Travel New Zealand: Travelling within New Zealand

Travel New Zealand - Travel in New Zealand

Travel New Zealand: Travelling within New Zealand


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Travel New Zealand: Travelling within New Zealand


Travel New Zealand - Travelling within New Zealand

Travelers can dream of a comfy New Zealand tour as the country is well serviced by an efficient public transport system and network.

You can book flights to New Zealand on the Internet or over the phone and collect the ticket at the airport.

Strict security regulations are in force. All electrical appliances must be switched off during the flight.

Check with the New Zealand tour guide your local New Zealand travel agent about special local travel deals and packages and always book in advance to make the most of the special offer.

Travel New Zealand

New Zealand is often termed as a traveller’s paradise because of its pristine natural beauty, rare flora and fauna, and adventure playground that is suitable for bungy jumping, trekking, hiking, and more. Travellers from all parts of the world visit the country for the untouched beauty. Some surf in the sea, enjoy the beaches, go for rafting in the gushing waters, or ski in the snow-covered mountains.

However, you need not spend a fortune to visit this country. There are options for getting a working holiday. You may end up staying for free or getting complimentary meals as well. Some work as fruit pickers or packaging helpers in orchard farms in Napier while few work in the dairy farms in Hamilton. At a busy Auckland or Christchurch city, foreigners work as Au Pairs or sitters. You can also take up jobs in the hospitality sector.

Some travellers are writers or photographers. New Zealand provides immense scope to write travel stories and travel guide. Photojournalists take assignments, while bushwalking, hiking, yachting, or visiting interiors in the country. Maori culture and their habitat are quite resourceful for historians and anthropologists. Many travel to these areas to pick some unique pieces of artwork or data.

Students too, travel during study tours. Students from English language schools often go for trekking or camping as a part of their mission to learn communication skills. Students who want to travel for leisure can avail discounted tickets. There are affordable student hostels as well for backpackers. Campervans are also quite popular among budget travellers.

Make sure you pack well for your tour. Prior knowledge about weather, transport facilities, expenses, and accommodation is a must. We help you by giving you suitable tips while travelling in the country.

You can dream of a comfortable New Zealand tour as the country has a efficient transport network.

Public Transport

Public transport services are not as extensive as some other countries but they are very efficient. Secondary school students are eligible for a discount on bus travel. Some educational institutions have shuttle bus services for their students.


Cyclists must obey the road rules at all times and ride on the left hand side of the road and not on the footpath. They must also have a good quality bike for travel.


Motorcyclists must at least be 15 years old, have a licence and wear helmets.


International students studying in New Zealand may be allowed to drive if they have a valid international driver's licence for up to a year but after that they may have to satisfy New Zealand's driving requirements. Vehicles drive on the left hand side of the road and it is mandatory for all vehicles to be fit for driving. All car drivers must insure their vehicle.

Road Safety

Traffic flows on the left hand side of the road
Car passengers not wearing seatbelts can be fined
Cycle helmets are compulsory for cyclists and motor cyclists
Serious penalties apply for drink driving

Rental cars

Licensed drivers must pay a large bond if they do not have a credit card.

For more information about New Zealand travel transport and safety, please contact us!

New Zealand Travel - Holidaying in New Zealand

New Zealand is THE destination for international students studying in New Zealand and tourists alike. The country offers access to pristine and beautiful landscapes that are suitable for outdoor activities. New Zealand society is also very multicultural and inviting visitors planning a New Zealand tour.

  • The locals: Kiwis are born to travel and they welcome travellers from across the globe.
  • Landscape: New Zealand is a small island nation by western standards and is not overcrowded.
  • Culture: New Zealand is an inviting mixing pot of cultures that live in harmony.
  • Adventure: New Zealand is a country for thrill seekers who like to explore the great outdoor environment that the country has to offer.
    For information about planning your Kiwi holiday, please check out New Zealand tour guide and visit the

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