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Travelers can dream of a comfy New Zealand tour as the country is well serviced by an efficient public transport system and network.

You can book flights to New Zealand on the Internet or over the phone and collect the ticket at the airport.

Strict security regulations are in force. All electrical appliances must be switched off during the flight.

Check with the New Zealand tour guide your local New Zealand travel agent about special local travel deals and packages and always book in advance to make the most of the special offer.

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Types of Tours in New Zealand

New Zealand has an unusual array of tours and sightseeing truly unique to this island nation. The format is also extremely diverse with any choice of the traveler indulged in to their hearts content from the totally managed and catered for packaged tours via bus to the more venturesome independent road tours or backpacker and hiking tours.

What sets New Zealand apart from tours in other countries is the actual type of experience to be had and their amazing diversity all within a relatively short distance.

  • Glow- worm caves at Waitomo are an example where the visitors are conducted through caves in boat tours and the ceilings are all lit up with the hanging glow of the worms lure.
  • Incredible, sulphurous bubbling mud pools and gushing geysers at Rotorua amaze visitors at how dynamic the earth is.
  • World class volcanoes many snow capped among dramatic surrounding lush bushy scenery  abound in the North Island such as mounts Taranaki, Ngauruhoe, Tongariro and Ruapehu to name a small sampling of an extensive range. Indeed New Zealand's North Island alone is believed to contain more active and dormant volcanoes  per square mile than any other country on earth.
  • Almost unbelievably beautiful pristine  'land that time forgot' lakes and rivers abound through out New Zealand's North and South Islands.
  • The Southern Alps that soar sharply like cloud ramparts along the entire west coast are arguably New Zealand's greatest sightseeing thrill. Their grandeur is spectacular even compared to Europe's Alps – but there is a difference. New Zealand has two distinguishing aspects unknown to all the rest of the world: its temperate climate make all sights more accessible in winter than Europe or North America plus one more surprise. This is a land where very few people live ( the entire population is smaller than the city of Los Angeles, Ca.) and so you get spectacular scenery with nary a soul in sight nor hint of human existence.