Cities in North & South Island New Zealand


Picturesque New Zealand has beautiful cities interspersed in North Island and South Island. The cities are famous for parks, beach activities, vineyards, orchards, and various types of industries. Well-planned and attractive, the cities are regularly visited by business people, students, travellers, tourists, and working holiday people.

The ‘city of sails’, Auckland is a harbour city that has beautiful beaches. It not only offers a great destination for tourists but also for international students. Top universities are located in this city which pioneer in technology and research activities. In South Island, the ‘garden city’, there are parks and gardens. There are festivals on art, music, and nature. Close by, Canterbury area hosts ski-resorts, wineries, and industries related to bio-technology and information technology.

Queenstown is yet another attractive city that is vied by shoppers. Pulsating nightlife is common. However, the city also has many popular institutes that provide world-class tertiary education. If you are looking for somewhere close to nature, you can visit Hamilton in the North Island. Pristine nature, bird-watching centre, and land of orchids, the Hamilton city grew on either banks of the Waikato River. Rich fertile land has made agriculture an important preoccupation here, similar to Nelson. Napier too, is a similar farming area in New Zealand. The city is famous for the Arataki Honey. Tourists flock in large numbers to buy soaps, beauty and health care products made from this honey.

Dunedin is one of the popular educational centres in New Zealand. Situated in South Island, the city has many vocational institutes that provide technical knowledge to students. Situated on the Otago harbour, the city has beautiful scenic spots. English learning and outdoor educational courses are easily taught here.

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Cities in New Zealand

Cities in New Zealand

Cities & Regions in New Zealand

New Zealand’s towns and cities have a charm of their own.

The major cities include Auckland (the largest), Hamilton in the Waikato region, Palmerston North in the Manawatu region, Wellington the capital, Christchurch in the Canterbury region and Dunedin in the Otago region.

Cities & Surroundings in New Zealand

New Zealand Cities

When one thinks of New Zealand, they think of Mountain Ranges, Spectacular Beaches, Rugby and Bungi Jumping. New Zealand does also have some exciting and trendy cities. These cities are full of history, beauty, culture, entertainment and many shops.

Although the major cities may be small in comparison to many other countries, this makes for a more friendly, easy going pace. As well as there being less pollution and crime then bigger international cities.

New Zealands capital Wellington located on the North Island is in fact only the third largest city in the country. With Auckland and Christchurch beating it in population. Each city has a unique story, and each is in close proximity to all natural attractions. Making a stay in one of the large New Zealand cities a great place to stay on a New Zealand holiday.

New Zealand Cities

New Zealand Cities

Major Cities in New Zealand

Like Australia, New Zealand is also an island country. It is located 2000 kilometers south east of Australia and is comprised of two land masses commonly known as the North Island and the South Island. The indigenous Maori name is Aotearoa which loosely translates to ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’. The country has a population of over 4 million people.

Their national icon is the kiwi (pronounced as kee-wee) it is a flightless bird, about the size of a chicken. The birds usually have dark brown feathers and have a distinctive long and thin beak. They are native only to New Zealand and though there are five known species of the kiwi, they are all currently an endangered species. Kiwis are closely related to Australia’s Emu and Africa’s Ostrich. Colloquially, people from New Zealand are also referred to, as ‘Kiwis’ or otherwise are known as New Zealanders.

Sports are a very important part of New Zealand’s culture. Though they are a small country with a small population compared to other sporting nations, New Zealand does very well on the international sporting stage. The most popular sporting teams are the New Zealand cricket team, the national netball team known as the Silver Ferns (netball is the most popular women’s sport) and the All Blacks in rugby union which is considered the national sport of New Zealand and are a very successful international team. They are known as the All Blacks because of their uniform and are also well known for the performance of the haka, a traditional Maori that consists of the rhythmic stamping of feet and chanting, before every international game.

Sightseeing New Zealand

New Zealands Main Cities

New Zealand is a country full of history and beauty, with history even as it seems within the controversy of what a city actually was. Before 1989 the term city took on two meanings. Before this time a borough council with any more then 20,000 people was considered a city. However after 1989 the government decided on a new system where city councils where bought in aswell as districts, this has made the system alot easier.

There was also some controversy from 1852 and 1876 due to no formal documentation showing which of the cities Nelson, Christchurch or Otago was considered New Zealands first city. After this in 1876 when the Municipal Corporations Act was developed and contained the schedule of cities with dates each was constituted, it was found that Dunedin was to be New Zealands oldest or first city.

New Zealand is split into two islands each with its many big and interesting cities, however Wellington was to become the capital situation on New Zealands North Island.
Wellington has a population of only 381,900 people on an are of only 444 square kilometers. Wellington may be the capital but it is certainly not the biggest.

The largest cities run in this order: Auckland as number one also on the North Island with a population of 1,313,200 people on an area of 1,086 square kilometers, second is Christchurch on the South Island with a population of 382,200 people and an area of 608 square kilometers and then coming in third is the capital city of Wellington. They are followed by Hamilton, Tauranga, Dunedin, Parlmerston North, Hastings, Nelson and Napier as the top ten largest cities in New Zealand.

There are many cities to visit in New Zealand though all with their own individual beauty and interesting qualities.

On the North Island there is Auckland, Whangarei, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Rotorua, Gisborne, Napier, Hastings, Wanganui, Palmerston North and of course Wellington.

On the South Island there is Nelson, Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill.

Of course these are only the major cities, there is so much more to see in New Zealand. What a fantastic place for a visit.

Queenstown New Zealand
Picturesque Queenstown is one of pristine towns in New Zealand where hundreds of tourists throng each year to take part in skiing activities and mountaineering. The town in the South Island is flanked by Lake Wakatipu and Southern Alps. The saw-toothed Remarkables mountain range overlooks this town that is renowned for being the four-season alpine and lake resort.

Canterbury New Zealand
The region of Canterbury is the largest province in New Zealand that comprises of plains and mountains. The Southern Alps goes through it in the West while Conway River flows in the North. River Waitaki also flows through it in the South. Rich soil has made the region just right for agriculture and sustainable forestry. However, you can also find migrants being hired for construction work, heavy industrial tasks, fishery, and hydropower projects. The recruitment of international workers is based on the new Skill Hub rule. Dairy farming is also a lucrative profession here.

Christchurch New Zealand

Christchurch, situated in South Island is the third largest city in New Zealand. It is surrounded by Banks Peninsula in the north, hills and Canterbury province in the remaining region. The Avon River flows through it, making the place rich in minerals. No wonder, the city is known as the Garden City of New Zealand with nearly 700 parks. Many educational institutes thrive in this region, especially those that specializes in outdoor education. From skiing expedition to hiking, biking, and mountaineering, the youngsters take the pleasure of traveling the region as well.

Dunedin New Zealand

Situated in the Otago region, Dunedin is harbor city with historical, geographical, and cultural brilliance. It is the second largest city in South Island and surrounded by Harbor of Otago at one end, hills, and extinct volcano on the other end. Known for wineries, breweries, and farming, the town is picturesque, natural, yet commercially quite active. The harbor has initiated maritime activities to various parts of the world. The oldest city is also well known for its educational activities.

Nelson New Zealand

The second oldest city, Nelson is situated quite close to Richmond at Tasman Bay. It was christened after Admiral Nelson who defeated foreign invaders, French and Spanish army centuries back. Historically and culturally quite well known, Nelson is also noted for its industrial activities in aviation and engineering. It is also commercially popular in four major subjects, namely horticulture, forestry, tourism, and seafood culinary.

Napier New Zealand
Napier, along with Hastings, are known as Twin Cities of New Zealand. It is one of the growing centers of wine and fruit production. Located at the Hawke’s Bay, Napier exports apples, stone fruits, pears, wool, and high quality wine. The town is also a great spot for tourists. Thousands of visitors visit the place in February to take part in Art Deco Weekend event. Other events include Winery show at Green Meadows and Mission Estate Concert at Missions Estate. Just few hundred km from the capital city Wellington, Napier is yet another important satellite town of New Zealand. Metal works, food, beverages, textile, and craftwork are some of the industries thriving in this region.

Hamilton New Zealand

Hamilton is the fourth largest city in New Zealand. The urban area is situated in the Waikato Region of North Island. Waikato River passes through this area, giving rise to agro-based industries. Although the climate is temperate, the environment in Hamilton has always been damp due to the swampy areas. Many lakes have come up in recent times, such as Lake Rotoroa, Lake Taupo, and series of smaller lakes. Farming, agriculture, tourism, and small scale businesses have come up in the area.

Auckland New Zealand

Auckland is situated in North Island and markedly defined by the land in between Hauraki Gulf, Hunua Range, and Manukau Harbor. The urban area is the center for commercial and business prospect, primarily because of its proximity with Manukau Harbor on the Tasman Sea and Waitemata Harbor on the Pacific Ocean. Apart from business activities, thousands of tourists visit each year to cruise in luxury yachts or indulge in sea sports. Education is a lucrative revenue earning option for this area as well.