Yoobee Colleges New Zealand

Yoobee Colleges is New Zealand’s largest specialist digital design and IT college and has been training students for the creative and IT industries with a proven record of success. Experienced design educators are fully connected with industries and the programmes are designed as a result of extensive consultation with industry.

Programs at Yoobee embrace to evolving world of technology, from Digital Media and Design, Web Design and UX and 3D Animation, to Filmmaking, Game Art and Development and 3D Graphics, all programmes keep students up to date in the industry.

International students can study at Levels 4, 5, 6 and 7, and gain an education that opens doors to the best digital and design studios in the world. No experience – no problem! The Certificate in Digital Media (for example) provides students with the fundamentals of design and the software used in the diploma courses. No previous design experience is required, nor a portfolio. With a number of pathways in place, Yoobee students can start with a Certificate course, next a Diploma and and then continue their education with a Bachelor degree (Level 7).

Industry-experienced tutors who are not only experts in their fields but fantastic teachers help you realise your full potential and put you on the road to achieving the same industry success they have. Your training is practical and you are assessed by the quality of the work you create, so no written exams!

Small class sizes form the backbone of the Yoobee Colleges educational model, meaning you can build the strong relationships needed to fuel your creative and technical careers. There is also focus on relationships, face-to-face time with tutors and deep mentorship that will live past your time at Yoobee.

Yoobee College was formed in 2019. The creative minds and legacies of South Seas Film & Television School, Animation College, Yoobee School of Design, AMES – The Institute of IT and Design & Arts (Canterbury) joined forces to become Yoobee Colleges, an interdisciplinary college with seven campuses located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Rotorua. With a combined 30 year history, you can be assured tat with a programme at Yoobee you're learning the skills employers want.

Yoobee Colleges New Zealand Yoobee Colleges New Zealand

Animation College

Yoobee Colleges has a rich 30-year history dating back to 1989 when Disney animator John Ewing and design studio owner Barry Pearce started training New Zealand-based animators out of their studio, later to become Animation College New Zealand. Animation College has trained some of New Zealand's, and the world's, best animators and VFX artists with top billing credits to their names.

Yoobee School of Design

For the past 20 years, Yoobee School of Design armed creatives with the technical know-how and practical, real-world skills to turn their brilliant ideas into careers. It is New Zealand’s largest specialised digital design school.

South Seas Film & Television School

South Seas Film & Television School has fuelled the film and television industry for 27 years. Grounded in intensive, practical courses, the school has bred an army of creatives in post-production, directing, script-writing, art and design, animation and VFX, acting and photography.

AMES – The Institute of IT

AMES has long been the industry's go-to educational training institution for budding software and hardware engineers. Offering specialisations in web and software development, hardware engineering and cloud technologies, the teaching staff bring a rich history and depth of knowledge to our Yoobee Colleges offering.

Courses at Yoobee Colleges

  • Diploma in Game Art and Development - 2 Years, level 7, Christchurch
  • Diploma in Cloud Technology - 45 weeks, level 7, City, Auckland , Wellington
  • Diploma in Photography - 40 weeks, level 6, Glenfield, Auckland
  • Diploma in Screen Production - 40 weeks, level 6, Christchurch
  • Diploma in Creative Digital Design - 40 weeks, level 6
  • Diploma in Web and UX Design - 40 weeks, level 6, City, Auckland
  • Diploma in Networking - 32 weeks, level 6, City, Auckland
  • New Zealand Diploma in Screen Production - 40 weeks, level 5, Glenfield, Auckland
  • Diploma in Digital Design – Animation and Film Production - 40 weeks, level 5, Auckland , Christchurch , Wellington
  • Diploma in Digital Design – Web and Graphic Design - 40 weeks, level 5, City, Auckland
  • Diploma in Film & Television Production - 40 weeks, level 5, Glenfield, Auckland
  • Certificate in Information Technology and Client Support - 14 weeks, level 5, City, Auckland
  • Diploma in Web and Application Development  - 32 weeks, level 5, City, Auckland
  • Diploma in Fashion - 42 weeks, level 5, Christchurch
  • Certificate in Fashion - 20 weeks, level 4, Christchurch
  • Certificate in Creative Media - 20 weeks, level 4, Christchurch , City, Auckland , Manukau, Auckland , Rotorua , Wellington

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ACG Yoobee School of Design offers a variety of programmes, ranging from Foundation Certificates to Diplomas in Graphic Design, Digital Media, Web Development, Animation & Digital Video and much more.

Please contact our team for more information.

Dear Students,

We are delighted to share the following story with you.
Japanese student Yoshinori Ban has had a memorable year at ACG Yoobee School of Design.

In addition to completing his Diploma of Computer Graphic Design, he has also just won two of the top prizes in Yoobee's Excellence Awards.
Yoshinori's Food as Art studio project wowed judges and earned him both the WalkerScott Supreme Individual Award and the Print NZ Print Award.

"These are my first awards,” said Yoshinori.
"I feel very happy and proud and the win has given me a lot of confidence.”
Each year, ACG Yoobee's prestigious Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate exceptional students. For Yoshinori, the win has come at the end of a very fruitful and creative 2014.

"I've had so many fantastic experiences while studying for my diploma. The tutors were really great – they're not just teachers, but also incredibly creative people, and hopefully we'll all stay good friends.

"I've also gained a lot of inspiration from my classmates, many of whom are very ambitious! Working on group projects and learning to communicate and cooperate with other students was a lot of fun and really valuable.”

A huge highlight was the Behance Portfolio Review, an event which brings creatives from all areas of the industry together to share work, and further develop their craft. The twice-annual event also boasts a mind-blowing line-up of guest speakers, and for design students such as Yoshinori, it's an invaluable way to get noticed by industry.

"I made some good industry contacts during the Behance Portfolio Review, and I received a lot of great feedback.”
During Yoshinori's studies at ACG Yoobee School of Design, he also improved his software skills (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) and was able to further develop his penchant for photography. The course also taught him prepress, packaging and ever-important time management skills.

"Studying for my diploma helped me refine my skills and gave me the opportunity to explore and experiment creatively.

It was extremely interesting and would be helpful even for people who are already working in the industry.”

Now that Yoshinori has a New Zealand design qualification under his belt – and a couple of amazing awards – the design world is his oyster. He has already landed a job In New Zealand as a graphic designer for Kiwise Digital Marketing Agency and there are undoubtedly more great things to come.

Please contact our team for more information.

Study Path: Design

Certificates and diplomas require year 12 equivalence: completion of high school.
Bachelors require year 13 equivalence: high school plus 1 year tertiary study or Foundation Studies level 3.

Certificate in Foundation Studies:
Whitinga (Art and Design pathway)
Minimum 1 semester
IELTS 5.5 (no band < 5.0) Placement test

Certificate in Design and Visual Arts.
1 Year IELTS 5.5 (no band < 5.0)Portfolio (12-15 examples of best recent work)

Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts (Contemporary Craft, Graphic Design & Animation, Interior Design, Photography & Media Arts, Product & Furniture Design, Visual Arts)
Programme awaiting final approval for 2009 3 years
IELTS 6.0 (no band < 5.0)
Portfolio (15-20 examples of best recent work)

After 2 years students can exit with level 6 diplomas:

Diploma in Contemporary Craft
Diploma in Graphic Design and Animation
Diploma in Interior Design Studies
Diploma in Contemporary Photography
Diploma in Product Design Studies
Diploma in Visual Arts

Apply here and get more information!

The Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced) is designed to build on student’s existing education and experience. This Level 7 diploma allows students to pursue their own project ideas in a supportive studio environment.
This intensive hands-on Digital Media programme is ideal for anyone considering taking the next step in their print, motion graphics, or interactive design careers.

By the end of the Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced), students will have worked on multiple industry briefs for real-life clients and produced a cutting-edge portfolio that showcases their talents.

Students who have completed a Level 6 diploma with Yoobee or who have had prior industry experience are eligible to enrol for the Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced). A portfolio of creative work must be provided so that Yoobee can assess the student's skills in digital design and production.