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Picture-Perfect New Zealand is Just the Right Place to Cultivate Photography as a Hobby or a Vocation

Not only professional photographers, but also amateurs studying in colleges take up photography as their vocation or hobby to click colorful pictures in New Zealand – pictures that say thousand words in just one glance. In fact, many international students choose various picture related courses, such as videography, film and design work, 3D animations, still photography, and lot more while studying secondary and tertiary education in New Zealand. Some work part-time as photo-journalist or as an intern in various travel magazines.

In a nutshell, New Zealand offers immense scope for those who want to pursue various nuances of pictography – as a hobby or as a money-earning career option.

Art and Design
Top colleges in New Zealand offer various courses – some graduate degrees, diplomas, part-time certification in visual arts, and full-time Level 6 course in photography and filmography. In Nelson Marlborough institute, a Bachelor degree in Arts and Media would enable international students with IELTS score of 6.0 to learn Object Design, graphics design, imagery, artistic drawing and photography. The Level 4 course would invite meritorious students with an inclination to art and graphics design.

And, this course has a lot of value in the job market. You can easily get opening at fashion and apparel industry. Even art and craft work related hubs would require experienced photographers, artists, and designers to show their brilliance in the interior decorations, mantelpieces, and paintings. Costume and jewelry manufacturing firms hire such pros.

Digital Photography
If you have a penchant for landscapes, nature, and native cultural fests of New Zealand and love to use this trait in your career, you can easily take up a two-year diploma course in digital photography. A Level 4 course would provide useful jobs as technician, commercial photographer, processor and retailer in photography, and digital editing and restoration worker. Creative photography, still imagery and videos are also part of many diploma courses in polytechnics and private colleges in New Zealand. Unitec offers similar courses with various durations. Curricula differ with various gradations in the levels. Level 5 Diploma in Visual Arts offered by Manukau institute would provide in-depth learning in moving photography, underwater photography and lot more. A scuba-diver with such a degree would get a whooping remuneration for covering undersea flora, fauna, and landscapes of the New Zealand waters.

Short Term Courses, Summer Specials, and Workshops
Apart from pros, amateurs too can avail education in pictography in various colleges in New Zealand. If you are still thinking about making photography as your career, or want to add it to your ancillary skill set, you can take up short-term courses or attend summer camps and workshops. A 5-week traineeship would help you to hone your skills and get valuable experience in photography.

No wonder, all major New Zealand colleges here have various types of courses on photography and cinematography.


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