New Zealand School of Tourism

New Zealand School of Tourism

New Zealand School of Tourism is part of the New Education Group, a leading independent provider of vocational training. It is the country's largest private tertiary establishment that specialises in training programmes for careers in hotels, airlines, travel agencies, tourism companies, cruise ships, conferencing, and much more.

With significant industry partnerships and unique employment networks, NZST helps open doors for an exciting career in the travel and tourism industry in New Zealand and around the world. On offer are courses ranging from from Level 3 all the way to a Level 7 Bachelor degree, so you can gain an education in New Zealand that will help ensure your future success.

As a category one education provider (New Zealand Qualifications Authority ), New Zealand School of Tourism support their students from day one and students are encouraged to develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

New Zealand School of Tourism has seven campuses around New Zealand; Rotorua, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Dunedin and 2 in Auckland. For those keen on becoming a flight attendant, the Auckland Airport campus is a world class facility covering all areas of flight attendant training. You’ll learn a full sized 737 aircraft and in a 747 service trainer. This allows you to get a real hands on experience for this exciting industry.

Whether you are about to leave school, thinking about a career change or returning to work, the travel & tourism industry can offer you a challenging role in an exciting industry. Check out the courses on offer at New Zealand School of Tourism and see how they can help you launch your new career!

You can read more details about NZST below, or contact our team of education agents directly to get free advice about studying in New Zealand.


New Zealand School of Tourism course offerings for International Students

If you need help choosing your course and how to apply, contact our team here.

Hotel & Hospitality Management Diploma (32 weeks) Level 5

If you want a career in hospitality, hotels or resorts, this is the Diploma for you! The schools industry partners could see you working in the industry before you even graduate.

Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management (32 weeks) Level 5

The Travel & Tourism Diploma is the most exciting course on offer with modules such as Walt Disney, Marketing and Cruise Ship Tourism. You can even choose to go on a paid internship in tourism for the last 7 weeks of your Diploma.

Diploma in Tourism & Travel (1 year) Level 6

This diploma will prepare you for an exciting career in tourism and travel management. Covering everything from marketing and environmental sustainability through to Maori culture and how to structure a successful tourism venture.

Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management (1 year) Level 6

This diploma will prepare you for an exciting selection of employment options in a hotel or hospitality industry. Covering everything from marketing and financial management through to customer service and room division management.

Bachelor of International Tourism & Hotel Management* Level 7

Choose the Bachelor Degree if you want to truly immerse yourself in the Tourism Industry. You’ll work with the industry throughout your learning and be part of internships and projects. *Subject to NZQA approval.

Tourism, Hotel & Airline Operations Level 4

A unique course where you will learn and apply knowledge and skills across a range of tourism workplaces. Covering everything from travel agency operations to water transportation and cruising, you’ll have more choice and understanding of tourism careers.

Tourism, Hotels & Resorts Level 4

If you are considering a career in hotels, or involved in the organising, planning and managing of conferences, events, banquets and MORE, then this course will start you on your journey.

International Flight Attending Level 4

This course is a Flight Attendant Training Programme for those interested in a career as a flight attendant. The training you will receive will give you an in-depth understanding of the role and prepare you to apply to airlines.

Tourism, Airline & Flight Attending Level 4

The tourism industry offers a variety of roles including flight attending and roles with an airline or at the airport. A career as a flight attendant however, can take you all over the world.

Tourism, Travel & Airline Industry Level 3

This course provides an ideal entry into the world of travel and tourism. Whether you are are interested in working with an airline, travel agency, hotel, or any other tourism company, this course will give you the skills you need.

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New Zealand School of Tourism

Entry Requirements

Level 3, 4 and 5 Entry Requirements. You must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 18 years of age on day 1 of your course
  • 4 years of secondary school or equivalent work experience
  • Level 5 - IELTS Academic score of 5.5 with a band score no lower than 5 (or NZQA equivalent).
  • If you have successfully completed a programme at NZQF Level 5 or Equivalent: IELTS of 6 Academic with no band below 5.5 or NZQA (or NZQA equivalent).
  • Level 4 - General or Academic score of 5.5 and no band score lower than 5 (or NZQA equivalent).
  • Level 3 - General or Academic score of 5 with no band score lower than 5 (or NZQA equivalent).

English Language Proficiency

If you are serious about a career in the travel industry or particularly as an International Flight Attendant, good English can be very important. If you need to improve your English before you start studying with New Zealand school of Tourism, you can study with our English school in Auckland, then go onto to complete the travel course, flight attendant course or both!

Further entry requirements 

There may be other entry requirements depending on the course you choose. Contact us for more information.

New Zealand School of Tourism

Academic Internships & Work placements

New Zealand School of Tourism has extensive partnerships with tourism and hotel industry. In their partnership list is Air New Zealand, Auckland Airport, Ski Resorts Canada, Accor Hotels, Hobbiton, Millennium Hotels, Fullers Cruises, Skyline Enterprises, House of Travel and Disney Cruises - just to name a few places where our graduates can get full time roles.

To put it into perspective, students who study a Diploma program for at least one year have the opportunity to interview with the schools partners, for example Disney Cruise Lines and Broadmoor Resort, Colorado, USA. If successful, your role will start after you graduate.

Paid domestic as well as internships internships are available for Diploma and Bachelor students, which provides the opportunity to complete part of their study through this arrangement.

Additionally, national Job Fairs are their for students to meet potential employers and are held in various cities around New Zealand.

New Zealand School of Tourism

Teaching Methods

New Zealand School of Tourism uses a variety of teaching and learning methods, e.g. use group work and group presentations, so as not to disadvantage any learning style. Trainers use accelerated learning techniques in the classroom and are available to all students 30 minutes before class is due to begin and after class finishes. Classes are small, ensuring student get the support they need from their trainers.

About 95% of the student’s at the New Zealand School of Tourism are New Zealanders. This allows you to improve your English levels more quickly and you may even pick up a Kiwi accent!

Student Support

New Zealand School of Tourism is bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by NZQA.
Class sizes are around 22 students, which means you will get individual attention and support, and staff have the knowledge, skills and relevant industry experience in order to deliver high quality education to students.

Additional, New Zealand School of Tourism has partnered with Sonder, a 24/7 personal safety and wellbeing service, to support all our international students. The Sonder app is for personal devices and has a number of features, like “Track My Journey” and “Check On Me”, that will help students live and study in New Zealand with confidence - if you are walking alone at night, going on a first date, or meeting up with a stranger to buy or sell goods, for example.

Furthermore, if you are feeling stressed, anxious, lonely, or simply don't know who to turn to, you can speak to Sonder’s multilingual support team anytime via live chat or phone, and they can even send in-person assistance if you need it.

You will receive an activation email or text shortly before orientation. If you don't get your email or text, you will be given a code to use at orientation.