Tricks to Captivate Readers with Informative, Engaging Travelogue

Are you ready to script a travelogue? If you have a passion for traveling and love to pen down your thoughts, here is a chance to use them as a means to earn your livelihood – as a travel writer. Today, the arrival of Internet has made this possibility even more alluring. An enterprising travel writer would bag a lucrative Internet-job that seeks travel writers to cover remote regions of world – say a trekking venture in Wellington.

Termed as the “coolest cities”, Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand has rich natural habitat, untouched forests and mountains where rare birds and animals survive today, and a vivacious Maori culture. Throughout the year, colorful festivities are showcased that range from gourmet’s dishes, exclusive designer goods, exquisite flowers, and lot more. If you can pick a suitable storyline, script out a captivating write up, you can churn millions in no time.

And, here are more tips to be a prosperous travel writer to safely and economically travel, write, earn, and enjoy in Wellington.

Online Travel Guides – Travel agencies look for travel stories that have:

…And, care must be taken to ensure you provide:

E-book – Experience travelers, say an avid trekker, or nature lover often write their own experiences. Elaborately they provide the A-to-Z about an arduous expedition to the alpine mountains or vivid description about festivals in Wellington. An e-book would be a wonderful idea to start with.

There are annual conference held in Wellington under the tutelage of tourism department that welcomes writers-cum-photographers to participate in seminars and workshops. Many opportunities come their way as intellectuals, writers, publications, and novelists meet in such conferences. There are many festivals for the literary fans that provide useful exposure to the budding travel writers.

Blogs and Social Media – Don’t miss writing travel blogs or interaction through the social media sites. A travelogue can go viral and make you a top writer within a few days through social media marketing. Even if an article does not go viral, it is always up there for people to comment and read. You can post your own blogs or publish articles at “get-paid-to-write” travel blogs that offer money for writing a travel anecdote.

Not yet inspired? Walk through the Writer’s Walk at Wellington’s waterfront to know how Wellington enthused noted writers who had their roots here.