New Zealand Holiday Parks

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You would be certain to find lots of tourist searching for travel agents offering holidays parks mainly because they are usually very cost effective and convenient. They would include accommodation in various places- in hotels, motels, tents, lodges, If you are a first timer then you will find it quite easy to make your way around as they would take care of all your needs including picking you up from the airport and showing around the place. Unlike when you just decide to visit on your own and rely on ad hock information.

The motels that come along with the holiday parks would be having clean bathrooms, kitchen facilities that are fully equipped which may be shared, a dinning room or lounge where you can rest as you watch the different TV channels with other guest and probably have a chit-chat. If you prefer having you own lounge, or kitchen they would have such accommodation only that you have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Many people that wish to travel as a family, would find holidays parks very attractive and cost effective, as they can offer you very good deals because of the numbers, especially if you are a large family, this deals would include accommodations with heated swimming pools, barbecues, indoor and out door games. Then you would additionally hire boats at an additional cost and spice up your viewing as you roar your boats.


There are many New Zealand holiday parks available that one can check for online, one of the most outstanding one is Katikati Naturist Park, which won the 2008 tourism award for its outstanding contribution. One can easily get a comprehensive list on the Department of Conservation camp websites that include camp sites located in various places around New Zealand. You will find that each district in New Zealand has its won rules regarding where freedom camping would be allowed. New Zealanders are usually generous with information and you can alternatively ask them for information regarding where to camp freely. You would find the locals very welcoming

New Zealand has got environmental concerns just like any other country and has taken proactive steps to conserve the environment by putting in place rules and regulations to control freedom camping, you will find that toilet waste can only be emptied at Dump stations which can be found in holiday parks. This rules and regulations are truly to the benefit of the society as whole.

You can get all this information online, or from your travel agent or just ask the locals but you certainly would have a memorable time visiting New Zealand and taking advantage of the holiday parks available

For those of you who don’t like to be confined inside four walls, holiday parks are a perfect fit

A cheap and cheerful option, they provide travellers with a site to pitch their tent or park their caravan.  Some parks may also rent out small cabins, self contained units or backpackers lodges – naturally, the cost for these is significantly higher than the cost of a camp site.  Holiday parks are situated in holiday hot spots, especially by the water.

Holiday parks are set up to suit the diverse range of people who stay there.  Travellers can choose between a powered or unpowered site (naturally, powered sites cost a little more.)  They provide basic amenities, such as public bathrooms, showers and a communal kitchen area, and may additionally provide facilities to suit their customers, such as a playground for families, a swimming pool or barbeque area for backpackers and a spa for couples.  Some parks, particularly those by the water, also hire out boats, canoes and other equipment that suits the location.

Holidays parks are a casual and welcoming environment.  The primitive style of living and lack of privacy generally results in a friendly atmosphere, where people help each other out and strangers become friends.  As these parks are usually frequented during holiday periods, it’s not unusual for your neighbour to ask you over for a beer in the morning.

If you’d really like to get back to nature, why not book in a stay at the Kaitkati Naturist Park in the Bay of Plenty region – yep, naturist means nude!

Of course, there are other ways to ‘get back to basics’ without taking your clothes off.  For those of you who find the restrictions of a holiday park too overwhelming, why not try freedom camping?  Freedom camping (i.e. camping outdoors in the middle of nature) can have a debilitating impact on the environment, so the Department of Conservation (DoC) has a set of guidelines in place for freedom camping in New Zealand.  A quick visit to their website will provide you with the areas in which you are allowed to camp.  Be sure to follow the DoC guidelines – non compliance can result in a fine and (more importantly) can wreak havoc on New Zealand’s beautiful and fragile ecosystem.