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 Canterbury New Zealand


Canterbury, on the South Island, is New Zealand’s largest region in terms of area and Christchurch is its regional commercial and administrative centre. Founded in 1850-1851 by the first English settlers arriving in Lyttleton Harbour, Christchurch is a vibrant, sophisticated city of old world English charm and up-to-date technology and business, including information technology, agri-business, biotechnology, medical technology, education and a booming tourist industry.

It is also the regional centre for government, with its international airport within two hours drive. Lyttleton is a deep harbour port, road and rail links make the city the region’s distribution and export centre and the city is also known as the Gateway to the Antarctic. The Canterbury region sustains cities, farms, wineries, coastal towns and ski resorts in its diverse makeup.

Canterbury region is defined by the Conway River in the north, the Southern Alps to the west, the Waitaki River to the south and the ocean to the east.

The region is approximately 42,200 square kilometres in area and has a population of over 552, 000, made up of people from a European background (over 90%), Maori (about 5%), Asian & Pacific descent (around 3-4%) with small numbers of residents from other backgrounds. Activities available for recreation range from hot air ballooning and wind-surfing through whale watching to top-notch gardens and wineries or a trip up Mt Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain, in the Southern Alps.

Due to its mixture of both urban and rural living, housing is a bit more affordable in the Canterbury region compared to the more urban regions in New Zealand and the cost of living is about the mid-range for New Zealand overall. Naturally costs would be a bit higher in Christchurch, the regional centre, but an affordable quality lifestyle in a beautiful and varied regional environment is waiting for all those who wish to come.

Study in Canterbury

Study in Canterbury

Top Ten Reasons Why Canterbury Remains the Ideal Location to Study for International Students

Studying New Zealand - Canterbury

  • Safety – A friendly community helps to provide safety for students of various age groups. English language taught to the international students also include introduction to culture, history, and mannerisms expected in Canterbury.
  • Transport – The urban spot has train, bus, and cab service. Dedicate school service are offered by Sydney Buses.
  • Career-oriented course -- The courses are at par with international standards and registered by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) and Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). The curriculum is also supported by Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) and Member of Tertiary Assurance Scheme (TAS) for protection of Fees of overseas students.
  • Internship programs – Job opportunities are available aplenty in Canterbury. From part-time baristas to waiters and chefs, you can find suitable internships and short-term work in the urban area.
  • Vocational Courses – Vocational subjects include learning in Printing & Graphic Arts, Electronics & Communications, Software Development, and Business. Non-accredited work-based programs are also offered to international students to work in local communities.
  • Student Exchange Programs – Student exchange programs allow students to get degree from the partner institute. You can learn overseas by paying for the amount you would at Canterbury.
  • Good environment zoology -- Pristine topography and unique flora and fauna have made Canterbury a prime spot to do research work on ecology, environment zoology, geology, and marine life.
  • Government keenness – Government-introduced lucrative options such as, Christchurch Educated, travel discounts through student cards, and free information and advice help to invite foreign students
  • Safe friendly accommodation – Safe, furnished, and amiable accommodation is available at Canterbury through Campus Living Villages, homestays, and student hostels.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning – Canterbury provides a medium to identify and support skills or work experience that a student has acquired irrespective of where and when the learning happened. So, international students can quickly get their value for their learning at Canterbury institutes to study further.

To study abroad in plush urban locality at Canterbury, write to our student adviser for details.

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