music are the main theme among others, in this festivity. Food kiosks would include those from Spain, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, and Mexico.

Balloons over Waikato – A non-profit organization organizes this event each year at Hamilton Lake, University of Waikato, and Innes Common. During one of the nights of this 5-day event, balloons are seen glowing in the sky with crackers bursting in the mid.

Craft & Quilt Fair – showcases some find craftwork handmade by artisans. There are workshops to learn the secrets of craftwork and quilt-making.

Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival – This main festival of Hamilton Gardens include musical shows, dance dramas, theaters, and merrymaking. Other garden shows are also celebrated in the premises.

Parachute Festival – The 3-day festivity celebrates music of all genres, where various types of songs and music are performed by artists. There are also seminars on music, lectures by eminent singers and musicians, and display of carnival activities.

Kāwhia Kai Festival – Celebrated in Hamilton and Waikato on 6th February at Waitangi Day, the festivity showcases Maori culture, food, costumes, jewelry and lot more. You can check out “kono” – the traditional flax basket – Hangi kai dish, waka – the famous Maori canoe – and sea food made of mussels, fermented corn, and snails.

Festivities at Mystery Creek Events Center – Many events are celebrated in this center. This includes agriculture related event, Fieldays, boat shows, sports activities, and motor shows.

New Zealand Red Cross Event – This is an annual event where books, puzzles, movies, and music videos are put up for sale at a low price. The proceeds go to Red Cross organization in New Zealand.

Waikato Home & Garden Show – A show for homes, interior decorations, gardens, and courtyard deck-up, the events showcases the chic ideas on interior decorations, bedding, and flooring of houses. Unique gardens are displayed and the owner is felicitated with awards.

Golden Axe and Logger Sports Carnival – This festivity showcases skills of axe-men and woodsmen.

Hamilton Travel Guide

Travel at Low Cost to Enjoy More To experience the pulsating nightlife, hilarity of the people, and natural habitat of Hamilton in New Zealand, many tourists go for budget travel as it allows them to save money on entertainment, tours, and sightseeing trips. Travelers on a modest budget plans, even stay on for few weeks at least in this vibrant city on the banks of Waikato River to feel the bucolic lifestyle on one hand and city mirth on the other. With bunk rooms and dormitories to accommodate a group of youngsters, to backpacking bed-and-breakfast comfy yet cost-effective hostels and self-reliant apartments, it is not that difficult to enjoy a budget travel to Hamilton. Discounted Airline Tickets Budget flight tickets are quite useful especially if travelers are coming from a distant country and planning to travel to different locales of New Zealand. Today, many Hamilton budget travel deals have been coined especially to rope in international travelers. Airlines, such as Freedom Air, Virgin Blue, and Jet Star have discounted tickets from various locations to Hamilton during different parts of the year. A traveler from Sydney can fly to Hamilton at around 90 AUD during May-June months. Cost Effective Car Rentals Backpackers need to hire cars or station wagons to visit various locales of Hamilton, especially when they are traveling in a group or touring the city with a plan to camp or hike. To travel around without spending too much cash in the process, many travelers hunt the net beforehand and get lucrative travel deals in the bargain before they embark for their holidays to Hamilton. For instance, modestly priced car rentals would provide cars at a rate of 20 Dollars per day and 60 Dollars for jeeps and station wagons. There are 7-to-8 seat vans or family wagons. Travelers can book for the entire day to lower the cost even further. Comfy Group-Stay at Attractive Spots Hamilton is a suitable place from where there are popular tourist spots. For instance, Waitomo Caves has a perfect ambience for a nature lover. Youngsters in a team often stay on for a couple of days near this cave to enjoy a day of adventurous rafting. Rap Raft N Rock Backpacker and Juno Hall are comfortable lodges that do not pinch your pocket. At around 22 Dollars per night per person, you can consider yourself to be lucky. And, backpackers on budget travel to Hamilton and looking for a bed-n-breakfast inns or hostels at the main city center can check out J's Backpackers, Forty Winks, and Eagles Nest Backpackers. The rate for single room would be around 50 Dollars. At the heart of the city, the backpackers’ hostels provide night stay and meals at a low price. There are apartments, such as YHA Hamilton Microtel, hotels, such as Commercial Hotel, and hostels, such as Colts ‘n’ Fillies Backpackers and Backpackers Central Hamilton. It is always advisable to read through tips and articles on budget travel to save cash while traveling. In Hamilton, bus fares are low. You can even save more by booking early. So, backpackers on a shoestring budget, often stay at a hostel close to a bus stop and travel to various locales of city in a bus.

Scenery Hamilton is just Right for Backpackers, Trekkers, Shoppers, and Foodies

Hamilton, the fourth largest city of New Zealand, is situated on the North Island in the Waikato area. It attracts thousands of tourists each year because of its scenic beauty. The city grew on the banks of Waikato River, where previously Maori villages were situated. Sediments from Waikato River have made the banks immensely fertile. Today, the region has lush greenery, gardens, beautifully decked up parks, zoos, and lake areas. If you want to check out a colorful Hamilton, you should visit the city during Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival.

Engaging Spots for Nature Lovers
Tourists can never miss the Hamilton zoo which hosts 600 and more animals. Don’t be surprised if you see the endangered white rhinos or near extinct frog species. The zoo offers the largest “free-flight” reserve for 50 species or more birds. Travelers often saunter for long walks to visit Hamilton Gardens. The Garden is a park no doubt but decked up like a botanical garden with numerous mini gardens, such as English Flower garden, Japanese Garden, Roger Rose garden, Rhododendron garden, and special flowerbeds.

A little south, one can immediately see the Waitomo caves which can be toured on a boat. There are stalagmites and stalactites along with blue glow of glowworms. And, those who love tea gardens can visit Zealong where the oolong tea plantations are nurtured with great care. During a bright sunny day, many tourists bask on the banks of the Waikato River. A diehard nature lover and sports activist could easily pursue kayaking, air balloon ride, or boating. Taitua Arboretum is yet another farmland reserve where farm animals and birds roam freely in their safe territory.

Pulsating Nightlife, Satiating Shopper’s Stop, and Appetizing Cuisine
Youngsters who want a perfect tantalizing nightlife visit the Skycity casino for trying their luck in gambling. There are entertainment shows at Matamata and Hobbiton movie theatre. Travelers often pick up antique and specialty goods from beach town, Raglan, Cambridge shop, and Kiwi House.

Hamilton has versatile tourist attraction spots. There are restaurants, wineries, and mineral spas to spice up the holidays in Hamilton. Some travelers on the other hand, visit Waitomo museum and various relics of the Maori dynasty.

So, whether travelers visit the city outskirts or enjoy a pulsating nightlife, Hamilton it has adequate entertainment and versatile tourist attractions for all.

Hamilton in New Zealand is a polular destination for students from all over the world.

Education and research are important to Hamilton, through the University of Waikato and the Waikato Institute of Technology. Research at the Ruakura center has been responsible for much of New Zealand's innovation in agriculture.

Some interesting tourist attractions in Hamilton:

  • Hamilton Gardens - the region's most popular tourist attraction
  • Hamilton Zoo
  • Waikato Museum
  • SkyCity casino

Hamilton Jobs

Hamilton Jobs

Hamilton is a little bit different from most New Zealand centers in that it is a University town being the home of Waikato University. As such although there is competition for part-time jobs, they do exist if one can mow lawns for example. Also as is normal, there are more of these type jobs available during the summer season which is December through February. Local jobs such as waiting tables at a restaurant or working in a supermarket are occasionally available. Jobs such as an on-line writer are a good option.

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