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For international students wishing to study in New Zealand, or if you want to enjoy the travel and adventure tourism choices this South Pacific nation offers, the Australian Education Service is a specialised education agency with plenty of services to choose from.

The choice of education options include enrolling for an internship or a university course through to studying English. There is also plenty of assistance with making a choice from the many exciting opportunities for tourists in New Zealand.

Developed specifically to help overseas students, a person on internships or travellers, AA Education Network  has highly trained professional staff to mentor international students. Our agents work with visiting students and help them select and apply for an undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree, gap year course, work placement or internship in New Zealand that matches their skills, requirements and interests.

AA Education Network seeks to develop skilled and trained citizens of the world through the provision of services that are unrivalled by other agencies. The main focus of our agents is to offer international students the widest choice of services and facilities to choose from as they chart their future.

There are no charges for these services, so avail yourself of our expert staff when it comes to seeking answers to questions about studying, working or touring New Zealand.

Our aim to help develop better citizens, and designing study options that equip them for the future is our fundamental goal. That starts the minute you make contact with AA Education, and from then on your future rests in our skilled agents’ hands. Our staff will guide you through the many options New Zealand provides as we help map out the best study and employment options this country provides.
You will be kept fully informed about the correct procedures you need to follow when making application to study in New Zealand and we let you know what forms and documentation must be filed with that application. You will be told what will happen to your information and haw it will be handled, and when we receive all your paperwork we check the documents thoroughly to ensure every requirement has been met. Once all is in order, we then arrange delivery.

How long will the application process take?

AA Education undertakes to let you know the fate of your applications within 24 hours of it being lodged and we will let you know what is happening with regular updates. Our timey contact keeps you aware of how your application is progressing, in order to make the application process as smooth and tension free as possible and keep you informed throughout the whole process.

New Zealand Education Agent

Recognised as having a wide knowledge of New Zealand education setup, the AA Education network is a reliable, experienced agency that uses its industry skills to deliver a range of services to enable international students to make the best choice when it comes to selecting courses and educational institutions that will be of most benefit to them.

Our International Student Services cater for applicants of all ages and backgrounds and they include: 

  • Assistance when making applications to study.
  • Details about undertaking English language tests
  • Help filling out application forms (translations, certified copies and submissions).
  • Continuing assistance once you have lodged your study application.
  • Student visa help in all areas, including application, extension or renewal
  • Details about travel to and from New Zealand
  • Where to live while studying or touring New Zealand.
  • All you need to know about living in New Zealand (health system, how banks operate, public transport, student facilities)

Our service to you doesn’t finish once you arrive in New Zealand. We are an agency, and as such we are an organisation that provides better ongoing support that any other provider. We will guide and help you with any issues or concerns that might come up once you are based in New Zealand. If matters concern you we are always available to assist you during your stay.

We can help answer your questions on such matters as finding shared accommodation, are you able to bring a pet, choosing a school for your children while you study, communication problems, health, cultural differences or anything you may face while in New Zealand. Remember, we are always there providing you with a helping hand to enable you to get the most from your educational or touring experience.

Don’t forget to make contact with our highly trained staff if you need answers to questions before, during and even after your stay in Australia.

Do you want to find out more?

If there’s anything else  you need to know, simply look through our website for a host of information on how to find a job, relocating, travel, geography, weather, study and work in New Zealand.

Your future is at you fingertips, contact us and we will do all the paperwork, stressing and worrying for you!

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