New Zealand has an international reputation as a provider of quality education. It has a progressive education system with many state of the art facilities. It offers a safe learning environment with excellent study opportunities and support services for international students.

International students benefit from the New Zealand education system that offers a high standard of living and tuition costs which are among the lowest in OECD countries. New Zealand is also a safe and stable democratic political environment.

The government regulates all education providers diligently in order to maintain the high education standards in New Zealand. International students therefore can be assured of a quality education from quality New Zealand institutions.

The New Zealand Education system provides quality education in custom design that addresses the unique abilities of each student and has a positive emotional experience. It evaluates natural talents and how the student learns. Here international students gains the opportunity of adapting to the natural learning environment where project based education has fundamental roots

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Pastoral care & the code of practice

Pastoral care & the code of practice

While you are studying in New Zealand the Government wants you to be well informed and prepared with proper care and organisational structure provided for you. Where you can build your strategic plans and achieve you goals through studying in New Zealand and discovering our distinct culture and heritage.

The Code of Practice for the Pastoral care of each International Student sets out welfare, safety, health and academic success of each student. All education providers with students enrolled on international student permits must meet the standards and provide services to meet students needs.

The Code ensures that:

  1. Professional High standards are maintained at all times and provide high level of support.
  2. Contractual, Financial and recruitment dealings with international students are completed ethically.
  3. International Students will be provided with up-to-date and precise information weather its in relation to their payment or charges, refund policy and contract between the applicant and the institute.
  4. Accurate information will be provided before making commitments
  5. Recognition of needs will be acknowledge especially in relation to those who are vulnerable because of their youth or lack of experience.
  6. Support and encouragement in relation to cultural matters will be provided at all times.
  7. Students requiring accommodation should advise Student Services well in advance of their arrival in New Zealand, all accommodation offered has been inspected by member of student services staff. Accommodation options include home-stay placement, rental accommodation and hostel.
  8. Suitable accommodation will be provided for students, to ensure safety of students under the 18 years of age, where special safety measures will be in place.
  9. Fair and justified procedures are in place in relation to grievances resolution policy.


The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) ensures all education providers are meeting the code’s requirements. Learn more on the NZQA website.


International students can obtain documents outlining the process of complaints in relation to the way their institutions have treated them where immediate and direct contact between parents, teachers and students is possible. The complaint process may be found on the Ministry of Education website.