Hamilton New Zealand

Hamilton in New Zealand is a polular destination for students from all over the world.

Hamilton New Zealand

Study in Hamilton New Zealand

Study in Hamilton New Zealand

Education and research are important to Hamilton, through the University of Waikato and the Waikato Institute of Technology. Research at the Ruakura center has been responsible for much of New Zealand's innovation in agriculture.


The city of Hamilton has changed dramatically since its early days as a rural service station. This energetic and exciting city is the second largest urban area in New Zealand’s North Island and, with a population of 166 000, is the fourth most populous city in the country. Hamilton’s population is made up largely of students attending the nearby Waikato University and as a result, has a youthful atmosphere with a noticeable presence of student friendly establishments.

The area now known as Hamilton was originally a Maori village called Kirikiriroa, which means ‘Long Stretch of Road.’ New Zealanders have retained the Maori name. Hamilton is also one of four New Zealand cities to share a near exact antipodal city, meaning that they are diametrically opposite on a world globe. Hamilton’s antipode is Cordoba, in Spain.

Hamilton is located in the Waikato region of the North Island and sits on the crux of a major road and rail network in the centre of the Waikato basin. The Waikato River forms the main geographical border for Hamilton. It is a mainly flat topographic area with low hills and shallow gullies along the outskirts, as well as Hamilton Lake. Hamilton Lake is a 64 hectare (0.25 square miles) body of water that was formed in the crater of an ancient volcano.

Hamilton in New Zealand has a temperate and damp climate. The frequent rainfall, although unpopular with residences, has made dairy farming a major industry in the area. Summer temperatures rarely rise above 30 degrees Celsius (or 86 degrees Fahrenheit). Thick fogs and ground frosts are common during winter. Hamilton receives infrequent snowfall.

The Hamilton Gardens are one of Hamilton’s most popular tourist destinations, receiving over 600 000 visitors per year. The Sky City Casino, in the Riverside Centre by the Waikato River, offers bars, restaurants and a bowling alley, and is a common weekend haunt for young adults. Other spots popular with tourists include the Hamilton Zoo, the Hamilton Astronomical Society Observatory and the Sky City Casino. The Turangawaewae marae, home of the Maori monarch Tuheitia Paki, is twenty minutes north west of Hamilton.

The proximity of the Waikato University has given Hamilton a large student population. This is evident in the number of businesses catering to students. The central business district is a booming retail atmosphere by day, and a sophisticated and vibrant selection of bars and pubs at night. Hamilton’s main street houses the second largest collection of cafes in the country.

Richard O’Brien, creator of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, is a former Hamilton resident. In 2004, the City Council erected a statue in his honour. The life size statue of Riff Raff, the character O’Brien played in the movie, was created by WETA Workshops, the company who made the props for Lord of the Rings. The statue stands on the former site of the Embassy Theatre, where O’Brien is said to have gained inspiration by watching science fiction features.

Hamilton is a fun city with a youthful atmosphere. This major New Zealand town has successfully distanced itself from its more humble origins to become an interesting and exciting tourist destination.

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